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There are 61 achievements that can be earned by completing a certain task or reaching a specific goal. You can see them in your Steam library. Unachieved ones are displayed in grey, once achieved, they are displayed in gold.

Achievements are generally unavailable if mods are used or the advanced settings are deviating from standard values.

Campaign mode

Achievements available in the campaign mode.

Achievement Goal
ach_complete_campaign_a.jpgOld timer Complete the first era of the campaign.
ach_complete_campaign_b.jpgCampaign expert Complete the first and second era of the campaign.
ach_complete_campaign_c.jpgCampaign shark Complete the entire campaign.
ach_collect_all_medals.jpgCampaign tycoon Earn all medals of the entire campaign.
ach_complete_first_mission.jpgCadet Complete the first mission of the campaign.
ach_mission_all_medals.jpgExamplary student Earn all medals in one of the missions.

Free game

Achievements available in the free game mode.

First Time

These achievements can be reached by doing something for the first time.

Achievement Goal
ach_build_bus_stop.jpgFirst bus stopBuild a bus stop.
ach_build_train_station.jpgFirst train stationBuild a passenger train station.
ach_create_line.jpgFirst lineCreate a line with at least two stops.
ach_first_bus_arrived.jpgFirst bus arrivedBuy a bus and run a line.
ach_first_steam_train_arrived.jpgFirst steam train arrivedBuy a steam train and run a line.
ach_first_ship_arrived.jpgFirst ship arrivedBuy a ship and run a line.
ach_first_electric_train_arrived.jpgFirst electric train arrivedBuy an electric train and run a line.
ach_first_aircraft_arrived.jpgFirst aircraft arrivedBuy an aircraft and run a line.
ach_first_passenger_waiting.jpgFirst passenger waitingSetup a line so that town residents use your vehicles.
ach_first_passenger_transported.jpgFirst passenger on boardHave a passenger on a vehicle.
ach_first_cargo_waiting.jpgFirst cargo item waitingHave a cargo item waiting at a terminal.
ach_first_cargo_transported.jpgFirst cargo item on boardHave a cargo item transported with one of your vehicles.
ach_first_industry_upgrade.jpgFirst industry upgradedLet a manufacturing industry upgrade.

Financial Milestones

These achievements can be reached by accumulating certain numbers of money.

Achievement Goal
ach_accumulate_1m.jpgTransport millionaireAccumulate a fortune of 1 million (without debt).
ach_accumulate_10m.jpgTransport masterAccumulate a fortune of 10 millions (without debt).
ach_accumulate_100m.jpgTransport sharkAccumulate a fortune of 100 millions (without debt).
ach_accumulate_1b.jpgTransport tycoonAccumulate a fortune of 1 billion (without debt).
ach_accumulate_100m_hard.jpgTransport shark (Hard mode)Accumulate a fortune of 100 millions (without debt) in Hard mode.
ach_accumulate_1b_hard.jpgTransport tycoon (Hard mode)Accumulate a fortune of 1 billion (without debt) in Hard mode.
ach_truck_fever.jpgTruck FeverEarn 50 millions not using any train.
ach_ship_earnings.jpgThe king of the seaEarn 1 million with ships within a month.
ach_aircraft_earnings.jpgAircraft entrepreneurEarn 1 million with airplanes within a month.

Record Milestones

These achievements can be earned by reaching some positive as well as some negative records.

Achievement Goal
ach_crowd_in_a_train.jpgCrowd in a trainHave a train filled with at least 100 passengers.
ach_no_free_seats.jpgNo free seatsHave a train filled with at least 200 passengers.
ach_heavily_loaded.jpgHeavily loadedHave a train filled with at least 250 cargo items of one cargo type.
ach_city.jpgCityHave a town with a population of at least 750.
ach_metropolis.jpgMetropolisHave a town with a population of at least 1500.
ach_glacier_express.jpgGlacier expressHave a train that reaches higher than 450 meters.
ach_mass_production.jpgMass productionReach 400 production at a manufacturing industry.
ach_cannot_get_enough.jpgCannot get enoughBuild a train line with at least 10 trains in motion.
ach_smell_of_success.jpgThe ugly smell of successHave at least 300 passengers waiting in a train station.
ach_smell_of_success_cargo.jpgCargo hubHave at least 300 cargo items waiting at a train station.
ach_top_speed_120.jpgHigh speedReach a top speed of 120 km/h.
ach_top_speed_300.jpgSpeed of lightReach a top speed of 300 km/h.
ach_hq.jpgSettled downBuild the company headquarters.
ach_hq_20.jpgTransport corporationReach the maximum headquarters level.
ach_tunnel_length.jpgLouis FavreHave 100km of tunnels.
ach_bridge_length.jpgCharles Alton EllisHave 50km of bridges.
ach_track_length.jpgTrans-Siberian RailwayHave 400km of tracks.
ach_maintenance.jpgBig spenderHave a monthly maintenance cost of 200 million.
ach_emission_level.jpgNot in my backyardReach an emission value of 80 in a town.
ach_all_elec_high_speed.jpgNo country for old trainsHave all tracks electrified and high speed. Have at least 100km of tracks.
ach_longest_train.jpgTransport beltHave a train longer than the longest possible station.


These achievements can be achieved on other ways.

Achievement Goal
ach_industrialist.jpgIndustrialistHave every industry shipping items using your transport network.
ach_antique.jpgAntiqueKeep a train built before 1900 running until the year 2000.
ach_train_fever.jpgTrain FeverReach the year 2050 using only trains.
ach_museum_line.jpgMuseum lineBuild one line containing at least one of every passenger road vehicle that was available between 1850 and 2020.
ach_penny_pincher.jpgPenny pincherDon't take any additional loan until the year 2050.
ach_train_facing.jpgNow what?Have two trains stuck facing each other.
ach_all_climates.jpgClimate changePlay a game in all three climates.
ach_present_reached.jpgThe future is now, old manReach the present.
ach_back_to_the_future.jpgBack to the futureUsing the time control, go back in time.
ach_epec.jpgE.P.E.C.Deliver every product to every city that requires it.
ach_landscape.jpgSculpturerUse the terrain tool to change the terrain.
ach_paint.jpgBob RossUse the paint tool to change the terrain.

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