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Development Highlights: Simulation

After the popular “Development Highlights” series took a short summer break, we are very happy to release the third episode. This time we give an introduction into town growth and related topics such as the cargo system and the new data layers.

In the Development Highlights series we show how we incorporated feedback from the previous game into the development of Transport Fever 2. We give insights into the game design and explain what actions have been taken to realize an excellent gaming experience.

As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback, and thanks for your interest in Transport Fever 2.

Transport Fever 2 on track

Development is running as scheduled – soon we will release the next episode of the popular “Development Highlights” series.

To shorten the waiting time, in the meantime we present a video of our press event which took place in July in Berlin, Germany. Matching the game, we invited journalists on a historic train composition that drove all around Berlin. It was our pleasure to reveal a first playable version of Transport Fever 2 to the many interested participants.

With this glimpse behind the scenes we would like to say thank you for your interest in the game – see you soon!