Transport Fever 2 begeistert weltweit mehr als eine Million Spieler

Wir sind überwältigt, euch heute mitteilen zu können, dass die Transport Fever 2-Community auf über eine Million Spieler gewachsen ist. Einige von euch sind bereits seit den Anfangszeiten von Train Fever mit an Bord, andere seit Transport Fever oder Transport Fever 2. Seit diesem März konnten wir mit der Console Edition nun auch alle Konsolenspieler mit ins Boot holen. Wir möchten diesen Post nutzen, um uns bei euch allen zu bedanken.

Herzlichen Dank für eure Unterstützung, das grossartige Feedback, die tollen Kreationen, das fortwährende Interesse – einfach für alles. Im Gegenzug möchten wir euch versichern, dass es weitere Verbesserungen für Transport Fever 2 geben wird, sowohl für PC als auch auf der Konsole.

Mit unserem stetig wachsenden Team arbeiten wir tagtäglich daran, eure Wünsche in die Realität umzusetzen. Ein weiteres Spielupdate mit kleineren Verbesserungen ist bereits im Juli geplant. Um keine Neuigkeiten zu verpassen, folge uns auf unseren Social-Media-Kanälen Twitter, Facebook oder Instagram. Die Reise geht weiter, so viel ist klar.

Wir senden euch die allerbesten Grüsse und bis bald!
Das gesamte Urban Games Team

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Martin Hodler

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  1. Coming from the console community, first thing on mind for future updates isn’t mod support although it’s still in mind…but I’d like to see more options of signals and level crossings, an option to switch the „one way“ locomotives to run as a push-pull formation, and a option for night time. Also one of the European diesel locomotives has a lighting error…that being the tail light being white instead of red, can’t remember the exact name but it’s the European redesign of the Alco.

  2. Hi all.
    Why not consider multiplayer, where communication routes go beyond the borders of their own map to the neighboring one, with the player of which it is possible to conclude agreements (customs, tariff, border, industrial …). Expand the range of production chains and logistics, including military transportation. Loading all maps in multiplayer can initially be unified to merge with neighbors.
    There are not enough transport interchanges, incl. railway, drawbridges, ready-made station solutions with multi-track fleets, separation of locomotive and wagon depots. And of course, the old problem with stations in curved sections. The impossibility of demolishing objects during the construction of stations is still relevant, which is inconvenient ….
    And, of course, finances. We need stocks, exchanges, futures…
    It’s fun.
    Thank you for your attention

  3. One thing I’d like to see, is the ability to kit out the look of a station. If you’ve ever taken the U-Bahn in Berlin, you’ll know what I’m getting at: it seems like every station has its own „style.“ (Heck, half the subway stations are architecturally protected, that’s how impressive the system is.) Osloer Straße is festooned with a Norwegian flag motif; Fehrbelliner Platz just oozes history; Tierpark was so stylish it ended up in a Paul van Dyk music video; and so on.

    I don’t know if that’s technically possible–the memory requirements would be absolutely nuts, I’m sure–but the „cool factor“ would be off the charts.

  4. Here’s another idea: Names of cities and streets can be themed by country (American, German, French, etc.), so why not theme them by subject? Like, maybe, literature, or art history, or music, or mythology, or…well, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

    Yes, that’s already doable manually, but it would sure be swell to have the game do that automatically.

  5. With the competition from Railroad Empire 2 in mind I would say TF need to focus on the difference between those. RE2 is a economic/logistic simulation focused on trains as the only mean of transport you can manage. While TF is more about transport in general, even if the trains are in focus. I think they are both great and look forward to future versions.

  6. It’s a small thing, but maybe You could try remove the minimal time on the station? Sometimes on bigger stations I use alternative track for cargo trains. But the trains must stop every time for 10sec. Fast trains have this problem too. I want create a line from city A to city D go by city B and C without stop like in real life.

  7. A weather system, a train micro management system, possibility to change locomotives during a long haul planned line, and the mandatory power generation, telecommunications, seasonal behavior of passengers, and tunnels and great infrastructure projects to actually require management and transportation of materials… all these would take away the game’s repetitive and dry gameplay. You need to add some variations something, otherwise after one play it becomes so similar and repetitive, boring… nothing new. Especially, late game, money is not a problem, but excepting looking to trains, nothing else left.
    Night and day variations, weather, seasons, all these would contribute so much to the game play, variation… etc.

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