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Mac version receives official release date

We are thrilled to announce the official release date of Transport Fever 2 for Mac.

Originally released in December 2019, Transport Fever 2 has already been enjoyed by about half a million players from all over the world.

The Mac version now completes the platform support for PCs and will be released on February 23rd, 2021 on Steam, Mac App Store, GOG and other sales platforms.

At the same time we will publish the Vulkan Graphic API update for Windows and Linux. We want to thank our testers for the feedback they shared during the beta phase. It truly helped us stabilize and improve this version. Note that the <beta testing group> remains active and open to new testers until the official release.

We know you have been waiting for a long time, therefore we appreciate your patience one more time and send you the best wishes from the entire Urban Games team.

Happy Holidays from the Transport Fever 2 Family

It has been a year since the launch of Transport Fever 2. Since then every single player has been a great motivation for our daily work. We are grateful for your interest in our game and for every single one of you enriching the game experience with your countless impressions, mods and custom content.

One of our priorities is to keep the existing community happy, so we are trying to make the best of the feedback you shared so far. We have been closely monitoring your requests, therefore in the coming year we are planning further game updates.

The next milestone will be the release of the Mac version in early 2021. The Vulkan Graphics API version for Windows and Linux will be made available at the same time. It has been a week since the launch of the ongoing beta test for these versions and the valuable feedback we have received already helped us to continuously improve towards a stable official release.

Looking forward to a year full of fun and great memories. The entire Urban Games team wants to thank you again for your interest in our game. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Mac beta version is about to arrive

Waiting is the hardest part, we know, but it’s almost done.

This coming Tuesday, the 15th of December, the Mac version of Transport Fever 2 will be launched for beta testing. The Vulkan Graphics API version for Windows and Linux will be made available for testing at the same time.

We created a <Steam group> for the beta test. Interested parties can find detailed information about testing there.

The official release of the Mac version will happen in early 2021. We just need to work on the final details, and we will announce the exact release date as soon as possible.

One round of applause to our developers who worked really hard. Even though we might be a little late, we are trying to deliver a great experience. We are thankful for your engagement and patience, and we send the best wishes from the entire Urban Games team.

Beta test registration for the Mac version now available

Despite the current difficult times, we managed to be productive when it comes to the completion of our Mac version of Transport Fever 2.

Our developers are still arranging the last details so that the internal tests can be successfully completed. A beta version for testing will then be made available. Interested testers can apply with immediate effect.

We are happy to accept applications for the beta test via the <contact form>. Participants will have to enter the Mac system specifications in the form. Applications are only taken into consideration if participants use a valid Mac system that meets the minimum requirements (at least macOS 10.14 and a dedicated graphics card with 2 GB of video memory). Applications will be accepted until the 11th of November, after which the participants will be announced by the end of all registrations.

We will inform you as soon as possible about the start of the beta testing and the official release date of the Mac version.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that further major free game updates for Transport Fever 2 are arriving next year. We would like to thank all our players and fan communities for the huge interest in our game.

The entire Urban Games team sends best regards, and wishes you to stay healthy!

More information about the upcoming Mac release

Our developers are working hard to complete the Mac version. The release is planned for November. The exact date will be announced later.

Besides the version for Mac computers, an update for Windows and Linux will be released, which will add Vulkan as a new graphics interface.

For Mac computers, the operating system macOS 10.14 and a dedicated graphics card with at least 2 GB video memory will be required.

The Mac version will be available on the Mac App Store, Steam and

A beta test will be conducted prior to the release. More information will be announced in October.

We are very happy to finally welcome the Mac community and send best regards from the whole Urban Games team.