The final update for Transport Fever 2 is on its way

It has already been one year since Transport Fever 2 got released on consoles. Time has flown by and we are overwhelmed by the positive response from the community, which has continued to grow on all platforms in recent months. As we are always listening to our players’ feedback, we are excited to release several improvements as part of the last game update in the second half of the year that many of you have been waiting for.

Today we want to give you a glimpse of two usability improvements: One of the new features is the implementation of better snapping options for road construction. This will make the placement of right angles and 45° junctions much easier and more intuitive. Another highlight is the ability to subsequently replace bridges and tunnels that have already been built without having to manually demolish them first. This not only saves time, but also makes it easier to adapt your infrastructure more flexibly to the technical innovations that will become available in the game over time.

The central element of this final update will be the announced cross-platform mod support for PS5, Xbox Series and all PC versions. We have already cleared many technical hurdles and are now in the middle of implementing this long-awaited feature. We look forward to giving many more players easy access to the content you’ve created for Transport Fever 2.

Together we have come a long way and we look forward to continuing the journey with you. Thank you for being part of the Transport Fever community!

Transport Fever 2 excites more than one million players around the world

We are thrilled to announce today that the Transport Fever 2 community has grown to over one million players. Some of you have been on board since the early days of Train Fever, others since Transport Fever or Transport Fever 2, and as of this March, we’ve been able to bring all console players on board as well with the Console Edition. We would like to dedicate this post to say thank you to all of you.

Thank you for your support, the great feedback, the great creations, the continued interest – just for everything. In return, we want to assure you that there will be more improvements for Transport Fever 2, both on PC and on console.

With our constantly growing team, we work every day to turn your wishes into reality. Another game update with minor improvements is already planned for July. If you don’t want to miss any news, follow us on our social media channels Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The journey continues, that much is clear.

We send you the very best regards and see you soon!
The entire Urban Games Team

Full steam ahead

The team is grateful for all the feedback and comments players shared in the past few weeks after the release of the “Spring Update”. We truly want to make the best out of the game and of course the Transport Fever 2 adventure keeps going on. We are very excited to share our next steps with you.

After the gameplay related “Spring Update”, in the following months our developers will focus on major optimizations for the whole game to get the best performance out of your computers. This covers various aspects ranging from shorter loading times for save games to a noticeable improved simulation performance. The memory usage will be more efficient as well, resulting in less used memory while running the game.

Our continuously growing team has a full agenda and we look forward to continuing the journey with you in a promising year for Transport Fever 2.