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Beginners Guide

Welcome to Transport Fever 2!

Get an Overview

If you are a newbie, we recommend that you play through the campaigns in the game. Especially in the first missions, most of the game's features get introduced step by step and you can get familiar with them. These include:

  • Basics
    Learn how to use the interface to gain an overview of your empire and obtain key figures for your business; how to build your first yards of road and lay your first railroad tracks
  • Passenger transport
    Learn how to transport your first passengers by bus and train.
  • Cargo transport
    Learn about industries and cargo chains and how to supply towns with cargo.

Game Modes

Transport Fever has three game modes : The campaign mode, free game mode and the map editor.

The campaign mode consists of three chapters with six missions each. Each mission has a predefined map and a clear goal that can be reached by completing various tasks. As said above, it is recommended to play especially the first chapter if you do not have experience with Transport Fever 2 yet.

The free game mode (also called the endless game mode) allows you to build any transport network imaginable on a randomly generated map. The scenario, start year and various other parameters can be set before the game starts. This mode also supports the use of mods on PC and Mac.

The map editor is new in Transport Fever 2. It can be used to prepare custom maps to play later or share with other users. It's possible to design them from scratch or import existing maps. On PC or Mac you can also import your own heightmaps.

More information

This game manual should cover the most important techniques and mechanics used in Transport Fever 2. Have a look at the tips and tricks to learn how to master the first steps in a Transport Fever 2 game session. There are countless ways of playing Transport Fever 2. Many people prefer the focus on economic gameplay. Others like to use Transport Fever 2 as a virtual model railway sandbox. While the game manual focuses on the mechanics that are more likely relevant for economic gameplay, the techniques can be used by the sandbox players too.

If the information in this wiki does not cover your questions, we recommend to look into the guides on Steam or the other knowledge resources you can find in the fan communities. You may have a look into the various forums or chat servers too to get assistance.

If you have technical issues, please look at our troubleshooting guide first.

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