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Gameplay video and pre-order

Today we released a video which demonstrates gameplay of Transport Fever 2 for the very first time.

On a tropical island map we give an introduction to the game.

It is now possible to pre-order Transport Fever 2 on Steam and other platforms with 10% discount. Owners of the predecessor Transport Fever can buy the game even with 25% discount, thanks to a loyalty discount.

We thank you for the huge interest in Transport Fever 2 and send the very best regards from the Urban Games Team.

Transport Fever 2 receives official release date

We are thrilled to announce today the official release date of Transport Fever 2.

Transport Fever 2 will be released on December 11, 2019 on Steam and other platforms.

Next, we will soon publish a game-play video and announce details about pre-order.

Thank you very much for the interest in the game and best regards from the entire Urban Games team.