Ankündigung Mac-Version und neues Spiel-Update

Wir freuen uns sehr, heute zwei grosse Ankündigungen machen zu können: Die Mac-Version von Transport Fever 2 wird im Herbst dieses Jahres erscheinen und bereits im Juni wird ein weiteres Spiel-Update veröffentlicht.

Mit der Ankündigung der Mac-Version können wir einem starken Bedürfnis der Spieler nachkommen. Aufgrund der Entscheidung von Apple, die Grafikbibliothek OpenGL nicht mehr zu unterstützen, wurden intensive technische Anstrengungen notwendig, um eine Veröffentlichung auf Mac zu ermöglichen.

Das Spiel-Update, welches bereits im Juni erscheint, wird Transport Fever 2 basierend auf dem Feedback der Spieler weiter verbessern. Zudem wollen wir mit einer stark ausgebauten Modding-Unterstützung unsere Wertschätzung gegenüber der Modding-Community ausdrücken und eine solide Grundlage für spannende Erweiterungen schaffen, die ihr später in diesem Jahr erwarten dürft.

Gleichzeitig mit dem Update wird ein umfangreiches Wiki veröffentlicht, welches sowohl eine Spielbeschreibung als auch eine Modding-Referenz beinhalten wird.

Interessierte können sich <hier> über Details des Updates informieren und sich in die Entwicklung einbringen.

Wir bedanken uns herzlich für das grosse Interesse an Transport Fever 2 und senden die besten Grüsse vom gesamten Urban Games Team!

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Marlon Stadler

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  1. Freut mich, dass es eine Mac-Version geben wird 🙂
    Könnt ihr schon etwas zu den Systemvoraussetzungen sagen, also insbesondere dazu ob das Spiel auch auf den 13″ MacBooks laufen wird oder ob’s ne dedizierte Grafikkarte braucht?

  2. Sehr gute Nachrichten das wird viele freuen. Freue mich auf das Update im Juni mal sehen was es beinhalten wird. Ansonsten gut zu hören, dass es weiter geht und auch dieses Jahr schon Erweiterung bzw. weitere Updates auf uns warten.

  3. I enjoyed the campaign mode. (I don’t have my own map yet, because the management of passenger trains is very difficult.)
    After playing, I thought that the main feature of TpF2 was that the buildings would move when the road was widened.

    Also, I thought it was unfriendly. I didn’t realize that I had to open the „Traffic congestion information layer“ to specify the ’side road construction regulations‘ and ‚the presence or absence of traffic lights‘.

    I am looking forward to the version upgrade.


    In „Workers and Resources“, a truck depot called „Distribution Office“ has been added
    instead of specifying a „route name“ for the truck. The truck will leave the depot when the specified inventory level is reached.
    Maybe this is a device to avoid traffic congestion at the loading and unloading area, but I felt the element of wholesaler logistics in the Soviet.

    In addition, in the game, it is possible to connect the factory and warehouse with a belt conveyor or a driveway.

    For example, with TpF2, it would be interesting if one factory asset could be divided into multiple modules, which users could arrange freely and tie them with a belt conveyor.

  4. The news of a Transport Fever 2 update is definitely great! I thank you for that. I am very passionate about this game and I am bringing a threat dedicated to it in a forum in italian Language of my creation named „TREN & GIOC“ (see site below). But I would like to warn that every time an update is made there is also the risk of introducing new bugs or weighing down the game making it for example slower. I hope you have been careful of all these risks. I repeat my appreciation for this game and send my warmest greetings. Your Francesco Longo

  5. Gute Nachricht!
    Ich hoffe sehr, wie viele andere auch, das die Performance deutlich verbessert wird, hier gibt es viele Probleme, auch bei guten und sehr guten PC Spezifikationen!

    Mehr Inhalte wären auch toll, warum sieht man denn keine Kinder im Game?
    Tourismus, wäre doch auch ein super Transport Weg!
    Linien sollten wirklich auch getrennt von Sparte zu Sparte aufgeführt werden, bisher ist alles Chaos!

    Weiter machen und das Spiel verbessern, damit wir noch lange viel Freude daran haben!

  6. Transport Fever is by far my favourite game of recent times. I hope an auto renew vehicle option fits somewhere into the update as it worked well in the first game. Secondly a way to protect save games of a mod is removed from steam (this is already better handled than the first game) Nothing worse than loosing a map you have spent many many hours building on. Super work with everything so far and I’m sure to let my friends with Mac’s know about transport fever.

  7. Creo que deberia manejar mas tipo de materiales , que existan un edificio de repuestos, uno de gruas, que algun vehiculo se rompa y que tenga que ir la grua a repararlo en el lugar o bien, llevarselo, para todo tipo de vehiculos, un muelle de reparaciones, para trenes lo mismo. Creo que le daria mucho mas realismo y dinamismo al juego.

  8. I love this game so much. Please help me. I have sent an email to info@whateveritis.. I played literally hundreds, if not more, hours of Transport Tycoon (also Railroad but that’s different), and I have been waiting for this game for years.. Like that song ‚before you came into my life i missed you so bad‘.. Please help me fix this issue. It just will not load. The mouse cursor changes, and you click, and immediately comes up with ‚abc.exe is not responding‘.. Not literally.. But you know what I mean.. This computer is maxed out and I’ve played many hours, but now itj ust won’t work. I even re-d/l it… Verified files etc.. NFI why it won’t work.

  9. Hi,

    I enjoyed a lot TF0 and TF1, but I criticized you at the launch of TF2 of lack of innovation and stale gameplay. I spent some times brainstorming and I came up with a number of features which IMHO would take the game to another level. I leave it here with the hope of seeing some of these feature implemented in a next iteration of the game.

    With my bests


    Engineering mode (time paused) for full track design and adjustment. Actual construction takes time depending on the track characteristics. Cost is distributed over construction time with monthly payments (one can suspend the construction but maintenance costs are still to be covered).

    Research tree:
    – new vehicles and techs
    – track improvement: speed, slope, bridge type and length, bridge pillar type and max height, tunneling techs for length/depth/below water, construction speed.
    – financial management: maintenance cost, construction cost…

    New track types:
    gear rack (very steep slopes), maglev (very high speed).

    Special building or even self growing city: connect it with many routes to allow people coming to work and improve the research time. Has some cost due to administration.

    Additional Research:
    Custom vehicles or vehicles upgrades, with user specified parameters influencing resulting research time, price and maintenance cost.

    – industries and cities from time to time propose to connect them to somewhere with a line. They pay in advance but need to complete withing a certain time to avoid penalties.
    – renting transport capacity: the player is payed monthly until contract expires independently of transported amounts, as long as the transport capacity (vehicle capacity*number of vehicles*their speed) on a given line is maintained, with penalties if otherwise. Can apply to industries (goods) and cities (people).

    Line reputation:
    – How much people are willing to travel and pay for tickets for a given line.
    – Depends on vehicles status/quality, speed, frequency, and overcrowding
    – Boost from crossing landscape areas (mountains, shores, large bridges).

    Tickets system:
    – People buy tickets in advance, but need to reach destination within a distance dependent time, otherwise the line reputation is impacted and less people will want to travel. Watch out for overcrowding!
    – offers on ticket price / season tickets. Help to boost line reputation. If well balanced increase line usage and profit, if too aggressive can make the line unprofitable.

    People-consuming buildings:
    Castles, observatories, natural parks, lighthouses… Places scattered in remote locations of the map, where people may want to travel to (and back). Can be leveled up like industries.

  10. Amazing news! I can’t wait for TF2 on Mac I’ll buy straight away, I’m a huge fan from Poland spending lots and lots evening playing TF1, unfortunately I’m using MacBook for my games and I was very disappointed seeing them new TF is on windows only, thank you for a great news and I’m looking forward to finally play TS2!

    • No, it is not „windows only“. TF2 works perfectly on Linux as well.

      If you really „can’t wait“ for the Mac version, why don’t you download Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04), and boot your computer from a USB 3.0 stick?

  11. Gut wir hatten Corona, was einiges durcheinander gebracht hat, aber Mai und das Versprechen auf Juni ist schon etwas her oder? Ich hatte das Spiel dummerweise bei Stream gekauft ohne zu schauen das die Mac-Version noch nicht fertig ist. Kommt sie noch?

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