Full steam ahead

The team is grateful for all the feedback and comments players shared in the past few weeks after the release of the “Spring Update”. We truly want to make the best out of the game and of course the Transport Fever 2 adventure keeps going on. We are very excited to share our next steps with you.

After the gameplay related “Spring Update”, in the following months our developers will focus on major optimizations for the whole game to get the best performance out of your computers. This covers various aspects ranging from shorter loading times for save games to a noticeable improved simulation performance. The memory usage will be more efficient as well, resulting in less used memory while running the game.

Our continuously growing team has a full agenda and we look forward to continuing the journey with you in a promising year for Transport Fever 2.

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Matthias Gürtler


  1. Your game is amazing!
    The performance optimization is necessary, also with a good computer is really difficult playing without lags.
    The spring update is a game changer improvement, I love that your game has always new updates also after years.
    Don’t change, your game makes happy a lot of people (or me at least)!

  2. Ihr sollte euch wirklich vorrangig um die Perfomance kümmern, denn da gibt es immer noch Probleme bei vielen!!!
    Ich kann nicht mehr spielen, weil die Ladezeit einfach ewig dauert, wenn das Spiel überhaupt geladen wird…

  3. I think it’s commendable that you keep supporting the game and it’s loyal players (including me), and making the game better and better.

    I know it’s not your priority now but it would be great if we could get some ‘feedback’ from the little people of Transport Fever 2 (in the same way that Planet Coaster does it) . That way we could click on a person and get an opinion eg ‘not enough public transport’, ‘public transport too slow and infrequent’, ‘not enough goods in the town’, ‘wish we had airlines’ etc. That way we could focus our transport improvements.

    You are doing a great job and we appreciate it.

  4. It is great that you keep up with the support!

    Would it be possible to get some modding support for signals (and waypoints) in the next update? Even the just Ability to give the basic signal construction options like other objects would be amazing, so mods don’t have to flood the menu with a completely different signal type for every possible variation they require, like having left, right, dwarf, gantry, etc… variations for every aspect.
    Beyond that major Quality if Life change some more complex behaviour, even if not enabled by default, would be great too. Like a yellow signal aspect that forces the next train to go slightly slower to space them out if it didn’t turn green immediately because the line was blocked. Or the ability for a signal to show a different aspect if it’s diverging off the straight line or the train has to slow, the modding opportunities for that would be great.

    Signals are so important to the aesthetics of railways, and modders have done so much with what’s available, but the limitations of the current system really detract from the possibilities and make using mods somewhat… tedious.

    Again though, many thanks for the amazing updates so far!

  5. Excellent! Can’t wait to see how things improve!

    A couple notable areas to look at IMHO are:
    The line view with a lot of lines on a large map. When going into this lense/filter to see the line/edit or add lines it can be notably choppy if you have a lot of lines!
    Placing lines on the sea. When placing a boat line on a map with a lot of open water it can be pretty bad, probably because of the pathing but I’m sure there are areas that can be improved here?!

  6. Have regular freazes one time in a second. In late game. Tried small map, low graphics and low resolution. Doesn’t help. Ryzen 5800x, 2*16 3200, vega 64. Overcloking of vega doesn’t help either. Please, cure it by patch. Seems like it starts, if 8gb of vram is fully used.

  7. TPF2………….einfach genial.
    Ich habe schon einen “fetten” PC und trotzdem Probleme. (Abstürze)
    Eine bessere Performance wäre super.
    Viele, vielen Dank und macht weiter so.

  8. Will the spring update of TF2 also become available for Mac users? For example, I’m still stuck with fixed train platforms, while friends that run the game on Steam/Windows can have the game pick a random platform that is free. That makes it easier to handle traffic at busy stations.

  9. Tf2 ist für mich nicht mehr spielbar, ewige Ladezeiten, wenn das Spiel überhaupt geladen wird…!
    Mods alle deaktiviert!
    Über Steam auf Fehler überprüft, deinstalliert und neu installiert, alles hilft nichts…

    Auf eine Antwort brauche ich wohl nicht zu hoffen, wäre das erste mal.
    Traurig und schade!!!

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