• Spring Update officially released

    14Spring Update officially released
    We are very excited to release a new major game update for Transport Fever 2 today. The Spring Update extends the existing game and offers new features and options to customize the gameplay. We paid attention to the feedback of all tycoon enthusiasts and we prepared the best experience of its …

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  • Spring Update receives official release date

    9Spring Update receives official release date
    We are happy to announce today the release date of the next major Transport Fever 2 game update. The Spring Update will be released on Tuesday, 10th of May 2022. The game update brings new challenges and gameplay features, more control over road …

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  • Cast off for the next major game update

    23Cast off for the next major game update
    We are back with fresh news about the upcoming major free game update, which includes various new tycoon and gameplay features. The team was deeply involved in the development process, and we are excited to share a short status update. Most of the features are …

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