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The highlights of the upcoming Console Edition and game update at a glance

A multitude of enhancements awaits you on March 9th in the upcoming Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and the game update for PC. These have already been presented on our social media channels in recent weeks. For all those who would like to see the improvements at a glance, there is a summary in this news. 

Selecting the appropriate vehicles for building your transport empire is a crucial aspect of Transport Fever 2. It is the realistic representation of the vehicles in the game world that really makes it possible to immerse oneself in this beautiful game world. That is why an impressive total of 85 vehicles have been completely redesigned as part of the upcoming free game update and Console Edition. 

To improve the overall appearance, even more attention was paid to exact proportions when reworking the vehicles. For some of the vehicles, other originals and new paint schemes were used. The new vehicle models feature enhanced textures that fit much better into the look of the game. We are pleased to fulfill a wish of many players with better rendering of glass and eliminate the unwanted transparency rendering artifacts known as x-ray vision. 

To provide the best possible gaming experience, not only vehicles have been improved. A good balance between the different hardware components is key to make it work. 

The GPU-based terrain tesselation reduces the load on CPU and memory consumption. Less memory is also needed due to texture streaming, which allows clearing textures of models that are not in view anymore and constantly loading textures at the highest affordable resolution. Furthermore, the size of save games has been significantly reduced. Together with the improved map generation, this leads to noticeably shorter loading times.

To grow the Transport Fever 2 family even further, the range of officially included localizations is extended to 13 languages as part of the Console Edition and game update: Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean will be included in Transport Fever 2. The localizations cover the whole user interface and all the written story texts of the campaign missions. 

There is more good news for Steam Deck users: The full controller support will not only be available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC on March 9th, but for Steam Deck as well! 

Many more pictures of the new vehicle models and the differences to the old models are available on our social media channels:

We look forward to sharing more details with you about the upcoming Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and the game update for PC on 9 March in the coming week.

On the way to the release

With the announcement of the release date and the release of the reveal trailer, we have embarked on the next stage of our journey together towards Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and game update for PC. We are delighted with the countless reactions and feedback to the video, pre-order launch and last week’s beta launch.

We look forward to sharing many more glimpses of the new features on our social media channels in the coming weeks, which will of course also be available as part of the big free game update for PC. The preview series starts today with the devblog, which describes the background of the new user interface for the controller controls.

It’s great to see the Transport Fever 2 community continue to grow and the Urban Games team is looking forward to the release on March 9. We hope you enjoy the upcoming news and are looking forward to your feedback.

Console Edition and major game update receive official release date

We are thrilled to announce the official release date of Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and the new major PC game update.

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition will be released on March 9, 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The reveal trailer gives a first glimpse of the new Console Edition with the interface optimized for controllers:

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition is available to pre-order now as either the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition.

Also on March 9, 2023 we will release the free major game update and the new Deluxe Edition for PC. Those who already own Transport Fever 2 can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition with the Deluxe Upgrade Pack. A discounted offer with bonus content will be available for a limited time from the release date. Pre-orders for PC are not possible.

The Deluxe Edition includes additional content:

  • 3 exclusive scenarios across all landscape types to challenge your skills
  • 6 new and exclusive historical vehicles to play with:
    • Hong Kong Meridian Ferry
    • McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
    • British High Speed Train HST ”Inter-City 125”
    • Kenworth K100E
    • Citroën U55 Currus Cityrama
    • Toyama Chihou Railway 8000 Series Tram
  • 3 surprising new animals for the three landscape types: wolf, puma and tropical fishes
  • 2 new in-game soundtracks from the two prequels Train Fever and Transport Fever

We have some more good news: a beta test version of the update is now available on Steam and GOG. For detailed information on the beta testing, visit our <Steam Group>. You will find the instructions on how to activate the test version in our <Wiki>.

Thank you very much for your interest in Transport Fever 2 and hear you soon!

Happy Holidays and a great 2023 from the Transport Fever 2 Family

The year is coming to an end and our team is taking a well-deserved break over the turn of the year after the intense and exciting last few months.

We look back on another year full of beautiful and exciting moments. Our major highlight together with you was, of course, the release of the Spring Update. With it, we were able to bring some features into the game that have been wished by the community for a long time. We are very happy about the positive feedback.

In the new year, we come back with new power and prepare for the upcoming highlights: The release of the long-awaited Console Edition is coming soon. At the same time, there are also many improvements for the PC version. As with the last updates, we will again present some of the novelties to you. These include the new features as well as countless reworked vehicle models with improved levels of detail.

The Urban Games team wishes you happy and healthy holidays and a good start to the new year.

Console Edition and new major game update

We are very excited to announce Transport Fever 2: Console Edition as well as a new major game update for PC.

With NACON we have found the ideal partner to publish Transport Fever 2 on consoles and bring the world of our transport simulation to console players. This new version will offer specific controls and an interface adapted to the game on consoles. On top of that, the game’s graphics have been improved thanks to a complete rework of most vehicles such as trains, buses, aircraft and ships.

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series in February 2023.

At the same time we will be releasing a free major game update for PC that will bring the enhancements of the Console Edition to PC as well:

  • Better graphics: Vehicles are modelled in even more detail and the rendering has been optimized.
  • Increased stability and performance: Many optimizations in the area of simulation performance, memory usage, loading times and more.
  • Console interface and controller support: PC players have the possibility to switch between the classic and the new interface which is optimized for controllers.
  • Many other small enhancements and bug fixes.

We are excited to welcome the console community soon and we remain committed to improve Transport Fever 2 further on all platforms. Thanks for your interest and all the best from the entire Urban Games team!