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Feedback very welcome

We have already received a huge number of comments since the pre-announcement.

We are always happily surprised by the lively discussions in the forums! Our community is very active in the Steam discussion forum and in the fan forums, and we follow all of it and make every effort to read all the comments and, where possible, respond to them.

Since we develop the game for the players, your feedback is extremely important. Even if we are unable to act on all your requests, the community has a big influence over key aspects of the features we design for the game.

An overview of our social media channels and links to the forums can be found on the community page

We are looking forward to continue to connect with you on the various channels.

Regular developer blog

Until the release of Transport Fever 2, we will regularly publish blog posts and commented gameplay videos here. In these, we will present the most interesting new additions and the most exciting core features of the game.

The featured content will include, among other things, the now even more faithfully modelled European, American and new Asian vehicles. What’s more, we’ll also present the modular stations and map editor, which can be used not only to create moderate, desert-like, and tropical landscapes, but also to edit saved games.

We will also discuss the simulation of people and product chains as well as the intuitive traffic and vehicle management system. We will tell you more about modding and show examples to illustrate the numerous possibilities that you will have to adjust various aspects of the game to your own needs.

We’re looking forward to presenting the new game and are excited to see your reactions and feedback. Having such an active and engaged community is a big motivation for our entire team!