Mac beta version is about to arrive

Waiting is the hardest part, we know, but it’s almost done.

This coming Tuesday, the 15th of December, the Mac version of Transport Fever 2 will be launched for beta testing. The Vulkan Graphics API version for Windows and Linux will be made available for testing at the same time.

We created a <Steam group> for the beta test. Interested parties can find detailed information about testing there.

The official release of the Mac version will happen in early 2021. We just need to work on the final details, and we will announce the exact release date as soon as possible.

One round of applause to our developers who worked really hard. Even though we might be a little late, we are trying to deliver a great experience. We are thankful for your engagement and patience, and we send the best wishes from the entire Urban Games team.

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Marlon Stadler


  1. As you surely tested already, Transport Fever (1) runs very well on the minimum spec Apple M1 using Rosetta 2 for ARM translation , even better than on my Intel iMac with 2 GB RAM dedicated Graphic Card. That will give me big Hope for Transport Fever 2 (and for you guys more sales !!!) on cheap M1 Macs.

    • @Andreas I did test and performance was disappointing : the game suffered massive stutters when zooming out on a freshly generated map at 1080p. That’s why I’m hoping they’ll optimize it.
      Im curious about your tests.

  2. Awesome, I do love this game…. I’ve spend over 300 hours with TPF2 and it still brings amazement to how good its looks and plays.

    Modders bring a great deal of variations to the game, but quick question, in the build up to the release of this game, there were DLC’s mentioned, is this still a thing?

    Thank you for the great game, and keep going…. (Anything good, is worth waiting for)

  3. After a year there is still a lack of depth in the game. What brings a vulkan api too us. The graphics are already amazing. But the depth of the game is still way too simple.

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