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Urban Games


Chapter III

The world is shifting closer together. The volume of passengers is exploding, the global flows of goods are multiplying. Meet the logistical challenges before and after the turn of the millennium. The missions play from 1960 until around 2030.


The mission setting is inspired by the Japanese economic miracle.


Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun: In the 1960s, as the horrors of World War II gradually fade away, Japan's economy experiences an unprecedented boom.

Thanks to strict discipline and a will towards continuous improvement, the country is catching up to the industrialized nations of the West. A fast-paced era!


Sea Monster
Continuous Improvements

Genius of the Carpathians

The mission setting is inspired by the communistic era in Romania.


By the Black Sea, in the last third of the 20th century.

Under the leadership of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Socialist Republic of Romania is supposed to evolve into a model nation within the Eastern Bloc. Those who busily join in and help to multiply the achievements of the socialist revolution shall soon secure themselves a position in the Politburo of the Central Committee.


Hunting Grounds

The Sinful South

The mission setting is inspired by the area around Miami.


The Sunshine State as the 1980s begin. Until recently known primarily as a paradise for the retired, lately the state of Florida has been experiencing an unprecedented boom.

Immense sums from shady business ventures are causing highrises to shoot up all over downtown Miami. Despite the trade embargo imposed against Cuba, certain merchandise from the Caribbean island is making its way to the US mainland right here…


The Long Arm of the Law
See You Later, Alligator
Conch Republic

Liberated Markets

The mission setting is inspired by reorganisation of german rail market.


Western Germany after reunification: The Iron Curtain has fallen. Many are convinced that mankind has surmounted the greatest turmoil and history will now find a peaceful conclusion in capitalism and democracy.

State-controlled intervention appears to be an obsolete model ever since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. In its place, the liberated markets are supposed to help all of humanity to attain happiness and prosperity. Very promising prospects!


Good Management
Local Transit Monopoly
Station 2000

Oil Sands

The mission setting is inspired by the oils sands economy in Canada.


Canada at the start of the new millennium: The sleepy province of Alberta sees its chance. The crude oil shortage is making it lucrative to mine tar sands for oil.

In the wild western forests, corporate groups prepare themselves for tomorrow's business. In their wake, all the hangers-on are coming who sought their fortunes elsewhere in vain, and now hope to strike it rich. A modern Gold Rush!


Fascinating Fossils
Rich Fauna

Mega City

The mission setting is inspired by the massive expansion of cities in China.


China between the present and the future. The metropolis of Shanghai is growing and growing and growing.

The challenges associated with this are manifold, just like the potential problem-solving approaches. An urban paradise could soon thrive here. Or a nightmare come true. Its fate remains uncertain. But one thing is certain: A lot depends on future transportation planning. Off to a journey into the world of tomorrow!


Oriental Pearl Tower

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