Happy Holidays from the Transport Fever 2 Family

It has been a year since the launch of Transport Fever 2. Since then every single player has been a great motivation for our daily work. We are grateful for your interest in our game and for every single one of you enriching the game experience with your countless impressions, mods and custom content.

One of our priorities is to keep the existing community happy, so we are trying to make the best of the feedback you shared so far. We have been closely monitoring your requests, therefore in the coming year we are planning further game updates.

The next milestone will be the release of the Mac version in early 2021. The Vulkan Graphics API version for Windows and Linux will be made available at the same time. It has been a week since the launch of the ongoing beta test for these versions and the valuable feedback we have received already helped us to continuously improve towards a stable official release.

Looking forward to a year full of fun and great memories. The entire Urban Games team wants to thank you again for your interest in our game. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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Marlon Stadler


  1. Ich spiele es sehr gerne und bin froh, dass es ein Spiel ist, das von Schweizern entwickelt worden ist. Die Viedos auf You Tube in Deutsch vorhanden sind, da ich kein Englisch kann.
    Herzlichen Dank euch Entwicklern. Es macht sehr viel Spass. Obwohl ich wegen den Mods schon paarmal Probleme hatte. Aber sonst läuft das Spiel einwandfrei.

  2. Thanks for a great game 🙂 Small suggestion, no dynamic companies. Just like in the old game Transport Tyccon. That is, if nobody from the company collects the goods, the company closes. In the same way, a new factory is created after some time.

    Danke für ein tolles Spiel 🙂 Kleiner Vorschlag, keine dynamischen Unternehmen. Genau wie im alten Spiel Transport Tyccon. Das heißt, wenn niemand von der Firma die Waren abholt, schließt die Firma. Auf die gleiche Weise wird nach einiger Zeit eine neue Fabrik erstellt.

  3. The game is great I just love it the only thing I feel missing this winter season is the night mode and Seasonal Weather changes in-game. I wish in future this both of my wish became reality and game has season, weather, night, evenings, and mornings with a much better campaign mode to play. Also if the game can adapt the best mods officially in-game it would be awesome.

  4. This game is addicting. Great graphics, detailed but not too nerdy gameplay. Some parts like ticket prices for air-line distance instead of real driven distance could be adjusted/more realistic. In the long run, AI opponents (small or big, the same ones or coming and going), neighbours (Sim City) or a play-via-network feature is missing.
    However, I can only recommend this game!!

  5. Irgend etwas stimmt unter Vulkan mit den Bäumen nicht. Zoome ich in eine Megacity mit Tausenden von Gebäuden, Autos und Einwohnern, habe ich 60 fps und eine GraKa-Last von ca. 40%, zoome ich dagegen in einen kleinen Laubwald oder fahre in einem Fahrzueg durch, sinkt die Framerate aufgrund einer plötzlichen Vollauslastunng der GPU ab. Schon seltsam….

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