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Bereits bei der Vorankündigung hat uns eine grosse Menge an Kommentaren erreicht.

Die regen Diskussionen in den Foren überraschen uns immer wieder positiv. Dank unserer sehr aktiven Community bekommen wir sehr viele Rückmeldungen, sei es über die diversen Social-Media-Kanäle, im Steam-Diskussion-Forum oder in den Fan-Foren. Wir verfolgen alle Seiten und bemühen uns, sämtliche Kommentare zu lesen und wenn möglich darauf einzugehen.

Da wir das Spiel für die Spieler und Spielerinnen entwickeln, ist ihr Feedback für uns ausgesprochen wichtig. Selbst wenn wir nicht jeden Wunsch umsetzen können, hat die Community grossen Einfluss darauf, welche Schwerpunkte wir bei der Gestaltung von Features setzen.

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Wir freuen uns schon darauf, euch auf den diversen Kanälen wieder begrüssen zu dürfen.

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  1. I am just wondering whether the time table (or other similar mechanism)will be add to this game so that planning lines running in different speed can be possible.
    THX for all your great efforts anyway, can wait to play the game.

    • Time table system really depends on if the game does have day/night 24-hour function.

      Let’s say a more flexible/ easier-to-achieve way, which allows you to configure special conditions.
      For example, a Local train enters to a „passing loop platform (in Japanese it is called „待避駅“)“ , and this train is forced by custom configuration, to await until a rapid/express train behind has been passed the station.

      Anyways, I would glad to see if time table system would become true.

      • Simple is not always better. The major reason I love Cities in Motion 2 is the ability to schedule. The fact that the lowest you can achieve is 5 minute intervals, and that sims don’t follow the clock- they will wait for a line that runs only during the day for instance and another line stops where they are that is currently running and goes where they want to go. Then they will get upset at you for the long wait and start walking even though they missed opportunities to get on a bus or train going where they need to go- is annoying though.

        • Maybe different levels of scheduling can be incorporated. One level the sim schedules itself like the original game. Another level where you get to plan every little thing including wait times at certain stops- so that it can meet another line and transfer passengers. And maybe another in between with minimum and maximum waits or wait until (half)full.

  2. I would like to see highways, fast monorail and/or maglev trains (or Hyperloop in the future), bigger maps (Experimental Megalomaniac should be a standard size) and limited traffic downtown streets where only pedestrians, buses and trams can cross. Cyclists (with bicycle infrastructure like bike lanes, B+R parking at train stations) and motorbikers/scooter riders would be a great addition, for citizens who want to travel fast and cheap in a dense urban environment. It would be also nice if we could build tourist attractions in cities like hotels, beaches, amusement parks etc to bring more visitors who spend money not only for transportation but also in the city.

    • Highways? Nice one – you can already see them in the trailer 🙂
      Monorail / Maglev trains? Would be a really nice idea, though not a must have for me.
      Tourist Attractions? Please don’t change this great transport game into another city builder – there already are enough good ones like Cities: Skylines and way to few in the transportation genre… Cities in Motion sadly died because of it.

      REALLY looking forward to TF2 – looks amazing so far!

      • I think the argument can be made for a split in the type of passenger without actually having „tourists“. Right now passengers are stratified by speed and cost, but they all commute for work and shopping. What if a third variable could be added for „tourism“ that made them want to visit far-away cities or cities other than where they work/shop? It would be an easy way build in what Frank is talking about without fundamentally altering the game in the way you’re afraid of.

      • Disagree, change this transport game into another city builder. People will choose this builder over Cities Skylines.

        I am sick to death of Cities Skylines and the long load times on a high-end machine. Transport Fever had performance down packed.

  3. I hope the truck transport system is overhauled, it would be nicer if you build a terminal that covers an area (or a city) that houses smaller trucks that delivers and picks up freight within that area and brings back the gods to the terminal, and use bigger trucks (or even trains) to haul freight between the different terminals. Also be able to transport truck trailers with trains would be super cool.

    Transport of raw materials should not use this system however. Only factory gods and food production.

  4. Please make it possible to make no industry maps more easily and allow placement AND more importantly the removal of industry sites. This can be done currently with 3rd party map creation but it would be good if this was included in the base GUI.

    Include timetables for services and a day/night cycle.

    More granular creation of stations. Different platform lengths, allow mixture of pass through and terminals in one station.

    Make air and boat travel more viable, rework the choosing of routes so it is more evenly spread rather than just quickest/cheapest.

    Rework the UI.

    Allow for better use of cores / threading so the game will run smoother and give better FPS late game.

    Prevent the ability for roads to auto generate and give some visual indicator if a city is ready to grow.

    Easily the best PC game ever made, can’t wait to see what you do with TF2.


    One of the things that the series lack is the possibility to link cities with actual highways/motorways. We could make money by having tolls and facilities (rest stops) from them! Also, we could have taxi or private chauffeured car companies to transport people..

    I really hope we can see this in game

  6. The thing I would like to see in TF2 is a more meaningful evolution through time. In TF1 the evolution is: better vehicles and more demand. I would like this evolution to be more realistic and more meaningful. For example pollution was essentially a non-issue for the vast majority of time. Nowadays is the main drive behind public transport funding and non-fossil fuel private vehicles. This should be something the player could either anticipate or wait for population to demand.
    Another big thing, but I understand this is a minefield, is politics. It seems most games shy away from potentially controversial topics, but in the same way as Democracy (the game), everything can be discussed. Of course, TF2 being a transport game it will not be necessary to ban or legalize abortion, but some other things can be done, for example allowing parking in city centres, bike lanes, polluting vehicles, noise pollution. The user should be able to set a series of parameters before the game starts (ie: citizens love for private vehicles, or environmentalism etc…) and the user will need to fix problems bearing in mind what citizens find acceptable or not.
    For example: if you have a map with the majority of people being environmentalists and you keep using old, diesel loco’s, nobody will use your services and you will have to change them even if they’re not too old and the new ones are very expensive. Likewise, if you’re fighting pollution and ban diesel cars from cities, car-loving people will be mad at you.

    • I feel like it would be better if these were random (or maybe the player is given a choice). It would give the player more of a challenge; maybe they have to add frequency to the „progressive“ public transport loving cities, or reduce transport to the „liberty“ (car) loving townsfolk. Along the lines of pollution, they could add fines or something along those lines, if you don’t adhere to local policy.
      You have raised a really good idea that would add depth to the game.

  7. Ich hoffe, dass eine bessere Wassersimulation eingebaut wird. Wasser ist so ein wichtiger Faktor für die Landschaft wie auch für die Challenges die einen Spieler beschäftigen. Ausserdem Wasser nicht nur als See, sondern Wasser dass im Tal nach unten fliesst.
    Der historische Aspekt finde ich wichtig. So dass wenn man vom Jahr 1850 bis ins Jahr 2000 spielt, dass nicht alle Gebäude abgerissen werden und durch neue ersetzt werden. So geht Geschichte verloren.

  8. And another, more practical thing is: underground. Even if it takes two more months of development, make underground building more complex and fun. This is something that even Cities Skylines does fairly poorly. Make it possible to build underground train stations, bus stations, roads, everything.

  9. Graphic :

    I really want day/night cycle.
    4 season’s of year.
    Atmospheric changes like snow, or rain.

    Progress :

    The possibility of locomotive design / Commissioning the locomotive design, according to our AI guidelines.

    Gameplay :

    Opponents AI who build their own railway lines, and have their own locomotives. Possibility of entering the AI ​​arrangements in order to establish a company and mutual rolling out of rolling stock, the possibility of navigating the company’s tracks.

    World :
    Larger maps with the ability to play all over Europe / USA. The possibility of making connections with other continents, where the vehicle would leave the map and return after some time generating profit.

    Optimization :

    Try use the AMD compiler, AMD processors and graphics for more and more. I have AMD Ryzen 2500u and in my case most of the time the computer’s resources were below 60%. It ended with all the time I had less than 20fps. Try to write the game so that it uses several threads. It is possible that the implementation of Vulcan or DX12 would greatly help some computers.

    Translated using google translator.

    PS. I m waiting for Ray Tracing in Transport Fever 3 😉

    • Vehicles leaving the map and coming back should be possible. SimCity 4 had a similar feature, where vehicles could leave the map, and they would appear in the adjacent map. Would be cool if it would be possible to connect multiple maps in this fashion.

      • Great idea. Instead of making one big map like Europe, you can make maps: Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France etc., and to put it in such a way, you could switch between them like in Anno 2205. In this way, you could realize the entire planet without killing performance. I would love to have larger ships, transatlantic ships like RMS Titanic.

        • It will give the game a lot more depth when you have a port for intercontinetal ships that leave the map. You can bring passengers too the ocean liners and goods too thw freight ships. In later era’s an airport will take over the passenger travel for the outside connections. While freight ships still coming for import and export.

  10. I looking now od screenshots and i have a few suggestions :

    Screenshot 14 – Textur under the tracks look very bad. To strong effect of groats in my opinion. Grass, i dont like this grass, there are no flowers, no bushes.

    Screenshot 13 – Hard pass form terminal texture to airport strip texture. I would see more clouds and birds in the sky, maybe even in herds.

    Screenshot 8 – The grass must be more diverse. I like the house, if in the whole game there would be a few such additions as the castle ruins, or someone’s court would be great. There are a lot of trees that i missed in Transport Fever 1.

    Screenshot 6 – In the Transport Fever 1 smoke from locomotive killed my performance. Add in the options the level of game effects, including none. None would turn off the smoke completely.

  11. I would love to see construction times implemented where you plan the railway and then it builds the track. This could be an option so not all players have to wait for track to be built.
    It would add realism and a bit more difficulty as you would have to plan further into the future.

  12. I love both your games very much and I’m very much looking forward to this game!
    The thing that bothered me the most though and what made me put the game away eventually was the late game. Even on hard mode, once you’ve established a small system of lucrative lines money just keeps piling up and after you’ve repayed your initial debt the game has no more challenges to offer. I’d love to see a shift in challenges or priorities over time to keep the late game interesting. The only thing changing in the late game so far is that everything gets bigger – the trains, the train cost, the revenue and that’s it. Or at least that what it seems like to me.
    I can’t wait for the new game! 🙂
    Best wishes and happy developing 🙂

    • Fully subscribe – the main drawback of the game is that it feels like a sandbox.

      Suggest the following features:

      – a super hard mode, where prices and maintenance costs are higher
      – lower profits from simple transport connections, but raise rewards for delivery of finished products to cities
      – vehicles should eventually break down and need replacement once too old
      – cities will acquire additional resource demands over time
      – a tech tree, which requires you to research new vehicle types manually and enables you to upgrade vehicle categories. New technologies should also cost you money creating additional resource constraints.

  13. I would like to see a more realistic use of the highway by vehicles:
    – Vehicles should use always right lane in a road with multiple lanes per direction and use the other lanes only for left turns, overtakes and in case of congestion
    – Overtake should be implemented because it’s ridiculous to see motor vehicles stuck at 15 km/h behind an horse-drawn vehicle
    – Two wheeled vehicles, like bicycle and motorcycles, would be a nice addition for private transportation (Would be super if two wheeled vehicles may lane split between other vehicles stuck in traffic)
    – Would be nice to have acceleration and deceleration lanes to enter and exit the motorway
    – Also when building a road the player should be able to see the maximum speed in a curve. In the current game it’s common to build sharp bends and have trucks slow down to 20Km/h

    Also would be nice, when creating a new map, have the game build complex mountain road with passes, hairpin turns and tunnels

  14. Looking forward to TPF2. lol
    Vehicle turn signals, one-way streets, traffic lights. finally appeared.
    In addition, there are several problems:
    1. Whether the railway bridge can increase the Guard rails(check rail)? this has been forgotten from the TF era.
    2. Is TPF2 compatible with TPF1 MODs and game archive?
    After all, many players TPF1’s game archive time is more than a year. Especially a large number of scenes and track laying.
    3.Please add mail/package system to the railway passenger station , the lack of railway baggage car is a pity. 🙁
    4.the helicopter, as well as the vertical takeoff and landing function.
    5.Increase resource/population input and output extensions outside the map.

    Can the MOD author participate in the game beta before the game is released? Let the MOD author prepare in advance for the MOD production of TPF2.

  15. Ich freu mich riesig auf das Spiel!
    Gerade vor dem Hintergrund aktueller Verkehrsdiskussionen, als Hauptstreitigkeiten in der deutschen Lokalpoltik und Hauptaugenmerk vieler aktueller Stadt- sowie Verkehrskonzepte:

    Wie sieht es eigentlich mit Radverkehrsanlagen aus? Dieses erhebliche Segment mit ca. 20% von innerstädtischen Verkehrsanteilen fehlt derzeit komplett.
    Die Elemente von Leihsystem, sowohl fahrzeug- als auch radgetrieben, sind bisher gar nicht vorhanden, werden in Zukunft aber immer bedeutender.

    Wie sieht euer Plan aus, um diese Puzzleteile der Mobilität zu ergänzen?

    Liebe Grüße!

  16. * Besseres Signal System für Züge. z.B. Vor-Signal.
    * Züge sollten „überholen“ können. Beispiel: Zweigleisig, eine Richtung, gleiches Ziel. Auf der linken Strecke ist ein Zug und das Vor-Signal blockiert die Strecke, die rechte Strecke ist jedoch frei und die sollte dann genutzt werden. So können schnelle Züge langsamere „überholen“.
    * Hochbahnen (über der Straße) in Städten. Ich würde gerne S-Bahnstrecken oder/und U-Bahn Strecken in Städten bauen.

    Ansonsten, totaler Hype. Freue mich schon derbe drauf! Gut gemacht!!

  17. Ich bin doch ein klein wenig enttäuscht. Beispielsweise fehlen in der Featureauflistung alle Dinge die die Spieltiefe beinhalten oder Hinweise, dass aus den Fehlern der Vorgänger gelernt wurde. Optik ist erneut sehr schön, aber das war noch nie Euer Problem.
    – bisher sind irgendwann alle Linien kollabiert, weil kaum Einflussmöglichkeiten vorhanden war, was mir letztendlich den Spielspaß geraubt hat. Wird das diesmal anders sein? Bsp Fahrpläne, eigentlich ein muss für alles was mit (Personen-)Transport zu tun hat.
    – Die Industrie ai hat in TF nicht funktioniert, hat in TpF nicht wirklich funktioniert, wird sie es denn diesmal? Wurde der Bereich diesmal grundlegend überarbeitet oder wieder nur am Ist dran rum gedoktert?
    – wie sieht es mit Kartengrößen, Wasser auf unterschiedlichen Höhen und mit Fließrichtungen oder auch mit Dingen über den Kartenrand hinaus aus?
    – wurde innerstädtische ÖPNV oder allgemeine Verkehr überarbeitet? Bsp Sims die per Auto zum Bahnhof kommen und selbstverständlich sollten auch mehr als 2 Bushaltestellen pro Stadt notwendig sein.

    natürlich gibt es noch dutzende andere Punkte, aber das wäre für mich das Wesentliche.

  18. It would be great of this new version is designed to be a virtual trainset simulator first, that could support a game-play second. I think the trainset enthusiasts market is even larger than the gamer marker.

    With mods, Transport Fever makes a great trainset simulator, but one that is plagued by some game-play restrictions that constrain what can and can not be simulated. Nevertheless, Transport Fever was designed and sold as a game, not a simulator. But if those restrictions had not been hardcoded into the design, it could have satisfied two markets, rather than just one.

  19. Es sollte neben den Städten auch Dörfer geben oder wenigstens sollte das Städtewachstum beschränkt werden können bzw. komplett zu stoppen sein. Das bedeutet auch, dass Häuser die manuell entfernt werden nicht automatisch von der KI wieder aufgebaut werden.

  20. I am happy that TF has a sequel.

    Just my four wishes (now that developers my still think about them)

    1) I hope the economic and city simulation model will be better than TF from both economics (give us a proper income statement and don’t just calculate transport prices as fixed amount based on theoretical speed * linear distance that give an absurd economic incentive to transport from the farther possible… maybe something like railroad Tycoon 3 where prices were set based on the distance from the closer supplier (adjusted for transportation possibilities and terrain) and simulation (I actually liked the citizen maximum travel time simulation of Train Fever more than the one of Transpoft Fever, but hope that it will be less CPU intensive)

    2) I hope there will be better information displays (e.g. where citizens want to go, transport usage by area etc.)

    3) I hope there will be some AI to compete with (if it is too complex and invasive to model train networks maybe even only bus/air/water lines using existing infrastructure)

    4) I hope the game will not be that much lagging (CPU intenstive) and allow us to disable unnecessary gimmicks like individually simulated animals.

    Sorry for posting the same in the game announcement thread, but I’ve seen this feedback thread only after)

    Anyway I wish you a good game development.

    • regarding the 2nd point i would like to add something: When you have connected multiple stations with multiple lines i would like to see passanger information as where they want to go (from station A to station B), not what line they want to use.

  21. Very excited to see where this new game is headed! As a suggestion: perhaps to lighten the load of adding new vehicles, consider adding vehicles our lovely modders have modeled for us in TPF into the base game? (with permission of course) I’m sure that they would be delighted to know their work is completely integrated into the game for everyone to enjoy.

    On another note, for streetcars: would it be possible to add large roads with a dedicated median for streetcars? I’ve seen it done in games like cities in motion and in my own hometown. It would help relieve heavy traffic I find on the city streets of some of my cities in TPF.

    Thanks for reading

  22. Hallo! Ich war/bin ein großer Fan TpF und freue mich riesig auf das Spiel! Was mir gefallen würde ist eine Art: „Städte-Rangsystem“! z.B. Ab 1950 kann man den STädten bestimmte Richtungen vorschreiben, in die sie sich entwickenln sollen, z.B. Stadt 1 wird zu eine Bankenstadt, Stadt 4 zu einer Universitätstadt! Außerdem habe ich noch viele andere Ideen/Vorschläge für das neue Spiel! Schreibt mich an!

    PS: TpF Bestes SPiel <3

  23. I want to apologize if I write someting wrong but I have some problem with english.
    Some implementation that I would like to see ( apart from the day night cicle and time label) are:
    –rework of standard track speed, with the introduction of the highspeed track the standard will go up to 160 km/h,or a least
    introduct this new track;
    –introduction of pendolino system for train (tilting train) , with this system train are capable to travel at higher speeds (20%
    faster on curve usually) on normal routes to offer a alternative way to high speed (now you have to build a new railway to
    ensure the max efficiency and with the new time lable feature and the possibility to add an precedence signal will be
    easier) or at least a solution for minor route;
    –city generation: actually city are mostly equal as dimension and distance (depend on the map), but it would be nice to see
    randomly bigger city (800-1000 from start) with smaller town (100-200) near by to be able to build a sub-urban train service
    like S-BAHN of Berlin or Passante of Milan, (so also under ground or elevated station);
    –realistic turn around system for train, now the train when reach a terminal station just flip, but would be nice to have
    specifc sistem to turn aroud the train that can afflict the preparation time;
    –weather that can afflict speed of thrain (mostly in past time and less in future time);
    –new zone for city: apart from residential, commercial and industrial a new turistic zone will be nice to have, more than a
    turistic will be an high interest building like a main square, a university o someting that can easily attract people from
    everywhere in the map, also the possibility of some events that for some time will increase pax on some route;
    –better AI for passenger, actually if i have 2 routes that have the same stops and the same route pax will wait for their train
    instead of catch the first one to their destination;
    –luggages, on longher route pax will have luggages, so one pax take up more space, as solution introduction to mixed cart
    pax-luggages and specific luggages cart;

  24. I want
    – Timetable(Bildfahrplan) System in Transport.
    – Easier/More Growth in the city than TpF.
    – MegaCIty transport like S-bahn/Metro/Underground.
    – Tram-train System like Karlsruhe.
    – BRT and LRT.
    – East Asian Building and Vehicles (Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea).

    • Also, allow the player to set prices for the various modes of transport. Fee zones- the longer the distance traveled the more expensive the ticket, by zone. Intra vs inter state pricing. Local vs express pricing (it would be more expensive to take an express bus instead of the local, which would take longer.) Intermodal/cross-honoring weekly and monthly tickets. ie a weekly train ticket would be honored on the less expensive bus for a trip through a similar amount of zones, but not vice versa.
      All of this would of course mean being able to designate routes as express or local and inter vs intra state. The user should be able to turn all of this on or off before the game starts. Maybe passenger levels would depend on economy and pricing.

    • In terms of scheduling we should be able to schedule by time of day and the sims should actually follow the clock. One of the things I love about Cities in Motion 2, is the ability to schedule. There are a couple of problems with their model though. 1 the sims do not care about whether or not a particular line is running during that time of day. ie If there is a night only line in CiM2 the passengers will line up during the day hours before the line opens and then get upset when the bus or train or whatever does not show up. 2 There does not seem to be a real ebb and flow to traffic and passenger demands. People traveling to tourist spots in the middle of the night or going to a club at noon. I know this would take tremendous amounts of CPU to calculate but most machines today can handle it.

  25. Ich hätte gerne ETCS Signale gibt.
    Einen wenn man sonst Ereignis wenn zum Beispiel die Strecke viergleisig ist und der Streckenabschnitt ist belegt dass er das Nachbargleis nutzt.
    Das es intelligenter Ampel gibt die halt Bus beziehungsweise Tram automatisch vor lässt

  26. is there any way to make railway depots more realistic…

    for example, trains are stabled overnight, in one of serveral depots (consisting of both open sidings and covered sheds) whilst in the depot basic maintance, refueling and cleaning takes place (some depots also contain a train wash),
    larger depots are capable of carrying out more intensive maintance, including wheel reprofiling, repairs etc, perodically a train will need to have A,B,C & D exams carried out which will require a trip to a suitably equipped depot

    currently the majority of rail tycoon type games do not represent many of these functions, and the depot building object is way too small, is there some way to implement some of these functions, (which as a consequence will encourage more intergrated rail networks as all trains will need access to a depot

    obiviously in earlier eras these depots would also require industry service (coal in, Ash out etc) as well as povision for the turning of locomotives, which brings me onto the second point

    is there anyway to seperate the locomotives from the rolling stock,

    so rather than selecting a Locomotive and a fixed rake of wagons and then allocat them to a set route, you instead, have a pool of locomotives which are allocated to a train based on a preference system (e.g first choice small engine, second choice medium engine) it is then necessary to ensure your fleet is strong enough in numbers to handle the demands of the service, additionally you maintain a fleet of rollingstock, which are stored in a yard facility and are colleced to form a train, so for example, i have a line from a coal mine to a power station, i set up the route to obtain a medium locomotive from depot A, and to obtain 12 coal trucks and a Brake van from the coal mine yard, depot A has three locomotives in there, 2 are ready for service, the 3rd is undergoing maintance, (out of use for a period of game time say 30 mins), the route is allocated to one of these locos which then goes to collect wagons from the coal mine yard, loads them then proceeds to the power station and empties them, this continues until the locomotive reaches the end of its ‚duty hours‘ (say 3 hours game time) at which point it returns the wagons to the yard then returns to the depot (and spends an amount of time out of service for maintance, if another locomotive is free in the depot it would be allocated the route in place of the one returning

    should there be insufficent locomotives, wagons or yard space, then efficency would drop (and a promt may be necessary to fix the issue

    it would also be nice for a general goods cargo, which operates much like a passenger, produced in a (all) town(s) it has a specific town destination and uses all modes to get there, encouraging a intergrated transport network, allowing a crate (and in later years a container) to make a journey from anywhere to anywhere (and encouraging all routes to have some sort of light goods service) this would represent all the final manufactured products usually transported in covered vans, that are to numerous, and small scale to warrant a full production chain

    • LOVE the idea of more realistic depots, for all modes of travel. Buses need maintenance as well. Less expensive railyards or depot can do minimal maintenance and just store vehicles. A more expensive one could do some regularly scheduled maintenance and storage while the most expensive can do it all. Hiring staff for the depots and yards might be required as well.
      And then add in multi-modal stations. One that has subways in the basement, interstate trains at a different level and bus/tram lanes. Kind of like a combination of Port Authority bus terminal (has buses and subways) and Grand Central Station that has various rail modes of transportation, where passengers can more easily transfer from one mode of travel to another.
      I like the idea of choosing a locomotive and consist separately. Make the dispatchers somewhat intelligent radioing in trains or other modes of transport back in for service or move them out of the way if they are waiting at a stop and end up blocking traffic.

    • I really like this concept, and it was something I really with Transport Fever had- I was somewhat hoping the modding community would figure out how to do it.

      What I would like to see along those lines is essentially a system where a train does not have to be assigned to a line to be on the rails, and therefor you could have trains in the sidings when you need to do maintenance or change the number of cars on a train without having to put them into the depot. Of course that would require a system where you can order individual trains around but I think that would be super cool and would offer a great solution to some of the problems I run into the game currently. (Also bringing a level of realism)
      For example, I have a train sitting in the sidings following the purchase of a loco. I could have rail stock just sitting there because I’m not using it and have the loco connect to it (rather than doing so in the sheds as per last game’s system), then if you have the ability to order a train to specific locations you could send it to a specific high-population station on the line along an unused rail rather than having it hop straight onto the mainline and do as the AI pleases.

      I feel the implementation of a system at least similar to what we’re talking about here regarding fueling, maintenance, and generally better realism would contribute greatly to the game and further it from other games to make it truly stand out as the last two have in the series.

    • I subscribe to this idea. Love it! Also maybe if you don’t maintain your trains they break down and you need to send from the depot a a train with a crane or just a locomotive to haul the broken one home.

  27. LOVE the idea of more realistic depots, for all modes of travel. Buses need maintenance as well. Less expensive railyards or depot can do minimal maintenance and just store vehicles. A more expensive one could do some regularly scheduled maintenance and storage while the most expensive can do it all. Hiring staff for the depots and yards might be required as well.
    And then add in multi-modal stations. One that has subways in the basement, interstate trains at a different level and bus/tram lanes. Kind of like a combination of Port Authority bus terminal (has buses and subways) and Grand Central Station that has various rail modes of transportation, where passengers can more easily transfer from one mode of travel to another.
    I like the idea of choosing a locomotive and consist separately. Make the dispatchers somewhat intelligent radioing in trains or other modes of transport back in for service or move them out of the way if they are waiting at a stop and end up blocking traffic.

  28. Super happy that TPF2 has been announced, the trailer looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more of the game and how the developers and modders bring the game to another level.

    Would absolutely love to see:
    – Realistic depots (such as where trains are stored overnight, but this would need day/night cycle)
    – The ability to build proper underground railways, such as U-bahn or London Underground, as well as underground roads, tram lines etc
    – LRT or BRT (and have separate, placable BRT ONLY or LRT ONLY roads/tracks)
    – Changes in city generation (so that some cities spawn larger, such as population bigger than 1000, and these cities are essentially regional hubs).
    – More flexibility with graphics (ability to turn steam/diesel fumes on/off for example)
    – AI & multiplayer would be amazing but I have no idea how that would be implemented.

  29. Hi. I have been playing Transport fever for a long long time! the one thing I really wish was in the game.. some more events.

    that affects the routs, factories, and cities. as the game can be a bit too predictable.

    f.eks. a drought. would make farms produce fewer goods. or some sort of festival.. would make cities produce more residential transportation.

    Also. For us streamers.. in-game music that doesn’t get claimed by 3rd party 😛

    But this is something I’m really looking forward to

    -Keep smiling-

  30. A few things I would like to see in the continuation of Transport Fever:
    – Dynamic allocation of platforms to trains entering stations.
    – Programmable rail traffic as in Factorio (e.g. disconnection of the locomotive at the end station > crossing locomotive on another platform > then connection from the other side of the wagons > return journey).
    – Adding catastrophes would give you more satisfaction if everything works well.
    – AI or Multiplayer is absolutely essential in every game that matters today.
    – Deformation of the terrain under buildings and tracks with the possibility to return to its original appearance after removing objects (optionally)
    – Tools for customizing roads, tracks. You can take full advantage of the modifications to Cities Skylines.
    – More statistics and charts!

  31. One thing that I would love added is more ways to electrify the line like the third and fourth rails here in the UK. It seems as if the game is going to have an environmental element so maybe battery and hydrogen-powered vehicles in the late game for lines not electrified.

    Also, building lines is too simplistic in TpF it would be nice to have to plan out the route then wait for the route to be constructed which, as technology advances could get faster. As it would be nice to see people and machines placing track, building bridges and boreing tunnels.

  32. Nur ne Kleinigkeit: Lasst die Fahrzeuge an Bahnschranken erst losfahren, wenn die Schranken (fast) offen sind. Momentan fahren sie bei beginnender Öffnung sofort los und teilweise hindurch, ist nicht sehr realistisch.

    • I agree with that. If the time slows down then you can have different seasons that affect transport conditions (the same route takes longer in winter than in summer). The city growth would be more realistic.
      I would like to see much bigger cities (hundreds of thousands population, creating by merging with smaller cities nearby).
      The city buildings are rectangular and of the same size. Similar old buildings can be merged into one bigger custom shape building. Or you can have some histoyical zone that is not allowed to modernize.
      I would like to see big malls, stadiums, museums, parks, etc, buildings that occupy as much space as 16 blocks. those would have a great demand of goods and people transport.

  33. Hey, I really in love with transport fever! Love to know the new one is coming! I don’t know if these features are already in the new game’s development but I would like to see is the following…

    1. Using the platform as a unit to building a station – by adding an individual platform as a way to expand the station so it would have a unique layout for each station due to its history and development.

    2. The more advanced company system – player can have more of a company running functions, such as name their own company, chose a logo, have the option to build some transport relative business like a hotel, department store and it will add to the profit and encourage more citizen to travel and maybe have a synergy effect when it place close to the station.

    3. Adding a little bit resident house between towns in those open space – so the distribution of the population would be more realistic.

    4. long-distance travel demand from the people – it’s interesting to see more people wanna travel for a far destination, make the non-stop, high-speed, airplane service more profitable. In addition, right now though we can build a freeway in the game, but due to its lack of demand for long-distance travel, it’s almost always empty.

    5. Change the height limit for viaduct and tunnel – I hope that I can build the viaduct as low as 6 meters and build a tunnel when the hill only 8 meters height. I really don’t want the track and road look so much like a roller coaster… and everything could place closer to have a crowded city look.

    6. Setting priority for the train – let the express train be able to pass the regular train.

    7. Finally, We need MORE tutorials for the modder – one of the reasons why this game is so great, it’s because of the modders making their own contribution to this community. As a modder who right now only know how to modding trains, it’s frustrated to me that I don’t know how to make something like a station. I hope you guys can release more guide to the modding process.


  34. Cities with countless residential, commercial and industrial buildings
    Individually simulated land animals, birds and fish

    Simulated animals, birds, fish(?)

    I like the countless buildings but simulated fish?!.

    Do we get to see cattle walking up ramps into the cattle trucks?!.

    Nothing mentioned about the people (sims or whatever they are) I would have liked to have seen a greater involvement with them!.

  35. I hope you guys can further improve the models and meshes/textures of existing trains that inherited from train fever and transport fever. Because looking at the current screenshots, there are still many problems with the USA locomotives and wagons, they basically still have the same problems inherited from the USA DLC of train fever.

  36. I would love to see Displays on trains, so when you look at a train, tram or bus (especially in the modern era) you can see it’s destination. Also having signs at train stations that correspond to the trains stations name (E.g The sign will say ‚ Durham Central‘ instead of just train station). Also having different classes would be cool 1st, 2nd and 3rd, that all have positives and negatives E.g 1st class carriages need to go to a special depot, where they are fitted with a first class interior, they cost more, there are fewer passengers of that class, but they pay a lot of money etc.

  37. There was a big discrepancy between the initial and the late-game difficulty, in regards of the economics.
    I think the vehicle maintenance costs should be split into fixed and cost/km with the cost/km being a big part in a powered vehicle. All other assets (tracks) should have maintenance costs as well.
    Also, to avoid your company running away financially why not implement a management overhead, increasing exponentially?
    The industry demand supply should also be reworked as it was often running on a sine wave even with plenty of transports assigned.
    Finally, the passenger count should be much higher (more realistic numbers) and the distances higher (at the moment the distance between 2 cities can be a few train lenghts) as the game was too scaled-down.

    • I especially agree with the last points. Just simulate packs of people, say 10 people are represented by 1 simulated person.

      TF had good maps with great distances between cities but in the end the stations were far too large compared to cities and industries, so it all didn’t add up. So either increase the distances even more (=larger maps) or scale down the trains/stations. It was sad that some trains and planes couldn’t even reach highspeed before reaching the next station.

  38. Love the game, and would in the sequel like to see:

    – Day/night cycle (the head and tail lights is quite redundant in the always sunny weather).
    – Seasons and weather.
    – Country houses built around the map outside cities, which generate traffic on smaller country roads and the need for small scale country side transportation.
    – Workers that need transport to their workplace (the first time I played Train Fever I set up bussroutes from the cities to the farms and factories – turns out they quickly go into the red…)
    – The ability to connect to the edge of the map, the „outside world“. So you can trade with other cities and companies that is not present on your map. (this would REALLY make sence for the planes, as they can fly of the map and bring people into your map).

    Really looking forward to the next game! The support for TPF1 has been fenomenal, so I have no doubt the next one will be awesome as well!

    Thank you!

  39. So looking forward to this game going to go for new gaming laptop (RTX) and this game comes out Q4 2019 xmas present.
    Things i would like to see Urban games develop is

    1. day and night cycle
    2. seasons cycle
    3. subway trains
    4. container ships
    5. set train, bus times etc
    Cant think of anything else

  40. This is good news, I have over 1,500 hours play on Transport Fever, and very excited to learn what is being planned for the next generation version.

    There are many improvements I would like to see, but I will just highlight my top five.

    1) Passengers
    I would like to see the inhabitants ‚intelligence‘ in regard to transport method improve. Currently if passengers are wanting to travel [say] three stations up the line, and the route is served by two or more different trains, they wait for a particular route. It would be more realistic if the passengers boarded the first train going to the destination – regardless of route. (This will avoid passengers waiting for space on a busy route, when a less busy route gong to the same place has room on board.

    2) Routing
    In many metro (bus and train) systems, there is a concept of ‚rush hour‘ working. I would like to see a facility where certain trains on a route can be extended (or shortened) for the rush hour. Currently to do this two routes have to be set up, and the problem at (1) above prevents this method of operation. Alternatively, every ‚x‘ train on a given route permitted to be extended by ‚x‘ stations.

    3) New Towns
    Currently, during gameplay, we are unable to create a new town/city that ‚grows automatically‘ (we can create static towns which we can manually grow). I would like to see an option where (perhaps 6) growable towns can be added during gameplay.

    4) People
    Simply, a greater variety of people and clothing.

    5) Cars
    Another simple request, the option to make a given town/city car free. This will help prevent lagging caused by large numbers of cars spawning. Perhaps a menu could list each town and a car percentage can be ’set‘ from 0 (none) to 100 (game default).

  41. Would be nice to see all the custom content for TF1 easily imported into TF2, as there’s a lot of excellent content out there.

    But what I’d really like is outside connections, like the old SimCity series and Cities In Motion. The concept of TF1 is great, but it functions like an island even when there’s no water around it.

    And a „survey mode“ would be nice. It’s very difficult to build a long line in the hopes that you don’t have to backtrack and rebuild/tear up sections, especially in mountainous terrain. When you’re happy, you can highlight everything you’ve surveyed and simply build it as planned. This could go a long way to long term planning, especially with large maps.

  42. Many people have stated what they would like to see in the game, so I thought I’d mention a few things I don’t want to see.

    1. Bridge pillar collision
    2. Terrain alignment collision.
    3. Areas of water that can’t be terrain modified.
    4. AI competitors that can’t be switched off.
    5. Transport Fever 2 has stopped responding.
    6. 15 FPS

    Seriously though, just looking forward to TF2, looks like it’s heading the right way so far.

  43. Es gibt zwei Sachen die ich schon seit Train Fever sehr vermisse. Erstens Kurvenüberhöhung, macht das Schienennetz deutlich realistischer und sieht halt einfach gut aus^^ Ich kann aber verstehen dass das schwer umzusetzen ist, was ist mit Weichen Innebogenweichen etc.. Eine Sache die aber ich aber schon lange kritisiere ist dass an Weichen Kreuzungen etc. keine Oberleitungs Masten stehen, bzw. das Placing der Masten allgemein sieht halt einfach sehr schlecht aus. Ersteres lässt sich lösen indem man die Masten einzeln setzt, dies funktioniert aber nur mit Einzelmasten und nicht mit Quertragwerken. Masten die aber vom Spiel mitten auf das Gleis generiert werden bei komplizierten Weichenstraßen lassen sich aber nicht fixen. Dies sind meine größten Wünsche für Transport Fever 2s Zukunft. Ansonsten sieht das Spiel schon sehr gut aus. Eine Frage habe ich noch. Im Bild beginnen die Gleisbögen alle Parallell beim Bahnhof bzw. alle Bahnhofsgleise sind Gleich lang. Wird es später möglich sein die Bahnsteiglängen zu varrieren um zum Beispiel einen Bahnhof wie Düsseldorf Hbf nachzustellen wo die Bahnsteige für Fernzüge deutlich länger sind gegenüber der Sbahnsteige und bereits Weichen sind wo woanders noch Bahnsteig ist? Bzw. wie frei ist der Bahnhofsbau wirklich?

  44. I purchased the game from the apple app store before I new about the steam platform, so steam won’t allow me to purchase mods, so I’ve been playing the basic game for a few years.
    Is Transport Fever 2 an add on or extension or update of Transport Fever or a totally new game?
    Would like to see time brought into more realism, instead of a second being a day, how about a minute. Instead of taking 9 months for a train traveling at 75 miles an hour to make one round trip between a food plant and two towns, one on either side of it, it would only take a day.
    How about being able to stay in an era of 20 to 40 years game play situation?
    I find that there are to many towns, we should have the ability to delete towns as well as industry.

  45. I also want some kind of timetable system, but I think it’s possible I may want another game entirely… Either way, I’m very much looking forward to see what you’ll do with Transport Fever 2 and playing it!

    Basically I think it would be cool to sort of be able to be in the position of a Rail Traffic Controller. Where issues might appear, such as signalling issues, trains breaking down, derailments and other causes of delayed trains and traffic issues. It would then be your responsibility as a rail traffic controller to work around these issues and get the system back on track by giving permission for traffic to proceed at a lower speed, prioritize which trains to let through first if only one of the double track is working etc.

    And then you would also be able to build and improve the flexibility, redundancy and stability of the system by building new tracks etc.

    But… I realize this would probably be another game entirely, lol. Really, I just want to be one 😛

  46. I would love to see a day-night system, priority trains, better micromanagment of trains. And MOST IMPORTANT: Traincosts split into fixcosts and milage-costs, so that it makes sense letting a train wait to be full etc. This would be huge.

    But still looking forward for the new game! love you guys 😛

  47. Anregung:

    Man müsste einstellen können, wie viel % eines Zuges an einem Bahnhof entladen werden soll.

    Ich lass einen Zug mit Rohöl zu einer Raffinerie fahren.
    Dort wird das Rohöl gegen Treibstoff „getauscht“.
    Auf den Rückweg zur Ölquelle passiert der Zug z.b. 4 Städte.
    Er könnte nun 25% Treibstoff in jeder Stadt entladen, so dass alle Städte etwas davon abbekommen, bevor er wieder an der Ölquelle eintrifft.

    Außerdem sollte man einstellen können, welche Art Güter an einem Bahnhof entladen werden dürfen und was dort nicht akzeptiert wird.
    Bei TF gab´s da leider etwas „durcheinander“, wenn man nicht aufgepasst hat 🙂

    Ansonsten kann ich es kaum erwarten in TF2 durchstarten 🙂

  48. Hier ein paar Anregungen:

    1. Mehr Realismus:
    1.1 Realistischere Skalierungen der Karte, je realistischer, desto besser.
    1.2 Das Bauen von Bahnhöfen, Legen von Schienen, etc. braucht Zeit.

    2. KI gesteuerte Gegner: Konkurrenzunternehmen die von einer KI gesteuert werden und genauso wie der Spieler Strecken, Bahnhöfe, Bushaltestellen, etc. bauen können. Dann sollte man aber auch einbauen, dass man Verträge mit der Konkurrenz abschließen kann, z.B. Die Konkurrenz hat ein Gleis von Stadt A zu Stadt B, und man kann anfragen, ob man dieses Gleis nutzen kann. Natürlich zahlt man dann dem Konkurrenzunternehmen Geld, wie viel hängt von dem Vertrag ab, den man aushandelt.

    3. Mehr Micromanagement:
    3.1 Fahrpläne: Man kann planen, um wieviel Uhr die Fahrzeuge fahren (so könnte es auch Nachtreisezüge mit Schlafwagen geben).
    3.2 Wartung: Die Fahrzeuge müssen auch gewartet werden. Wenn das zu lange dauert, kann es zu Verspätungen kommen. Wenn Fehler beim Fahrzeug auftreten, braucht man Ersatz (was dann möglicherweise eine Verspätung auslöst) oder die Fahrt fällt aus.
    3.3 Personal: Man stellt Personal ein, dass unterschiedliche Fähigkeiten hat. Ist z.B. der Zugführer schlecht, kann es zu Verspätungen kommen, wenn er z.B. zu langsam fährt.
    3.4 Ticketpreise: Man kann die Ticketpreise selber bestimmen.
    3.5 Service an Bord: Man kann den Service an Bord verändern.
    3.6 Klassen: Es gibt 1. und 2. Klasse in Zügen/Flugzeugen.
    (Sollte es wirklich KI Gegner geben, bräuchte man Kriterien, nach denen die Leute entscheiden mit wem sie reisen. Ich weiß, das ist sehr viel, aber vielleicht lässt sich ja das eine oder andere umsetzen.)

    4. Aktionen von Städten: Z.B. die Stadt baut einen Flughafen, den dann alle Unternehmen für eine Gebühr nutzen dürfen.

    Freue mich schon sehr auf das Game, vllt könnt ihr ja das eine oder andere umsetzen

  49. I still hope to have a multiplayer mode (although this may be complicated to make)
    If there is a repair yard construction that can repair the train, it will take money, it takes time, it takes time (the time is not long, the length of time is set according to the degree of maintenance required by the train. When set, the train will continue to take the original line. Until the terminus, go to the maintenance yard on your own, so that you don’t have to throw the passengers directly to the side of the road, but continue to run until the terminus) can be set to repair or replace the train type. This is very real.
    TF2 can get a traffic light is really good, before the TF1 traffic jam is going crazy! !
    I hope the airport will be more real! !
    I hope to have a day and night cycle. Set train, bus time, etc. (timetable)

  50. Having played transport tycoon, opnttd, locomotion and transport fever, it would be nice if city growth quicker/more. In transport fever, it is nearly useless to several train station to deserve a city and to feed a main train station , as population remain two low. Have a look in Zurich with the numerous RER station feeding the Hauptbahof coupled with tram and bus to feed the RER station.

    My other point is that time has to be adjusted. The developpement is so slow unmodded, that you could not very enjoy 1850-1900.

  51. 1. Underground or over the streets crossings
    2. Deleting existing and placing new industries
    3. More options in game creator (bigger/smaller distances between cities/industries, no industries at all etc.)
    4. More options of train stations (underground, over the ground, curved, etc.)
    5. Bigger maps
    6. More roads (one way roads, tram tracks in the middle, pedestrian only etc.)
    7. A switch button for underground view because building/deleting in high dense city is almost impossible
    8. Highway traffic so faster vehicles can use left lane
    9. Make air and water transport more useful
    10. More achievements
    11. Option to build right angle roads

  52. What a great news. Looking forward Q4 and the upcoming updates from the blog or the first gamepley on youtube :-).
    I would like to see trolleybuses added to the game and also wishes from the citizens as to where they want to travel.

  53. Super excited for this i love trnsport fever!!
    One thing id like to see are civic buildings so not necessarily tourism. Eg football stadiums unique to specific cities once a goal has been met like sbopping facilities. More common buildings like thearters hospitals univercities expo centers all these buildings can effect tbe flow of demand through out the game. Probably some form of day night cycle might be needed but id love to see this idea incorporated into tf2. Either way when this game is done ill play it for mo ths!

  54. An AI for laying track. I want to select a start point and an end point and then have the system auto pick a path that I could then alter by „grabbing“ a section and pulling. The auto path can be set to quickest, cheapest or some other variation.
    I would like to see terrain follow and/or contour follow when laying track (cheapest track), and then being able to alter the path by dragging.
    I would like to see an auto layout of signals perhaps specifying a distance between signals.
    I would like to see a distance measurement tool, select two points and have it indicate the total distance and perhaps show interval distances, the distance would be a straight line or by following the closest path.
    I would like to see suggestions/hints to address issues, like ridership is low what changes should/could be made to correct this issue.
    I want to select a resource and have the next endpoint highlighted, ex select coal and highlight the steel factories, select steel factory, and highlight goods, machine or construction factories.
    I would like to see subways or elevated railways in cities.

  55. I would like to be able to set load parameters for each train wagon or ship load bay at each station. ie If I am dropping off a product using type ‚A‘ wagons I want to be able to take on any particular type ‚A‘ products waiting.

    Eg a ship carrying Iron Ore in 4 bays could return with 2 bays set to only load Steel; another to load Stone to drop off enroute.

    This would lead to more complex routing for ships and trains with one vehicle able to carry more of what I the player want carried. In the scenario I gave teh Ore is dropped off at a Steel Mill that is also a tempolrary drop off point for Stone…. destined for a ConMat fab nearer to the Ore mine. Without the additional control the AI will usually fill up the wagons automatically with whatever is demanded. This can result in great supply of one product and insufficient supply of another vital product. Currently the only way to avoid this is setting manual load types resulting in mepty return journeys and the need for more lines running at lower profit.

  56. I am very excited hearing this news. I have put over 2000 hours into TpF. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with it. As far as a wish list here is mine:

    1-Easier underground construction, this is a bit of a pain, I got used to it but I still wish it was easier.
    2-Ability to found/build towns in map.
    3-Attractions, have attractions to well attract people to cities, maybe like landmarks, amusement parks, etc.
    4-Metros, not sure how to do this but would be awesome.
    5-Easier map creation/edit. Even with the tools I found online it can be tricky to place cities accurately on large maps. Maybe we can edit maps in game?
    6-Land/Water creation in game, big gripe of mine, sometimes I would like to build a river or a small land bridge, etc.
    7-Have historic districts, not ever city modernizes, would be nice if we can save some of these old buildings.
    8-Sceanario creation-please make this a reality!

    It think that is is as far as wants I will give my two cents on some common requests:
    1-Day/Night cycle-Yeah no, at least not as default. Maybe as an option and only if not building, ie turns to day as soon as building starts.
    2-Mulitplayer-Not a fan, don’t see how that would make the game better, usually not fun as one player tends to be a much higher level than another.

  57. At a basic level the minimum you need to be aiming for is feature parity with openttd.

    But overall the game itself needs to be more fun the longer you play it, the first game just ends up being a chore because the longer you play a map the more the game chugs and the management tools just aren’t‘ there to manage your company.

    Lets take an simple example I want to upgrade my bus routes with a new model but I have 1 bus route for every town. Openttd I can replace every single one with about 6-7 button clicks in your game I have to do it for every single bus line which is unbelievably tedious.

    Or how about sorting in the vehicle windows? You know sort by power, top speed, running costs, etc….

    But again we come back to openttd, your game needs at least every feature that game has.

  58. I hope the devs will learn something from Cities Skylines. In that game the modders can edit almost anything of the game so there are many and many mods that gave the game a whole new gameplay.

    That is one of the great succeses from cities skylines. It would be great when TF2 will learn form there succes.

  59. Creo que seria muy realista el que un mismo convoy pudiese alternar distintas locomotoras, por ejemplo que un convoy llegue a un apartadero con una locomotora de tracción eléctrica esta se desacople y que se acople un tractor diésel para acceder a las terminales, ya sean portuarias, de clasificación, etc … Otra función podría ser la de combinar distintas lineas, ya sean electrificadas o sin electrifica; el poder cambiar las locomotoras daría una visión muy realista al juego.

  60. Great news!

    Cable cars (that hang on cables, not trams pulled by cables like in San Francisco) would be AMAZING if it’s workable. Although they’d need to hang horizontally to the ground to be in any way realistic, and not to do what Cities Skylines‘ cable cars do and hang parallel to the cable, which looks ridiculous.

    Also, the big map sizes being standard and an overhaul of the engine so that passengers do actually WANT to travel from one end of the map to the other in big map sizes.

  61. One thing I would really like to see is working containers, I mean they are everywhere in the World but no sign of them (officially, working) in Transport Fever, you could have big marshalling yards (particularly at sea ports connecting to the outside World), there will be modular stations so marshalling yards are the next step up from that, containers can be transfered train to train, train to ship, vehicle to vehicle!. A container is, essentially, a wheelless goods van, is that too hard to create in a computer game?!.

  62. I have a few suggestions for the new game.
    First, if it is possible to have trains exchange locomotive or to have the locomotive change end at the station? Although train backward driving feature exists in TpF Thank-you patch, it doesn’t work for regular trains with locomotive on only one end.

    Also, please consider the possibility of double (or even more) level elevated stations and viaducts such as Keikyū Kamata Station (京急蒲田駅 in Japanese,, or at least the double level viaducts. Also, bridges with upper road level and lower rail level would also be nice.

    At last, please consider the option of allowing building bridges with low clearance underneath (especially when above roads/rails)

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to play the new game!

    • Adding a few more…

      Please consider new track types (e.g. ballastless track, better if differences between Japanese version and European version is stressed)

      Also I would say that different types of catenary posts for different types of tracks and LONGER distance between the posts is also favorable (The current ones in TpF and in the trailer of TpF2 is just a bit too crude. I guess longer distance between posts also means that there are less objects need to be rendered, which could help improving the graphics performance)

      And please consider the possibility of introducing new road types (highways!!). Another good feature to have is allowing roads to cross at a sharper angle, which would be very helpful when building interchanges.

  63. Erstmal danke an euch für die Spiele bisher und die Freude auf das neue Spiel. Was ich mir wünsche für das neue Spiel wäre:

    1) Fahrgäste sollten in der Stadt auf verschiedene Fahrzeuge des ÖPNV ausweichen bzw. nutzen können von Bus, Tram über S-Bahn/U-Bahn um zum Ziel zu kommen bzw. zum Fernverkehr/Flughafen
    2) Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen für Streckenabschnitte einstellen/festlegen (z.b. eine Nebenbahn darf nur mit 50km/h befahren werden)
    3) Bahnsteiglängen variabel je Gleis (z.b. Gleis 1 hat eine Länge von 80m aber Gleis 2 von 160m und Gleis 3 von 240m)
    4) Neue Bahnhöfe z.b. ein Mittelbahnsteig zwischen 2 Gleisen wo der Ausgang über ein Tunnel oder Überführung ist oder Außenbahnsteige wo Durchgangsgleise enthalten sind.
    5) Doppelstocksteuerwagen passend zu den Doppelstockwagen mit der Möglichkeit eine E-Lok/Diesellok zu koppeln

  64. Would it be possible to add streets with specialised tram lanes/road in the middle, like in a lot of European cities? This would make trams more useful as a quicker way to transport people around the city (without traffic), as well as being more visually appealing.

    Also, trolleybuses would be a great addition too!

    • Another two quick things:
      – A greater variation in vanilla station would not go amiss and
      – those weird side roads in TF1 that don’t look like the other roads (pavement, etc.) really get on my nerves, they simply ruin the ‚bustling city‘ look and I have to go round upgrading each one to a squished standard road.

  65. Hallo!

    Ursprünglich wollte ich hier einen längeren Text hinterlassen (falls überhaupt möglich), doch würde dieser jeden Rahmen sprengen.
    Es wäre toll, wenn längere Kommentare nur zum Teil angezeigt würden und man diese dann auf ganze Größe aufklappen könnte. Das würde zu einer kürzeren Seite führen.

    Jetzt aber mein Kurz-Feedback zu Transport Fever 2:

    Der Trailer zeigt viele sehr schöne Sachen wie:
    Ausgeprägte Natur – neue Wassertexturen – neue Gebäude/Industrien – Modularität von Stationen – Uhren – Ampeln – Einschränkungen fürs Abbiegen von Fahrzeugen – Luftfracht – ausgeprägte Betriebsbeleuchtung – Einbahnstraßen – höheren Detailgrad – TPF-Fahrzeuge und Übersichts-Layer

    Zum Schluss noch meine Wünsche und Ideen, die bisher eher selten oder gar nicht genannt wurden:

    – Privatfahrzeuge, die Parkflächen benötigen

    – Individueller Straßentyp, dessen Eigenschaften beim Bau und Upgrade veränderbar sind (Anzahl Fahrtstreifen rechts/links, Verschiebung der Fahrbahnmitte)

    – Zusatz-Tool oder Layer zur Auswahl von Straßenkreuzungen zur Bearbeitung (Ampeln etc.)

    – Länderspezifische Spieleinstellung für im Spiel verwendete Fußgängerüberwege an Kreuzungen (Bsp. DE) oder individuelle
    Auswahl bei einzelnen Kreuzungen von Überwegtypen (wie bei Bahnübergängen)

    – Züge, die be-/entladend im Bahnhof auf die Befahrung des nächsten Streckenabschnitts warten

    – Vorkommen typischer (Straßen-)Verkehrsregeln in Spieleinstellungen (Rechtsfahrgebot, Vorfahrtsregeln…)

    – Mehr Stehplätze in Zügen/Bussen

    Ich hoffe, die ein oder andere Anregung geschafft zu haben!

  66. Transport Fever 2 is great news, love the game, good work!

    For me it really helps to change the scale of the cities versus stations. Now the station covers most of the city for most cities. I would love to add more smaller stations to a city and edit lines into the city later on. I guess more city managment as well.

    Als speed for me is an important issue. Later on in the current game everything got slower and slower, trains did not run fluid and that just takes away all the realism and fun.

    Maybe a metro system?

    Last, the city itself, I think there is a lot to gain here in terms of realism. Also outside the cities, the plains in real live are never empty, always something there.

    Hope it helps!

  67. So pleased to see traffic lights, one-way streets and turning lanes!

    Hope you have considered things like:
    1. Optional Left Hand Side driving (and road markings & vehicle versions to match) as used by so many countries.
    2. a) Trains that exist permanently (not de-spawned if stored in shed) that can be parked in sidings & yards.
    b) Engines separate from coaches/wagons, so they can be run to the other end of the train or turned on turntables.
    3. Renaming a town optionally renames all industries that use the old town name.
    4. Feature naming – eg mountains, rivers, bays, suburbs, industrial estates, etc can have names placed on the map.
    5. Persistent road names with a larger number of default names. The main road(s) through a town should keep the same
    name throughout the town. Thus default bus stop names will not keep changing on the same road.
    6. Road signs with configurable text on them. May include street names (see 5), town destination signs at junctions, etc.
    7. Roundabouts with different numbers of lanes.
    8. Manual setting or override of speed limits on road sections.
    9. Regular bus stop coverage radius should be smaller. This will allow many more useful bus stops and varied routes in towns.
    10. More feature variables for map generation. What I mean by this is don’t simply have European or American Environment,
    etc. Those of us in other parts of the world may like some environment one way, some another. The more variables that
    can be selected, the more our maps will look the way we want them.
    11. If you implement day/night, seasons and weather, please keep in mind that:
    a) Not every country’s winter has snow!
    b) Night mode can be turned off if required, as planning and building at night time would be very difficult!

    Great game already – keep making it better! Thanks…

  68. Oh, I forgot:

    12. Manually constructed airports (runways, taxiways, terminals, maintenance hangers, carparks)
    and seaports (wharves, warehouses, railway sidings, container parks, bulk loaders).
    13. Interfaces with off-map cities. Whether they can be linked to other save games or not, allow for off-map
    links for long distance passenger and goods trains, road highways, international planes, ocean liners
    and large bulk/container cargo ships.
    14. Auto placement of block signalling.

    That it, I promise!…

  69. I am a great fan of the saga, after playing „train fever“, I understood that transport fever was a completely different game since there were more than 50 very important changes that changed the game completely.
    I am very pleased that the saga will continue, but I also hope that „transport fever“ in „transport fever 2“ will also see the game changed completely and that it is at its height.
    One of the great changes that could be good for being a new game (surely you have already thought about it and maybe you have it planned, since the trailer leaves a clock that changes from minute to minute) it would be to have clock’s time with day cycle and night with all the management that this entails (not having the vehicles and drivers 24 hours, but maintaining and setting schedules with different influxes of passengers must be done)

    Kind regards, and many moods.

  70. i’d really love it if freight rail cars developed over time in the game as they did in our actual history. so it would start with just the simple boxcar, while specialized cars like tanks or hoppers would come into use at later dates.

  71. Die Landschaft, der Bauernhof mit den Feldern sieht schon wunderschön und sehr realistsich aus, freue mich drauf! Hoffentlich spiegelt sich das auch in der Kartengenerierung wieder, mit dicht besiedelten Zentren mit vielen Städten und viel Industrie und dann wieder ländliche Gebiete mit Dörfern. Das noch mit der schon oft gewünschten Möglichkeit, ein Wachstumsexzess der Dörfer irgendwie zu unterbinden. Und nicht jedes Dorf brauch auch ein Gewerbegebiet, da wird ja zu 90% eh nur geschlafen 😉 Wenn man sich noch Wasserstrassen graben kann, wären auch die Schiffe nicht mehr so oft unbrauchbar 😉 Freie Gleiswahl, zumindest dann wenn der Zug nicht an einem Bahnhof halten muss, wäre auch Wünschenswert. Und wie wärs mit Kreisverkehr? 🙂

  72. Single slips and three-way switches please!

    More options for fixed track gradients: The TpF shift-click enhancement for selecting intermediate gradients was a disappointment – it’s still impossible to determine where the gradient transition starts/ends, and it is impossible to reliably reproduce an intermediate gradient.

    Masonry bridges with fixed, even-spaced arches would be a huge cosmetic improvement.

  73. How about comfort is a factor on top of the standard speed, cost, I also head someone mention tourism so people travel further distances. I think comfort would be a very fun mechanic, so a new a350 is more comfortable than 737, is asking for a lot and I don’t even know if its a good idea, but maybe configure the amount of first class, business class and economy class seats on a plane and even be able to choose how much money you put into customer services?

    Also multiplayer is exploding on the steam discussions right now, it’s controversial, to say the least, but please make it optional and if you really want as an unpopular decision you could sell the multiplayer for 5£. My brother and a load of my friends would buy it solely for the multiplayer. A lan version would be cool too but for god’s sake make it optional and AI companies is a massive no-no from me. If you do it make it optional but I don’t really want this!

    I hope that was helpful!

  74. We should have more building types like you should bring back „Leisure“ from Train Fever, and maybe create kids for the people and add schools inside as well. I hope we have more diverse building types and a diverse aging for people.

  75. I have some suggestions which you could consider:

    – ECOCOMBI trucks or LCV (extra long trucks)
    – Traffic light configuration, that player can adjust per direction how long the light stays green.
    And if possible that lights can be connected, in order to create a green light zone/flow. So that if one a car/truck departs from a green light the adjacent lights also turn green at the moment that car arrives. Hence when the traffic flow from the previous light arrives. The next one turns green.

  76. Hi!!! So good to know about Transport Fever 2. One idea for you: it is possibble create an option for the players compiting with others companies?
    Tanks in advance for TF2!!! Good lock, i’ll be waiting!!

  77. Thank you so much – Looking forward already so much to enjoy the new game! Here is my wishlist:

    – intelligent Routing of passengers and Cargo. flexible decition of passenger which line to take (what is arriving first), but also appreciation of express lines

    – dynamic use of trainstation plattforms. at the moment I tend to provide each line a separated platform due to risc of longer traffic jams. each Train should use Maybe a preffered Standard platform, but in case of being occupied changing to another one

    – Aircraft: due to the limits of small maps, aircraft cant be used in a logically way at the moment. either really much bigger maps are needed, or a Connection to other maps is required. A Long distance aircraft can be used only for super long routes and not for a 5 mins. flight to the other edge of the map

    – more variations of travel reasons. next to work commuting or shopping should be added: studying, leisure (parks, cinema, nightlife, etc.), schools, holiday and business traveller. Also more logical: nobody goes for a shopping to other city by long distance train or Aircraft. this can be only business traveller, holiday or visiting friends

    – better local public transportation: speeding up trams with new track System (dedicated track sector in the middle of the street). at the moment there is no Differentiation in between busses and trams, just what you personally prefer more.. differentiation in catchment are of bus stops, tram stops and train stations.

    – hot spots in cities: central sight seeing spots to make a City structure more interesting

    – clustering of cities and villages (A/B/C category).

    – different Focus of each City: industrial, poor/rich, student, tourism.. simple elements to make the game more diversified

  78. Could we also have more realism for the Cars? For example it won’t just despawn when it reaches its destination it will have to park somewhere and then walk to the destination. In addition to that, maybe we could also have some outside connections so tourists can come in. One more thing, For passenger transport, maybe when some vehicle is not in use, it doesn’t just go back inside the depot and despawn, but maybe it could park itself in a yard or „Transit Centre“ with a lot of other vehicles not in use. I hope these suggestions will be added into this new version. Thanks!

  79. My wishes for the new game:

    1. cable cars, gondolas (Cities Skylines has them!) and rack-railways so we can build our very own versions of the Glacier Express, or the complex Swiss mountain transportation systems of Zermatt, or Grindelwald in the Jungfrau area (pretty please Urban Games, you guys are Swiss, after all!). There is also a large city in the Andes that uses gondolas as the main transport system – La Paz in Bolivia. This would work well some sort of tourism system.
    – related to the above: funiculars, including hybrid funiculars like the Hungerburgbahn in Innsbruck, Austria (which can travel at any inclination from 0 to above 45 degrees)
    2. an ability for trains to run in reverse and an option to disable automatic train reverse at terminus stations on a line (Mashinky has this) for those of us who want realism
    3. an ability to detach and attach locomotives or wagons to other wagons, which should incentivize players to construct marshaling yards; at the moment, no train sim game has this, but Voxel Tycoon should have this feature once it is released.
    4. an option to set timetables that can be enabled by advanced players (like in A-Train 9)
    5. ways to link different modules of modular buildings, like conveyor belts and chutes for factories of the same chain located next to another, or one below another (like in Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic); also, escalators, elevators, people movers, airport rail links to bring people from ground level to the metro stations or to move them between different terminals of a huge modular airport. Also, some airport vehicles like apron buses (for transporting people from the gate to a plane that could not be parked at a jet bridge due to congestion) .
    6. a late-game Maglev network type ( like the Chuo Shinkansen line the Japanese are currently building ).
    7. ability to set turning lanes and road priorities, like in the Cities Skylines Traffic Manager mod; this is probably a must for building roundabouts.
    8. bus lanes that actually work.

    I know for certain that Tom, our friendly Community Manager, is familiar with all of these concepts – because I am a big fan of his Youtube channel! Tom, if you are reading this, please relay the above to your team members – if these features cannot make it into the release version, then at least they are good ideas for future expansions and DLCs!

  80. Bitte optimiert die Flughäfen für eine flüssigere Abfertung der Maschinen und lasst sie irgendwie entweder durch Touristen von ausserhalb (Langstreckenflugzeuge) oder Billigflieger einen richtigen nutzen haben neben der Bahn. Ich würde es sehr gerne sehen wenn auf den Flughäfen einerseits mehr los ist und das auch alles flüssiger läuft, Bahnhöfe können ja auch auf 8 Gleise erweitert werden. Transport Fever ist eine schöne Simulation aber Flughäfen sind entweder nutzlos oder vollkommen überfüllt. Und in der realen USA beispielsweise auch ein wichtiges Transportmittel, was in Transportfever aber nicht so dicht wie die Bahn geplant werden.

    Zudem wäre es sehr schön wenn um Städte herum kleinere Städte existieren würden um eine art Monopolregion mit einem dichten Transport Netz für Mensch und Waren aufzubauen, diese Monopolregionen müssten dann etwas auseinander liegen damit Hochgeschwindigkeitsverbindungen zwischen ebendiesen einen richtigen Nutzen haben und eine bessere einbindung von Regionalzügen erlaubt. Eventuell könnte die Industrie ja auch um diese Metropolregionen konzentrieren statt einfach wild über die Karte verteilt zu werden.

  81. Another wish I would love is the ability to be frozen in time. For example being able to play in the 1950s forever. The current mechanism in TF1 only gives a short time period to play in the steam era which I think is a bit disappointing.

    • I agree with what you are saying, but the problem is does your transport system continue to grow while the game time is frozen, what about the yearly profits and the profits from each line (if the years aren’t advancing), if you want to advance time does time just continue forward from the frozen year or does it jump forward a number of years reflectling the progress of the game?!.

  82. The one thing I wish TF1 allowed was to state which resources could travel on each leg of the journey rather than just setting it for all legs (alternatively set multiple options for all legs of the journey). It’s so frustrating when your complicated freight routes start taking the wrong things in nonsensical directions and it’s hugely inelegant to have separate trains for each leg of a route.

    Can’t wait for TF2!

  83. I’d love to see inter-map travel, especially for harbours and airports.
    Also I’d love to see the possibiliy between 1st,2nd and 3rd classes, or the possibility to make that difference. I think it’d work with the sims from high-prized grounds/office buildings preferring first class.
    Realistic pricing of electrification.
    and finally realistic turnaround: in the steam era you’d need a turntable or shunting yard connected to the station. It’d give an edge to multiple unit trains, and trains with driving coaches, beeing able to go the opposite direction without turning around as in TP1.

  84. Mich würde einmal interessieren, wie die Modding Möglichkeiten aussehen (und ich rede nicht von Modelling, sondern tatsächlich Modifikationen .. Skripte etc.)
    Was mir bisher gefehlt hat, war halt die Möglichkeit neue Carrier zu definieren. Die Berliner S-Bahn hat im Gegensatz zur Münchner S-Bahn z.B. den Stromnehmer unten und nicht oben. Der Transrapid konnte nicht zufriedenstellend implementiert werden, da er eine ganz eigene Schiene nutzt. Und wer weiß, was sich findige Modder für futuristische Transportmittel ausdenken könnten, wenn neue Transportwege durch Modding implementiert werden könnten.

    Ein weiteres Wunsch-Feature wären Trigger, um z.B. bei einer Lok ein Display zu ermöglichen, die bestimmte Anzeigen dynamisch anzeigt (Endhaltestelle, die wechselt, wenn der Zug zurückfährt, oder nächste Haltestelle anzeigt oder was auch immer).

    Auch wenn der Rangierverkehr irgendwie umgesetzt werden könnte, wäre das super! Momentan kann man zwar das Rangieren emulieren, aber z.B. nicht die Lok von den Waggons trennen und später wieder (neu/anders) zusammensetzen.

  85. Change this transport game into another city builder. People will choose this builder over Cities Skylines. Maybe it will even force Paradox to get off their arse and fix their performance issues.

    I am sick to death of Cities Skylines and the long load times on a high-end machine. Transport Fever had performance down packed.

    • Thats total bullsh*t because you can’t compare those 2 games.
      Cities Skylines does not have performance issues, its just way to complex for your machine. The same happens in Transport Fever when connecting all cities & carrying all types of transport over a big or experimental size map

  86. Seeing how much I love Transport Fever – the few improvements that I would like to see in TF2 would be:
    1. Dynamic Weather and Seasons – weather impacts route speeds.
    2. AI Competitors
    3. Random Events – realistic events, (not zombie/alien invasions) – ie breakdowns after/near lifespan of vehicles/Strikes/Fluctuating Economies/weather events/sporting events
    4 Micro Managing Costs and Fares – Lowering maintenance costs can result in rail/road/runway deterioration, truck/engine/ship/plane breakdown, Fare rates impact route demand.
    5. More dynamic cities – rather than simply RCI, having city specializations unlockable ie, stadiums, museums, universities, zoos, amusement parks based on fulfilling city needs.
    6. Pedestrian Walkways / Overpasses

  87. I would like to request trolleybusses in the up coming game. I really missed this in transport fever 1. If your looking for examples (picture’s) than I am happy to provide.

    Thanks 🙂

  88. First of all I am a huge fan and I am completely excited for the release of this game. I can see that much of your fanbase has flooded the forum with brilliant ideas and suggestions so let me just introduce one game mechanic that I believe would make life easier for everyone.

    When placing down a road or a railway the game acts much in the way as games like city skylines and sim city, in the sense that the player selects a point A and a point B and the rail/road gets filled in between. The player may move point B to adjust the direction of the road/rail and this works out amazing in your game especially when working with intersections and junctions. But might I suggest taking inspiration form a game known as Railway Empire in which aside from the usual A to B connection mechanic for placing down rail, the player also has the freedom to move and deform the rail/road at other points in between A and B.

    This system was implemented into Railway Empire as follows:
    The player would select their A and B points as usual, however before confirming and building the rail/road the player could hold shift and select a 3rd point between A and B this 3rd point could then be moved up or down to change elevation or even sideways to slightly adjust curve or even implement new curves all together. The game would allow for as many of these 3rd points along the road/rail as the player needed which would in turn allow the player to theoretically place their A and B points at each station and then only modify the in between area for one long continuous build as oppose to setting out the road/rail in sections that slowly inch towards the final destination.

    The way it worked in Railway Empire was quite brilliant and allowed the player to tinker and play with the full length of the rail lines to their optimum positions before placing them. This was the greatest benefit of the entire system as there was no more guessing that had to be done for how much slope a piece of track was allowed at a certain point. One could simply place a rail through a hill or mountain and then adjust it to include either a minimum amount of earthworks, deeper tunnel or a curve that bypasses the obstacle all together and then continues on the exact same trajectory as the before. While the game allowed for more design freedom before placing down an expensive rail line, I believe a merger of your system with theirs would serve your game best. I urge your team to at least consider this possibility as I believe it would eliminate a lot of building, deleting and rebuilding of unwanted rail placement.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful game and I look forward to pre-ordering your game as soon as I can.

  89. One of my biggest desire for a new version would be a more realistic logic for freight train logistics. The „unloading and loading“ behavior fits passenger trains, but not really freight trains. Freight trains usually are decomposed and recomposed at depots, but the cargo remains with the cars.
    As an inspiration, maybe this (German) movie:

  90. I am 71 years old and have nothing but admiration for the team responsible for this simulation. No longer do I need to spend thousands of my UK Pounds and a large percentage of my limited remaining years slowly building a model railway in my attic, instead I can do it easily from the comfort of my computer chair. No other ‚Game ‚has ever taken up so much of my time (well on the way to 2,000 hours!).

    Improvements -well there will always be a wish list but my priorities would be (in order of priority).

    1. Let passengers get on the first train which goes to their destination. Sometimes I want to plan two versions of a line , one stopping at all stations and one with limited stops, or perhaps two lines covering the busiest section of the route but then each going a different way to separate, less busy destinations.

    2. Some kind of priority system between train lines. I would suggest that when setting up a line the ’stopping time at the station platform could optionally be specified as fixed variable. Thus could be used to ensure that a faster train on a different platform would be able to get away before the ’slower‘ train pulls away. Alternatively a simple numeric priority system (e.g. 1-5) could be allocated to each line which would allow a more complicated algorithm to be coded. This would also reduce the chances of a slow goods train pulling out in front of a passenger express on a shared stretch of line.

    3. Visual feedback on point heights when track laying please (Numeric or colour coded. ) When laying track it is very difficult to get a level line for point work. When a track is leveled out after a sloped section it tends to overshoot so that the track has a dip or a rise before continuing level. This may be very realistic but makes point-work very unpredictable. In the real world we could use a spirit level – we need an electronic equivalent please.

    4. Lower bridge heights

    5. Indication of passenger number being carried when in first person/POV mode. More interesting game experience,

    6. More options during play to switch off certain processor intensive options to keep a reasonable frame rate in the advance stages. My 12 month old Games machine (Omen i5-7400 with 16Gb ram, NVIDIA GTX 1060 3Gb) crawls in the later stages of the game and it is too soon to update it.

    7. This one will make me unpopular but we all have different priorities. – I vote against introducing multiplayer

  91. Am Ende steht und fällt eh alles mit 1) der Performance und 2) der größe der Maps. Selbst „Größenwahnsinnig“ in TF1 war eigentlich schon zu klein… und die Performance im späteren Spiel ließ dann auch auf Oberklasse-PC´s sehr zu wünschen übrig.

    Nicht falsch verstehen, TF1 ist trotzdem eines meiner Lieblingsspiele, aber wenn man nun die nächste Generation einläutet, müssen solche Sachen besser umgesetzt werden :o)

  92. A couple things I would love to see in TF2 (or am even missing in TF1):

    -The abillity to fix routes. Now all vehicles go for the shortest route possible, however in fast growing cities the shortest route isn’t Always the fastest route.

    -Grouping lines. Especially setting up the auto replacements can be a pain. Even more when you have a lot of cargo routes set up, because you have to pick a vehicle and the specific cargo for each route. Imagine playing on a large map with more than 8 of each industry. If you can group them and pick the same replacement vehicle for the whole group it suddenly goes way faster and isn’t a painful chore anymore.

    -Running trains in reverse. Right now when a train hits the end of the line (when it isn’t a loop of course) they magically turn around in a split second.

    -Events. When you have a holliday or when there is a special event (like a big concert or sports game) people tend to use the public transport more. It would be a fun extra challenge if this happens in the game too.

    -See through the eyes of the travelers in pretty much the same way as Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 does would really help being entertained when you’re at a point in the game that you can’t really do much (because you either need to save money or am waiting for new vehicles to be released).

    -Being able to look around when looking through the cockpit (bonus points if you can actually see the cockpit this time around)

    -Day and night cycle, because some stuff looks cooler at night

    -Way more variety in stations and stops. Now I don’t expect to have like 50 different train stations, but right now there is no variety at all (unless you download mods)

    -A bigger impact on cities. It would be cool to see that cities respond more to your choices. For example based on what kinda goods you mainly transport.

  93. Ich würde mir sehr wünschen, wenn man für die einzelnen Strecken / Streckenabschnitte die Fahrtkosten der Passagiere selbst einstellen kann, beispielsweise im Schwierigkeitsgrad „Schwer“ oder noch besser, man hat die Wahl ob man dies möchte. Ich fand es bei Transport Fever immer extrem schade, dass manche ICE-Strecken nicht benutzt wurden. Gern hätte ich den Preis manuell heruntergestellt oder umgekehrt bei gut laufenden Strecken erhöht. Dieses Feature wäre super! 🙂

  94. I’m very happy that we will be able to build highways between cities. I wish we could go deeper with toll booths, and rest stops from which we could make a profit with. This would be really awesome and add more exciting gameplay elements!

  95. One thing I would really like is to be able to put different logos on different lines. In the same way I can edit color of the vehicles different on entire lines.
    I want one of my goodslines to represent GreenCargo (Sweden) and a regional passagerline represent SJ (Swedish railway).

    Thanks for a great game!

  96. 1) When people are waiting for bus, tram or train, I think that it will possible that they take the first one going in their direction like real people make in real life.
    2) I would like larger city, when the population grow and not all the population concentrated in de city center

  97. I would like to have the option to create ferry routes which makes it possible to connect road networks on islands or over fjords together without making expencive and very long bridges. Also railway ferries would be nice to implement, but most of all car ferries. When Settlers was able to implement ferry routes back in the early 90’ies, for sure it will not be a problem for the developers of Transport fever 2.

  98. I’m well aware that I might be the only one…

    But I want full, realistic rolling-stock management. I want to manage MYs. I want my freight trains to collect fully loaded trucks that have been loaded and then composed into a train by shunters. I want to design my MYs and script my shunting, for both freight and passenger trains.

    Yes folks train consists are far too easy to manage in TF. In TF2 I’d like them to be way more complex. Sorry.

  99. Von mir gewünschte Features wären:
    – Die Industrien sollten keine extra LKW Terminals, Güterbahnhöfe etc. mehr benötigen, sondern diese Einheiten sollten als Module an die Industrien anbaubar sein.
    – Es wäre schön, random-quests in das Spiel einzubauen á la: Sägewerk XYZ zahlt Ihnen 100.000€ extra wenn sie innerhalb eines Zeitraums x-Einheiten Baumstämme liefern o.ä.
    -Bahnhöfe sollten als modularen Bestandteil Bus- und Tramhaltestellen erhalten, Busbahnhöfe, Flug-und Schiffshäfen sollten Zug- und Tramhaltestellen anbaubar machen etc. Nicht für alles ein extra Gebäude errichten.
    -Im Linienmanager sollten sich Linien gruppierbar machen, was einerseits die Übersicht erleichtern würde, andererseits auch den Fahrzeugaustausch (dann könnte ich z.B. alle Fahrzeuge aller Buslinien, die ich in einer Gruppe habe, gleichzeitig ersetzen etc.)
    -Fahrpläne der Linien, um z.B. Verstärkerfahrten bei LKW-Verkehren und Zuglinien zu haben etc. und das Fahrzeuge gewisser Linien auf die Ankünfte anderer Linien warten könnten etc.
    -Linienpriorisierung: Das bedeutet, dass z.B. bei Zügen eine Linie auf einer Strecke höhrere Priorität hat, als eine andere: Wenn ein Zug einer Linie niedrigerer Priorität im Bahnhof hält und ein Zug einer Linie höherer Priorität würde den Gleisabschnitt befahren, dann müsste der Zug der niedrigerpriorisierten Linie solange warten, bis der andere Zug durchgefahren ist. (Ich hoffe, man versteht, was ich meine).
    -Zufallsereignisse wie Bäume auf der Straße/Schiene, Stürme (Flug- und Schiffsverkehr), Unfälle, Schäden, Streiks….hach da ließe sich viel machen, würde aber auch etwas mehr ins Mikromanagement gehen. Keine Ahnung, ob das der Plan bei einem solchen Spiel ist. Wohl eher nicht.

  100. Und eines noch vergessen:
    Ein Feature, welches verlangt, dass man für jedes Fahrzeg, das man kauft, Stellfläche vorhalten muss.
    Also Parkplätze für Busse, Abstellgleise für Züge etc.
    Bislang kommen die Fahrzeuge ja aus dem Nichts, was nicht sehr realistisch ist.

  101. Please add basic zoning so I can encourage AI to build residential/commercial/industrial in certain areas and also to discourage building in certain areas.

    Many real life train systems consist of a metropolis, various major towns, smaller towns, and even villages. Without zoning it is hard to replicate this variety in TF other than by deliberating starving some stations. TF cities all tend to grow at a similar pace and to achieve similar sizes at any given time.

    This could also be extended to industries – one area might be suitable for agriculture while another area might be more suited to coal mines.

    Also, in TF, it seems hard to create mods for new industries and chains of industries without bugs. Hopefully this can be made much easier for modders.

    And of course there needs to be an option to run around when reversing a train, optionally turning at a wye or turntable en route!

  102. Hallo liebes Entwicklerteam.
    Eure spiele sind echt klasse und die stetige Weiterentwicklung von TF1 fand ich sehr gut weil dadurch alle Kritikpunkte die ich an dem Spiel hatte verbessert wurden. (z.b. Lienienführung am Bus/Trambahnhof usw.)

    Für TF2 würde ich mir sehr wünschen dass die Abstände zwischen den Städten größer werden oder im Vorfeld ein Mindestabstand einstellbar ist.
    Durch einen größeren Abstand würde die Streckenführung der Gleise viel wichtiger werden.

    LG der Silwar

  103. I find that in the first game placing Train Tracks takes so much time its pain full. I would like or wonder if there is going to be a selectable amount of track. IE place a dual line or 1-8 lines in one go. kind of like the road situation you can pick single track all the way up to a 6 lane motorway.

    120 hours + playing the first game. The second one i plan to double that excited. Ps will happily try it out early for you 🙂

  104. Let’s do a multiplayer coop mode 🙂
    Two people can build on the same map. So for example one can build infrastructure while the other is managing transportation routes.

    Speaking of building infrastructure.
    How about a „develope“ mode where you can lay down and plan your infrastructure and get a total cost but without building it yet.

    This allows to plan a bigger project for example tunneling and once you’ve got the money you can start to „build“ phase by phase.

    Kthxbye 🙂

  105. First of all, thanks for making this game, this is my favorite game of all time.

    I’d like to share my wishes, I hope you will implement some of them:

    1.) When passengers are waiting for a vehicle to go to somewhere, they shouldn’t wait just for a specific Line, just, just choose the vehicle which arrives the earliest to go to their destinaiton. I mean, if there is Tram Line 1, and Tram Line 2 and both go to the same direction, passengers should go by both (which lane’s vehicle arrives earlier), and don’t wait for the another one.

    2.) Trolleybuses and underground systems – I think the game would be more fun with these.

  106. Hi.
    I really like the game and I want to collaborate selflessly in what I can.
    The game is called „TRANSPORTATION“ Fever, so it’s about transporting things.
    It would be fun to reflect the complexity of the real world. For that, it is necessary to generate a network of connections between different factories, farms and mines that are found in most cities.

    Create a diagram of psoble connections and the creation of 3 elements in the cities that distribute These merchandise, (Stores, Markets and Warehouse). I would like to be able to send you the diagram to a mail

    I’m sorry for my regular English. I hope you are interested in the idea.
    Friendly greetings.

  107. I would love to see British environments, the birthplace of railways. Victorian style station buildings, level crossings, signal boxes, platelayers huts and sloped platform ends. I would also like to see vehicles that drive on the left and also would like to see trolley buses.

  108. Sieht alles super aus.

    Wie ist das mit den Mods aus TransportFever 1 aus? Können die mit genommen werden?
    Und gibt’s im Gleisbau gegenüber TF1 Änderungen neue Bau Möglichkeiten?

  109. I’ve not read every single post here, so forgive me if this has been mentioned/discussed. As a train/railroad fan who loses interest once the steam era ends, I’d like TpF2 to allow us a user-set year (or menu of year choices) when all technological advancement ceases so that we can, if we so choose, build transport networks that, once it reaches the selected year, run forever (unless the player changes date) from that point with no further advancements to dress, structures, vehicles, etc. Towns still grow, along with transport/industrial/commercial needs. TpF allows this to some extent via mods. (The No End-Year series, Time Warp, and of course vehicles/assets from periods past…) But it’s by no means a perfect solution. In any case I’d like a decent selection of dates in which to set my TpF2 transport network. Surely there are others with at least a passing interest in creating historic-themed maps?

  110. Für etwas realisitschere Darstellung wäre es cool, wenn in der freien Landschaft Schienen und Straßen nicht direkt aufs platte Land gebaut würden, sondern mit einem Unterbau versehen wären. Also ein Bahndamm oder eine Aufschüttung für die Straße.

  111. I haven’t read through all 200 comments here, so I don’t know if this has been asked. One of my favorite periods of Transport Tycoon Deluxe is when the game time went past year 2000 and futuristic vehicles started to debut. I loved using monorail and maglev networks. The futuristic buses, planes, and ships were a lot of fun to play with, too. It was rounded out with city infrastructure and buildings spawning as futuristic structures. Could we please see a future era in TF2 as well? I would love it.

  112. I loved the first transport fever. It was a lot of fun especially with the modding support.

    For transport fever 2, I hope to see cargo planes, larger airports as well as cargo airports.
    It would be a cool touch to add an effect of sparks coming from trains on tight curves or passing through switch tracks

  113. A few of things that I would like to be added/Changed are.
    1) Electric trains and track should be more expensive to buy, but less expensive to run so that switching to electric is more of a long term investment.
    2) More Steam trains and coaches between 1910-1935 such as GWR star/Castle or Saint/Hall for Express or LMS 3f Tank for light freight and slow passenger services and GCR 8k for heavy freight or similar locos.
    3)High capacity Commuter trains for 1980-2018 such as Br class 319 emu or 166 Dmu or metro trains like London underground S-stock, Crossrail class 345 or other similar units to allow for commuter services for late game.
    4) Raised or lowered track for stations (With entrance/Exit still at ground level) Such as Ladbrook grove in London (Raised) or Stratford international (lowered)

  114. It was really frustrating that passengers and cargo would stop traveling after a certain distance. The cutoff distance was pretty long, needing a huge or megalomania map to reach it, but it was especially an issue with long express train routes that spanned the map, and long airplane routes. PLEASE consider allowing passengers and cargo to travel any distance available. I’d like to see people have three places to travel to, the way it was in Train Fever: Work, Retail, and Leisure. Perhaps when people spawn and need to find places to work, they can have a distance limit (realistic to real world) but for shopping there should be a longer distance, and tourism there should be no limit at all (perhaps even a minimum distance limit to prevent them from using their own town for leisure). I crave being able to create long express trains that span for miles and take full advantage of their fast speeds. Thank you.

  115. The ability to filter in your depots on cargo with multiple cargo selection (e.g. show only wagons that haul „Grain“ + „Goods“) and a filter and/or sorter for max.speeds (eg. show only wagons that can go at least 140kmh).

    With the large number of vehicles in your depots due to the great work of modders it would be great to be able to filter to show only items that are up to the specs you seek.

  116. TF 2 looks good but wondering if you will include more USA Busses, specifically Greyhound type buses to go between the citiies on long distance trips. TF 1 only had the Twin Coach and Fishbowl bus which are for inner city transit, no long distance busses. I tried talking with some of your mod makers and it’s FUTILE asking them. Yes there are a lot of Charter Style busses but no Greyhound or Trailways, or any kind of long distance busses.

    I gave up on TF 1 and deleted the game because of this.

  117. I’m very excited and waiting impatiently for the game 🙂

    My biggest worry is too much of micromanagement necessity – I hope there will be enough options to set things globally which, especially at later stage of the game, will save a lot of time and allow us to focus on the network planning/optimization.

    As for the wishes, it’d be nice to have a freedom to plan railways in details, including switches, lights, bridges, etc. I like to create complex networks, optimize/rebuild them from time to time and then observe how everything runs. Kind of like a computer version of PIKO model trains 🙂 Maybe you could even introduce a mode where one assumes control over switches and lights of a station, just to recreate the feeling of a PIKO model train play? That’d be great fun 🙂

    And another idea that I’ve just seen on the steam forum is particularly interesting – to build a depo, design a blueprint (be it a road or a train track) and then wait until people/vehicles build it over time. Also the necessity to close one track for its upgrade sounds interesting. That’d give extra realism but I’m not sure whether those ideas will fit with the gameplay and the game mechanics planned.

    Anyway, I trust that you will make a great transport game! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  118. Transport Tycoon has always been my favourite game ever – I’d love the feature to build your HQ (which would develop as your company grows) as well as being able to customise your logos, colour, name and face!

  119. I thought a function that allows for small alterations to lines. For example, you could have one full passenger line but tell each train how to handle it independently. This could be a way for trains to skip low demand stops to address points of high demand, or just create an express service on the go. I thought of this when a line got backed up and all my trains were bunched up, it would have made sense to be able to have a train skip several stops to get ahead on the line.

  120. I must say I love both Train Fever and Transport Fever. Ours of playing and building has been done, and I still go back after some week to play more. So these „wishes“ are ment to be read as a „the ultimate dream of the perfect transport game“:

    1. Some type of route with time schedule (named many times here), but maybe were the game calculate the traveltime, and have an „ETA“ autogenerated for each station on the route, but where we manually choose for how long the train shall wait at every station. Everything from 30 seconds to f.eks. 20 minutes? And if the train is running late due to heavy traffic on the tracks or something, it will leave at scheduled time, if, for an example, it arrives 3 minutes late at a station where it’s supposed to wait 10 minutes, it will stay for 3 minutes, and the leave. This is just a thought. And a dream!

    2. „Front view / cab view“ – was an awesome feature in last game. But could we get more info on the screen when choosing the front view? Last game we could see what was the next station, the speed and what line it is. What about how many passenger there is on the train? Maybe wich platform will it stop at the next station? And have a message saying „waiting for free path“ also in front view? Then we know why the train may slow down (not because of wrong tracks or other wrong track laying). All this would be awesome

    3. Signaling: Not only red or green, but also yellow lights(!) (oh please please please). This could also be used as a way for a fast train/route to „overtake“ where two tracks come together as one track, since maybe a slower train/route will have the „signal distance“ to go shorter than a fast train. Example: Speedtrain at a speed of 200 km/h will have „signal distance“ of 2 km, while a train at a speed of 100 km will have a signal distance of 1 km. And where both are on same direction but on different tracks, that finally will merge to one, the slower train may have to stop to let the fast train pass.

    4. More customization to the stations. Length and hight of the platforms. Automatic plates with the name of the station, and even platform numbers. This will add SO much to the game. And (I know time schedule on screens will be hard) a station screen showing wich routes that stops at station, and at wich platform!! Ah that would be mmmmm so great!! 🙂

    Best wishes for the new game! 🙂

  121. I don’t know if it has been suggested already, but I would like to see some real world track logic in the game. Small example being the warning whistle when trains approach road crossings. Also better functionality for freight shunting/reversing operations. One thing in the first game that annoyed me was to set up a small operation to move Stone to a larger yard, have the diesel unit pushing 2 gondolas, expecting the unit to just pull them back up the mountain, only to have some invisible turntable reverse the whole train.

  122. Been excited for this since the announcement!

    I don’t know if you’re still taking suggestions, but in case you are:
    –Desert palms (California Fan, Mazari, Date) in the Desert/Arid theme
    –Hardy palms (Chinese Windmill, Needle) in the Moderate theme
    –Adjustable speed limits, with caps depending on road type
    –One-lane roads where people have to slow down to pass, which would be some of the original roads on maps
    –Asymmetrical roads that could be used for truck climbing lanes, turning lanes, etc.
    –Road names
    –Passenger shortcuts
    –Bikes, which would operate on large paved shoulders first, sidewalks second and the road surface third
    –Small number of jobs at industries, so you’d have to deal with workers traveling to/from even rural areas

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  124. How about your missions, which are just really bad tutorials, explain how you are actually supposed to do stuff. Place a headquarters? Where and how, you don’t explain it and I don’t have a clue where to look. The more I play the game the more pissed off and frustrated I become.

  125. The ability to set maintenance levels by line, so that all vehicles on a given line automatically adhere to the same maintenance standard.
    A button to easily switch between station and vehicle management for a given line.
    Making both freight and passenger lines visible in the same window and selectable by clicking on the same icon (for route setting and viewing).
    Solid mechanical use for headquarters.
    Some way to visualize the friction force that carriages have so that we can actually make use of the Power rating on locomotives (power = force * speed, unless we know how much force the engine needs to exert, we can’t make use of this number)
    Going downhill should increase top speed for vehicles restricted by their power rating/loading.

  126. The issue I have encountered is that there is no way to upgrade train tracks to high speed or electric ones. The game offers this option for the normal road but not for the tracks. Unless I am missing something, that is a bug/uncomplete feature in the game. Furthermore, sticking to the timeline of real vehicle development is fine, however, using a particular type of vehicle could add acceleration to that development and allow for faster development. This would make the game more interactive and dependant on your playstyle.

  127. I would like to have:
    * Save modular stations layouts. I want to have all the stations to look the same. By having ‚presets‘ saved, I can do it easily.
    * Attention notifications. More information is needed. Sometimes we got the problem but can’t figure out where it is. Not just an overview. More details are welcome.
    * ‚Could not connect stations‘ fix tool more intelligent or propose solutions.
    * Alternative terminals. If a train is arriving and the terminal is not empty, automatically switch to another one empty.
    * Complex stations (bus/train/ship/air and all their combinations). I love to have the ‚bus terminal‘ inside the ‚train terminal,‘ for example. One mod in TF1 has such thing.
    * More graphics customization. I don’t like to see some animations. For example, the construction one. Just for the slow computers.

  128. I got the game today after looking forward to it for a long time. In general, it looks a lot like Transport Fever. It even seems to have the same vehicles in America. I would have expected a little more to change.

  129. I am now playing the ERA II Mission-1 and the Mission „RUNNING A FLIGHT SCHOOL“

    First, in the mission, it says „complete the flights with 100 peaople“ but in the small bar, it says „1/25“.

    I have build rail station and bus stops in Reims, and transported hundreds of people from Le Mans and Paris by train; and husndreds from Reims and Paris by bus.

    Nothing worked. Still it says „1/25“ and actually, i have no idea about what i did for that 1 person.

  130. Ich spiele unheimlich gerne tpf2, den Vorgänger habe ich schon sehr geliebt, aber leider habt ihr diese unsägliche Kollisionsabfrage immer noch nicht in den Griff bekommen, die das Bauen an Stellen verwehrt wo überhaupt nichts stört, vor allem was Weichen betrifft. Ich wünschte das wäre modbar, damit dieser Unsinn endlich aufhört und man wirklich frei bauen kann.

  131. Micromanagement issues, as mentioned many times above. Need to be able to set certain management options once and then either forget them or be able to apply them to an entire line or district or even globally. Minimize needless repetition.

    And most importantly–where are the METROS? How is it even possible to contemplate a sim like this without proper underground rail?

  132. Hi ! I’d like to create custom maps with rivers. The probem is that it’s impossible to create rivers at several heights. So some real rivers are impossible to cover with water when other seems more like a lake… Another nice feature could be the creation of markers on google earth (or another software) that we could import in TF2 in order to place roads, towns, … Thank you for this great game !

    • With all the comments I’ll keep this short and sweet. With the latest update With vulkan support, could you enable Ray tracing? The app has support, my rtx 2060 is running at 95% with cpu only 25-35%.


  133. Would it be possible to modify where the platforms sit as they are way too low down and too far from the tracks that it looks far too unrealistic for a train platform everything else is great about the game but the platforms when I’m a huge fan of trains really bugs me

  134. after a while in free play i noticed that on my headquarters under inventory my Real estate is valued at 687 Mil and keeps drooping. My vehicles are valued at 15 Mil and stays at that. think you might have reversed those numbers.

    also have another idea since i have noticed that not everyone is happy with the 2 demands pr. town since it from my point of view makes the game easier. would it be possible to make a option when you create a map from random get to put on how many demands you want pr. town. the more the higher the difficulty. and have a max growth of 200% from cargo demands IE. 2 cargo demands would be 100% pr cargo demand and 3 66% pr. cargo demand and so on? perhaps the production of factory and so on need to scale with the increased demand

    would also love some station combinations

    love the game BTW.

  135. I can’t find an answer on the forums for this (indeed I’m not sure how to phrase it for google) is there a way to have cargo that goes from factories to stations sort to platforms in different ways? I have a factory that is absolutely able to supply enough cargo, but it keeps splitting the cargo evenly, putting on the full bays with the same priority as the empty bay, where it gets discarded. There is definitely enough demand for the cargo on the line with the empty platform, it disappears the moment it spawns on the platform. Before I put the new lines in (the ones filling up) the other line was emptying it with 10 vehicles picking up, now there’s only 8 and they can’t get enough cargo. Is there any way to tell the factory to prioritize a specific line?

  136. Greetings Urban Games. I come to you with an idea that comes from a frustration I’ve had with the game. Notably, it’s the vehicle replacement feature that changes with time slowing down. In Transport Fever 1, the game went by too quickly, so I got the slow 4x mod to watch my trains go through the ages, and age slowly to a point where they would realistically need to be replaced, (as they all had 30+ year lifespans, so it realistically simulated using locomotives for a while.) With the new game, each engine gets a lifespan of 4 years or so at 4x slower time, leaving me constantly replacing vehicles on my routes where I would otherwise just like to build and watch the trains (and work on my network of course), without worrying about them instantly crumbling to rust in a matter of hours. I think if you guys changed anything, it would be that the vehicles should age at exactly the same rate, not by the hour, but by the year regardless of what time is set in the game. I really hate the micromanagement of replacing entire trains, but I love the game and I really wanted to leave this bit of feedback.

  137. 1. Economy must be improved
    2. Each city must require all materials depending on city zones and city growth
    3. Not all cities must have all zones, in reality there is cities without industry but with strong tourism.
    4. If city have an industrial zone, Factories should be a part of the city and not placed all around map (it’s not real)
    5. Raw resources can be placed as they are today in TF2, but factories should be a part of the industrial zone of the city.
    6. Factories must require workers
    7. Raw Resources areas should also require workers
    8. Each city must trade goods with another cities (economy) – some city can produce construction materials and cars, other city will produce Food and Clothes.
    9. Add post mail transport between cities. As reward more tourism visits can be engaged by AI
    10. Introduce new Touristic zones with special buildings that city wants to build at some point, but require a goods to actually build them
    11. Add more Factories especially as time is passing: Car factory, HI-Tech factory that can actually have an impact on world itself.
    12. Factories doesn’t necessarily have to be used to gain money, they can also be used as resources for player to build new roads or tracks. Example: 1km of road is 100 concrete from Factory.
    13. City can’t grow without incoming goods and raw construction materials.
    14. City growth must be affected by raw materials and goods transferred to it.
    15. Each new building in city should demand materials to be built
    16. Skyscraper buildings can only be built if demanded materials are delivered (later game)
    17. There must be a vehicle (train, planes etc..) time schedule to get more realism in game
    18. Timetable should get rid of boring and repetitive A->B->C->D and back travels
    19. Two locomotives should gain more power than single one
    20. AI cars traffic must be improved to not have insane traffic jam
    21. Introduce much larger maps than it’s now to support large towns and town districts (zones), bus lanes, multiple train stations between districts.
    22. More visual types of train stations, both as cargo and passenger
    23. Underground stations
    24. Fuel demand should really be calculated on number of diesel trains, cars, ships, planes or factories in city to make sense of it.

  138. 25. Game Modders support: add support of creating special building with
    – type definition (Factory, Tourism building, Raw resource etc..)
    – type of good produced by this building (Goods, Money, Tourism attraction, etc..)
    – resource needed for this building (workers, goods, AI tourists, etc)
    26. Each train station, large bus station, Airfield must require workers
    27. Don’t stop evolution after 2000’s
    28. Add futuristic vehicles, buildings and demands of goods for them from new factories that will come up as time is passing.
    29. Keep a good work
    30. Be more communicative

    Love ya all, cheers

  139. Hi!

    First of all thank you so much for this wonderful game! Just a little idea of mine, guess it could be already mentioned before.

    I think it would be great if we would be able to save a custom mod presets, instead of turning on/off mods we want to use at every time the game starts. For example, we could have a French mod preset, with french only mods for more realism (french trains, cars, city names, etc). We could save it, edit it, load it and play it whenever we want.

    Thanks again! All the best!

  140. One pet hate of mine is that frequency of a line is not in game-time. What do I do with ‚9 min‘ frequency? Is that once a year? Twice? There’s no way to relate it to anything when trying to get manufacturing lines synced up.

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