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Q: What is Transport Fever 2 and who is the developer?
A: Transport Fever 2 is a business simulation for PC and is developed by Urban Games in Switzerland.

Q: When will the game be released?
A: The release is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019.

Q: Where will the game be available?
A: The game will be available on Steam at release. Further sales channels will be announced at a later date.

Q: Which platforms does the game support?
A: The game is released on PC and supports 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 or higher.

Q: Which languages does the game support?
A: Interface and subtitles are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The voiceover is available in English and German.


      • Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass man seine Welt nicht kopieren kann. Ist es ja ein neues Spiel.
        Ich kenne kein Spiel, bei dem man seinen Spielstand im nächsten Teil nutzen kann.
        Dann kann man auch das alte Spiel weiterspielen 😛

        • Bei CitiesXXL konnte man Spielstände von CitiesXL 2012 laden. Die haben mit jedem Spiel aber auch nur gefühlt zwei Texturen geändert.

  1. Will there be beta testing? The alpha footage looks absolutely stunning and I will GLADLY provide feedback and do my best to find bugs if it means the possibility of playing this game sooner.

  2. Same question here , I will be trilled to be able to take part of beta testing and help in translation. I have few month free ahead and leave in switzerland as well. When the game will release I’ll have to go to work abroad for at least a year , could be nice to be able to play and help improve this marvel.
    And I will be able to port my mods to it ! So neat ^^
    Best regards to the dev team and great news that there will be a second opus to this beloved transport fever !

  3. Can we have rival companies in the game? I am so excited, but I would like there to be this feature. Maybe you could enable/disable it when creating a new game, and it would make the game more challenging.

  4. I hope in transport fever 2 they put some thought into time. In transport fever, a train gains a mile an hour every second until it reaches its full speed, a day is a second long, that means for a train to reach 75 miles an hour, it takes 75 days, come on! can you imagine the real world in that way? nothing would get accomplished, we would still be walking.
    A day needs to be at least one minute long, and the money thing there’s another joke.
    Could have been a real good game with just a little thought.

    • @Frank: Every transport history game has to have two different time scales: one for the actual movement, and one for the history. In Transport Fever (1), this relation was customisable, and I hope it will be in the new game.
      With your choice, a day a minute, each year would take about 6 hours; a game which spans 30 years would take one week at normal speed. Without sleep. If you have this amount of time to play, you will also have the time to learn how to modify the game – it takes less than a “year” (of 6 hours).

  5. Since it is mentioned that there is unlimited population in hte cities of the next transport fever and more realistic traffic inbound, wouldn’t it be much time efficient, for the people, if it could be possible to run metros or subways on the largest cities?

  6. Das sollen die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen sein? Eher nicht…
    Auf die auch in den anderen Kommentarbereichen gestellten (häufigsten) Fragen wird wie immer nicht eingegangen. Wo ist der Community-Manager?
    Für eine Spielserie, die eben auch erst durch die Community (Kickstarter) möglich wurde und die durch die Modder immer weiter am Leben gehalten wird (was sicherlich zu deutlichen Mehreinnahmen führte), finde ich diese Einbahnstraßenkommunikation ziemlich unwürdig!

  7. Will there be Modding tools, or DLC planned for more stock? I’m imagining possibilities for everything from British Railways Standard type steam engines (with similar vintage rolling stock), to modern Japanese cargo trucks and buses.

  8. Wird es Luftschiffe (Zeppeline) geben?
    Überholen schneller fahrende Fahrzeuge die langsam fahrenden?
    Wird es Ölbohrinseln geben die nur mit tankern angefahren werden können?
    Wird es auch Hubschrauber geben?
    Wie sieht es mit Bahnhöfen aus welche unter der Erde liegen?
    Wird es Unfälle geben wenn zwei Fahrzeuge aufeinander treffen oder fahren diese wie bisher einfach nur hindurch?
    Müssen fahrzeuge regelmäßig in ein depot zur Wartung ( Z.B. alle 180 Tage was man vielleicht einstellen kann) oder fahren diese durch bis sie Ersetzt werden oder auch nicht.
    Kann man Brücken upgraden oder Downgarden ,sofern man das möchte, ohne sie immer abreißen zu müssen und sie neu zu bauen?

  9. Will it be optimized for multi-core CPUs?
    The first one is heavily relying on a single thread, thus creating a huge CPU-bottleneck even on modern CPUs(I have Ryzen5 3600 and it’s CPU-limited on med-large free game maps).
    Nowadays practically all CPUs support at least 4 threads, most of them even 8, it would be nice to see the game take advantage of it.

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