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Urban Games


Chapter II

The new century has all kinds of exciting discoveries in store that will revolutionize the entire transport sector. Experience the rapid development in this inventive era. The missions play from 1904 until around 1975.

Magnificent Machines

The mission setting is inspired by the rise of the aviation.


Although the century is still brand new, wondrous things are happening.

Here and there, inventive minds are tinkering with very strange devices that have just one goal: nothing less than to defy gravity. Among the leaders in the race to conquer the skies is the “Grande Nation” that we call France – at any rate, the venerable Montgolfier hot air balloon was invented here.


Mona Lisa’s smile
Beat the competition

Roaring Twenties

The mission setting is inspired by the time after World War 2.


The Midwest in the golden twenties: the US economy is booming.

The constantly growing cities are pulsing with life. Motor cars crowd the streets, which will soon be too narrow for all the traffic. Exhaust pipes blast their fumes in the urban canyons while radios blast out new kinds of music. A new era is dawning!


Corporate Identity
Housewife Betty

Swiss Made

The mission setting is inspired by the time of the Great Depression.


A small country in the heart of Europe. Surrounded by nations increasingly at odds with each other. The 1930s have dawned and the whole world groans under the weight of a severe financial crisis – Switzerland, too.

The word is: be thrifty and use available resources wisely. And don’t ever antagonize anyone. That would be bad for business, which is bad enough anyway!


Churchill's Arrow
Operation Tannenbaum
Saving Lives

High Flyer

The mission setting is inspired by the life of Howard Hughes.


The second third of the 20th century is just dawning in sunny California.

The friendly weather is as advantageous to the aviation industry as it is to the Hollywood dream factory. And right between them: Howard Hughes. The enterprising heir to millions has lofty ambitions. He wants to be the best pilot on Earth. And the best golfer. And the best film producer.


Professional golfer
Flying career

People‘s Republic

The mission setting is inspired by the mao era of the People's Republic of China.


The Middle Kingdom after the great revolution.

The Red Army has won the civil war. Thanks to tactical skill and plenty of perseverance. Both will now be needed to build the kind of paradise that Chairman Mao Zedong promised the people from the ruins left behind. Arise! From the masses, to the masses!


Internal profits
Furnace at full blast
The great plagues

All inclusive

The mission setting is inspired by the rise of the mass tourism at Mallorca.


Mallorca: a peaceful island in the Mediterranean, in the middle of the sixties.

Things are laid back here. The rural population lives a humble but happy life, free from the hectic pace on the mainland. But seeing as how flying is turning into a mass-market business, that could change rapidly.


Knees-up on the sandy beach
Protection of historic monuments

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