Looking into the future of Transport Fever 2

As we approach the 4th anniversary of Transport Fever 2, we would like to give an outlook into what lies ahead.

We are currently exploring the possibility of giving players on PS5, Xbox Series and on the Mac App Store, EGS, and GOG access to mod content. We plan to combine this with various other improvements in a major game update for PC and console platforms scheduled for the second half of 2024.

Transparency is important to us: the introduction of cross-platform content is a complex undertaking that can present unforeseen challenges. We are optimistic and committed to delivering the best possible experience for you. Today, we can already assure you that the well-used Steam Workshop for Transport Fever 2 will be unaffected by these developments.

In the meantime, you can expect more minor maintenance fixes to enhance your current gaming experience, with the first maintenance update already going to beta in December. Beyond routine maintenance, the mentioned game update in the second half of 2024 marks what we anticipate to be the concluding major update for Transport Fever 2. With this update, we want to express our sincere gratitude to the community for your ongoing interest and dedication.

Following this final milestone for Transport Fever 2, we have something new and great in the pipeline. It is still far too early, but we are already looking forward to telling you more about it.

Best wishes from the entire Urban Games team.

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Matthias Gürtler


  1. The bad company communication with the customers continue with Urban Games.
    No real information what already existing customers can expect with potential upcoming updates.
    Updates from UG are still way too rare and unspecific.
    Sorry, but this is just had customer interaction. A lot of players invested into this game and company and if this is what customers are receiving in return, it is a farce.
    Therefore I urge UG to finally (after Train Fever and Transport Fever 1), do something about interacting with your customers, give us more, better and more precise information on what we can expect as your investors!

    • Hi Lenker, thank you for your feedback. Once the contents of an update are defined and fixed, we showcase the important topics in update preview postings on our social media channels and Steam.

  2. Everyone is so negative here! Thanks to the developers for continuing to support this game after four years! It’s nice that you’ve continued to work on it, and released free updates. Some other developers would have focussed on paid DLC for most updates, but not UG!
    Excited to see what’s next!

  3. One of the Best Game ever played.. Eagerly awaiting new updates. Also like other games, you can think of adding paid DLCs, will be good for players as well as developers.
    DLC may include regional variants of Train Stations (look and feel), new mode of transport such as Mono Rail, Metro/Subway, Cable Cars, Taxies etc… Option to choose names of town at the beginning of the game instead of changing later after the game starts..
    Some other realistic features like limit on number of vehicles per Depot, Mandatory Maintenance Yards, Ageing of Infrastructure and thereby slowing speed of vehicles..

  4. Dear Team,
    I have purchased your game “Transport Fever 2” from playstation useing a PS4 machine, my problem is that I found it impossible to obtain free mods from your site. Further more, I even found it difficult to evan get to your site useing the PS device. It would seem PS always has the overall power over the webpage. Can you please advise? Regarding this matter.
    Regards Dennis Blundell

  5. It’s a good game but there are several little things waiting to be fixed. For example:
    – the bus lane does not work in street constructions
    – the variable for bus lanes must be decoupled from “player vehicles only”
    – the api has no successor of game.interface.upgradeConstruction()
    – placing parallel roads is difficult, why can’t they snap like tracks?
    – sometimes road segments take up a life of their own and break free from splines, creating ugly bends; this should be switchable
    – street stations have no option to put the vehicle node on a given lane: they should
    – I miss an event firing when a vehicle enters an edge or a node
    – I miss a command to set traffic lights red or green
    – trackDistance has no function, working with narrow tracks is hard
    – the api does not handle errors gracefully, not even api.engine.util.proposal.makeProposalData() – it should though
    – when I snap a track parallel to another, both receive the same ground texture: this is wrong
    All these things, if fixed, would allow for better and more interesting mods.

    • Mark,

      This is something I can totally get behind. Even though I got the preorder bonus myself, I’ve always had mixed feeling about the concept as a whole. In my opinion, preorder bonuses should be made available as a DLC perhaps a year or two after being first made available. The reason is very simple: Sure, it’s a nice reward for those who supported early, but on the other hand it’s a double edged sword. What I mean is that newer players down the line will look at the bonus and think: “Gee, I wish I had discovered this game/DLC a lot sooner.”

      So, why exclude newer players from the fun? I say give them the possibility of getting the preorder bonus as a DLC, even if it’s a year or two after it first came out.

      • Hi Mark and SAUBER_KH7, thank you for your feedbacks. Your inputs make sense and we can understand that making this content available for every player after a while would also benefit players that got their game later. At the moment we can’t tell if and when this will be available.

  6. will any the steam mods be transferred to the console? and are we going to be able to access these from in game menu or on the console store page?

  7. Constructions can have edges (i.e. bits of road or track), which can have snappy nodes. Sometimes, edges belonging to the same construction attempt to snap together: this is maddening and, I am sure, easy to fix. You can either block this altogether or add a parameter to block it if the modder wants so.

  8. Thanks for the updates. I hope they will be more frequent and include big changes.
    I’m especially looking forward to adding functions to the game to provide cities not only with goods, but also with resources (water, for example).
    I would like city management to appear in the game (police, fire stations, ambulances, etc.).
    I want to play this game (and not install 10 different ones) and have it include all the features

  9. Hallo,

    vielen Dank für dieses tolle Spiel. Mein einziges Problem ist, dass die fps teils hardwareunabhängig über die Engine limitieren. Habe eine 13700k mit 5,5ghz und 32gib ddr5 7200 cl34 mit einer RTX 4090 und in bestimmten Winkeln droppen die fps teils auf 47 obwohl die Auslastung der CPU und der GPU sehr niedrig sind (maximal 230Watt Verbrauch für die GPU & ca. ~21% max Auslastung für die CPU). Eventuell kann man die Engine noch besser auf Multicore optimieren? Scheint so, als ob nur wenige Cores der CPU genutzt werden die dann aber irgendwann so ausgelastet sind, dass die fps droppen.

    Danke und Grüße

  10. Neues und Grossartiges in Arbeit – Transport Fever 3?

    Das ist wohl dass, was die Community erwartet, oder ein komplett Neues Tansport… Game?!

    Ich würde mich sehr über einen 3. Teil von TF freuen, viele andere wohl auch, weil es eben ein gutes Spiel ist, leider aber mit einigen schwächen.

    Die TF Reihe 1+2 leben von den Moddern und Schönbauern, ich hoffe sehr, das ihr die Schönbauer mehr berücksichtigt und noch mehr auf die Community eingehen werdet.

    Die Performance ist nach wie vor ein großes Problem, bitte im Auge behalten.
    Es wird hoffentlich nicht so lange dauern, bis wir erfahren, was IHR Neues und Grossartiges in Arbeit habt!!!

  11. It would be so cool if it’s possible to give trains priorities. I know that would be very hard to implement but then it’s possible to overtake slower trains on an overtake track on high speed lines

  12. Hallo zusammen, es ist wirklich sehr schade dass es das letzte Update sein wird, trotzdem bin ich gespannt was ihr wiederum neues entwickelt .
    Ich würde mir so gerne wünschen das beim nächsten Update mehr Realismus in Transport Fever kommt!!
    Zb. wäre es sehr schön wenn sich die Flugzeuge am gate nicht plötzlich umdrehen und raus rollen, sondern wie in real rückwärts aus dem gate rollen, oder die schiffe am Hafen sollten auch realistisch vom Hafenbecken ab und anlegen . Ich hoffe es ist nicht zu viel verlangt aber ich denke ich liege damit nicht falsch

  13. Hola, se que es bastante complicado de hacer, pero a mi me gustaría que añadieseis meteorología al juego, que por culpa de ciertos factores meteorológicos haya que hacer modificaciones, como comprar una cantidad de quitanieves en una ruta asignada y lo mismo con los trenes y que en base a la cantidad de agua o de nieve que caiga suceda una cosa o otra. Dentro de lo de la meteorología también estaría bien añadir zonas de atracción publica para que haya mas movimiento en cuanto a afluencia de personas, como pistas de esquí museos y etcétera que se generen automáticamente al iniciar la partida y como las ciudades y las fabricas que se puedan añadir también desde dentro de la propia partida. Es solo una idea, pero por lo menos a mi me gustaría verlo en el juego. Por lo demás no tengo queja de este juego, tiene sus bugs pero muy pocos.

  14. Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

    The sequel of TF2 should be “CITY FEVER”. A game which would be a mix of TF2 and a city builder, but where the main focus would remain transportation in the city and surrounding countries, by Bus, Tram, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Regional trains, Taxi, Uber, etc. Actually TF2 but instead of having multiple little cities we would have one big one. Think of a city like Berlin where you would be in charge of the transportation. Ah, and last but not least : multiplayer would be great, with each company in charge of one transportation system (for example two friends, one playing s-Bahn, the other U-Bahn, with possibilities to have common stations so that people can go from one company transport system to the other on the same platform (like the Wuhletal station in Berlin).

    I have plenty of ideas for this game. Let me know 😉

  15. I’ve not played this game for a very long time, despite it being installed and kept updated as available.

    And the game itself being really enjoyable.

    … Why??

    Because I want to be able to have an “always on” map on a dedicated server which progresses the map when I’m not actively on the game and to be able to log in to maintain my “stuff” on the map when/as I can.

    Pretty much as I do with the Farming Simulator series multiplayer.

    If this isn’t going to be a thing in TF2, please make it a thing in TF3.

  16. Werden die mods nur auf der PS5 zur Verfügung gestellt, oder hat man als PS4 Besitzer auch die Chance auf diese Mods zu zugreifen. Danke für die Antwort. Schönen Tag noch.

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