• More information about the upcoming Mac release

    23More information about the upcoming Mac release
    Our developers are working hard to complete the Mac version. The release is planned for November. The exact date will be announced later. Besides the version for Mac computers, an update for Windows and Linux will be released, which will add Vulkan as a new graphics interface. For Mac computers, the …

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  • New major game update released

    35New major game update released
    We are very happy to be able to release another major game update today. With this update, we fulfill the widely expressed request for stronger modding support. Many new modding possibilities have been added and exciting new applications can be expected. The update …

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  • New game update receives release date

    20New game update receives release date
    After a long development phase and extensive tests, we can announce the release date of the upcoming update today. The “June Update” will be released on Monday, June 22. In addition to many small improvements, this free update will bring heavily improved modding support and …

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