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Urban Games


Chapter I

Mankind is constantly creating amazing new inventions. Get involved in rapid technological progress and ensure smoothly running transportation in different regions of the world. The missions play from 1865 until around 1914.

Mining Miracle

The mission setting is inspired by the time after the Californian Gold Rush.


America, in the midst of the 19th century: In the Nevada Territory, where until recently only a handful of buffalo grazed, nowadays it’s all hustle and bustle.

Beyond the sierra near the Carson River, gold has been found! There’s supposed to be loads of it. All you need to do is dig it up. Anyone who keeps at it hard enough will be richly rewarded. What a splendid opportunity!


Ponderosa Ranch
Enjoy a ride
Monstrous beast

Coffee and Colonialism

The mission setting is inspired by the colonial period.


The island of Java: a tropical jewel in the midst of the Indian Ocean, conscientiously administrated by meticulous Dutch bureaucracy.

The year is 1870 and the colony is undergoing a transformation. Recently individuals have been allowed to lease farmland and manage plantations. The fertile land offers ideal conditions for exporting a multitude of colonial goods. Off on the way to an exotic experience!


Digested driver
Mysterious monuments
New lines of business

Highlands and Islands

The mission setting is inspired by the time of the second industrial revolution.


In the north of Britain, in the midst of the Victorian era: The industrial city of Glasgow is bursting at the seams. The factories are working full blast.

But the competition is not sleeping. In terms of economic issues, the countries in continental Europe have long since caught up. Something must be done to stop the cradle of the industrial revolution from falling behind. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line now will fall by the wayside!


The ferrymen’s wages
Craigh na Dun
Fleecy charge

Pacific Paradise

The mission setting is inspired by the time of the Porfiriato.


The west coast of Mexico at the close of the 19th century.

An unassuming spot with an auspicious name: Topolobampo. With a climate milder than anywhere else. Plains as fertile as the Garden of Eden. And in the mountains, untold riches. The perfect place to make a utopia come true: a life of freedom and equality for all!


Taking the weight of people’s feet
The fastest worm in Mexico
Love stories and marriage matters

Trans-Siberian Railway

The mission setting is inspired by the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Russia at the turn of the century: Tsar Nicholas II rules with an iron fist.

Anyone who dares to be thrilled by far too dangerous ideas is summarily sent to the endless vastness of Siberia. But many are here of their own free will: arriving from the overpopulated east, they hope for a better life. The longest railway in the world is going to make it possible!


Irkutsk Association of Sable Breeders
Stones and shamans
Bear hunt

Baghdad Railway

The mission setting is inspired by the construction of the Baghdad Railway.


It’s the dawning of the 20th century. The major powers of Europe are in the process of divvying up the last fragments of the world map among themselves.

At long last, the German Empire wants a place where it can bask in the limelight, too. It sees its chance along the Bosporus, where temperamental Sultan Abdul Hamid II rules over a vast territory. Time for the Germans to secure the biggest infrastructure project in all of Asia Minor!


Hidden treasures
The Sultan’s Pullman car
Desert adventure

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