Announcement of the next major game update

We are very excited to announce a new major game update today.

Based on the feedback we receive every day, we have been working for some time now on a long list of bug fixes, usability improvements and small enhancements to enrich the gaming experience. The update is to be released this summer and will be available as a test version before that.

Over the next few weeks we will provide further insights into the upcoming update via our social media channels. Follow us on <Facebook>, <Twitter> or <Instagram> so that you don`t miss any information.

Thank you very much for the great ongoing interest in Transport Fever 2. We assure you that we will continue to listen to your feedback and improve the game.

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Jeanina Cepan


  1. What kind of update will it be? Another pack of eye candy or will it help the managment experience. For example the time table mod is the biggest improvement for this game so far.

  2. Yes!!! I’m very excited, keep it coming!

    I hope it contains some more resources maybe? Or making the industry builing models adjust to the game era (especially the lighting) ‚ÄĒ one can only dream! But in any case, I will probably be very happy about the update. I really like the game and I’m thankful for the amount of free updates you guys are giving us! Thanks so much! ūüôā

  3. There are a few minor bugs that would be lovely to have fixed:

    1) When modifying a Transit Station, for example for Trams, if you do it before putting in roads you can do whatever you want. As soon as any road is nearby – even the entrance road for it – the game freaks out and complains about a collission for even minor modifications. Want to make one way entrances and exits, adjacent to the existing road feeding the transit station? Impossible, at least without destroying the road and houses attached to it.

    2) It’s very difficult to remove tunnels if anything is over them, like a city or farm. Typically you’d use tunnels because… there’s something over them, like a city or farm, so, it comes up a lot. An “Underground mode” would help here.

    3) Maybe it’s just me but the TF1 icons for trains and trams were a lot better. I find the TF2 ones cartoony and annoying. I turn them off first thing every time I load up a game, and the game keeps turning them back on after closing it. Something a little more sleek/tech looking and transparent would be less intrusive.

    4) There are times when adding a second stop on the other side of the street in a tram Line will flip the Terminals to an obviously incorrect arrangement, requiring 2 U turns along the path rather than the obvious. straight through each way path. It seems like the game’s code should be able to figure this out and fix this by default.

    5) It would be nice if there was a “Decommission Vehicle” thing in the Sell menu so that it makes its final stops, gets everyone out then vanishes. Today you have to very carefully wait until it gets everyone out and sell it right before anyone boards, or passengers seem to… vanish? Where do they go? Murder?

    6) Subways! The game needs subways. Any attempt to mirror a real life city requires multiple “cities” to cover the space, which then connect themselves with roads like it or not and rapidly congest themselves with traffic, which mires any trams in that traffic, and you just become stuck in a problem that really needs… transit.

  4. I am really looking forward to a more realistic handling of freight trains. For transfer, freight trains are not being unloaded. Instead, the loaded cars are rearranged into new trains. So the introduction of transfer yards or switchyards would be cool.

  5. 1.Ein Forschungslabor wäre super damit man auch den Komfort der jeweiligen Transportation einstellen kann 2 Claas Business e.g.

    2. Man sollte mehr Möglichkeiten haben seine Städte selbst auszubauen.

    3.Steuersätze wären super und wenn man die Einnahmen steuern kann wieviel eine Person zahlt bei welchem Transportmittel

    4.Sehr viele Crashs mit AMD Hardware.

    5.Ich möchte auch Gebäude modifizieren selbst Modifizieren können wo z.B. die Fabrik hinkommt sprich Fabrik Viertel wo Wohngebäude sind und Geschäfte so könne man dann mehrere verschiedene Verbindungen machen z.B. 1 weg zur Fabrik ein Weg zum Einkauf usw.

    6. Straßen Geschwindigkeit selbst regeln in der Stadt z.B. 30km/h um Emissionen zu verringern

    7.z.B Makiert man einen Bereich und dort siedeln z.B. Arbeiter an die in den Farmen arbeiten Sprich Arme, Mittel und Reiche Menschen Schicht wo jeder unterschiedliche G√ľter ben√∂tigt die dann unterschiedliche Reisem√∂glichkeiten benutzen der Reiche fliegt z.B. Business Claas der Arme f√§hrt mit dem Bus

  6. Subways, the ability to build large tunnel networks under cities and for the AI to actually use them in order to lower emissions, more runways per airport, more vehicles, the ability to set up air corridors, and no-fly zones over urban areas. This game is excellent, but feels incomplete

  7. 1. Der große Traum wäre eine Wetter Mod/Jahreszeiten

    Mit der Auswahl von Schnee , Regen , Nebel, Sonne und vieles mehr ūüėČ

    2. Zugansagen (Echte -> zb. Wenn ein Zug vorbeikommt )

    3. Wasserfälle sowie Erhöhungen des Wassers

    4. Weitere Zugansichten

    5. Größere Passagierflughäfen/International Airports

    6. Mehr Ausw√§hlbare Bahn√ľberg√§nge und Br√ľcken

    7. Mehr Auswählbare Bahnhöfe

  8. Ja, das sieht so aus als ob es wieder so l√§uft wie bei TF1, ver√∂ffentlichen, Bugfixes, 2 oder 3 Updates und dann… TF3.
    Ich liebe diese Spielereihe (Insgesamt >2K Spielzeit), bin aber von dem Vorgehen bei Urban Games nicht sonderlich erbaut und w√ľrde mir w√ľnschen das man das Ganze etwas anders h√§ndelt. Warum alle 3 – 4 Jahre ein neues Spiel? Man k√∂nnte hier das Spiel kontinuierlich weiter entwickeln und die Anregungen aus der Community umsetzen, Einnahmen kann man √ľber DLC’s generieren, das funktioniert auch bei anderen Spielen gut (City Skylines, ETS2, ATS und es gibt sicherlich noch mehr Beispiele) hier wird das Basisspiel immer weiter verbessert und sukzessive durch DLC’s erweitert.
    Nun noch mein pers√∂nlicher Wunsch: Ich w√ľrde gerne St√§dte selbst bauen (die Stra√üen) und dann bestimmen k√∂nnen wo welche Zonen (Industrie, Gewerbe und Einwohner) vom Generator angesiedelt werden, das w√ľrde jede Menge Zeit sparen weil man jetzt die gebauten Geb√§ude immer wieder (f√ľr viel Geld) abreisen muss und hoffen muss das die KI versteht das man hier halt den Typ Geb√§ude an der Stelle nicht haben will.

  9. This is good news and i am very excited for the coming update. Here are a few suggestions to enhance the game.

    1. Bigger maps for experimental mode. It would be good to better have the space to both include local, regional and intercity train systems on the same map. For example a map with 50 x 50 km or 100 x 100 km. To get this possible and get better performance, have the option to exclude people and moving vegetation or maybe to make buildings generate fewer people and less cars.

    2. Subways and tunnel stations. This could be both as subways with third rail or regular railways.

    3. Sunken stations with station entrance one level above the railways. or a station entrance from a bridge above the railways.

    4. Lowered demands from cities to accept goods and food. This could make it a more challenge to distribute goods from an industry to many customers.

    5. have the options for A.I opponents that you can collaborate with transfer of passengers and goods.

    6. have the option to ban highrise buildings in different cities, to be able to make suburbs with only low residental buildings and city centers with high buildings.

  10. Es un juego excelente pero le agregaria ciertas dinamicas que lo enriqueserian bastante como :

    1) Que los vehiculos se rompan por el uso o algun factor y tengan que esperar al mecanico o la grua.
    2) La implementacion de combustibles para los vehiculos.
    3) Acomodar ciertos productos y vehiculos por era. Es decir que haya una verdadera evolucion. Como por ejemplo, existasn fabricas de vehiculos que haya que pedirles los vehiculos y esperar por ellos, dependiendo cuanto se pague.
    4) dia/noche
    5) estaciones climaticas ( invierno, verano, oto√Īo y primavera ) => posibilidad de nieve e inundaciones.
    6) accidentes, protestas sociales que dificulten el movimiento de los vehiculos.
    7) mas realismo en la produccion y variedad de productos .

  11. We want to be able to use REAL WORLD MAP with REAL WORLD POPULATION in REAL TIME (google map + something like NIMBYrails and even better. We want tramway line to be able to use on green land, near street, or between street lines, not only on streets, evven to borough segment of rail for difficult terrain, tramways to be able to use rail network for some kilometers limit.

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