Mac version receives official release date

We are thrilled to announce the official release date of Transport Fever 2 for Mac.

Originally released in December 2019, Transport Fever 2 has already been enjoyed by about half a million players from all over the world.

The Mac version now completes the platform support for PCs and will be released on February 23rd, 2021 on Steam, Mac App Store, GOG and other sales platforms.

At the same time we will publish the Vulkan Graphic API update for Windows and Linux. We want to thank our testers for the feedback they shared during the beta phase. It truly helped us stabilize and improve this version. Note that the <beta testing group> remains active and open to new testers until the official release.

We know you have been waiting for a long time, therefore we appreciate your patience one more time and send you the best wishes from the entire Urban Games team.

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Marlon Stadler


    • Wenn du das Spiel bereits in deiner Steam-Bibliothek hast, kannst du das tun, indem du dort in den Eigenschaften, bei BETA die testing Version auswählst. Alle Infos dazu auch in der oben verlinkten Betatestgruppe.

  1. I have been playing the beta of TF2 on a MBP M1 through Steam. Performance wise, it runs fine, not brilliantly, on the main screen. Bigger maps on certain zoom levels experience some stutter. Laying tracks across long/complicated sections is also *slow* to update the track but at least the cursor stays responsive.

    However, whenever I try to run the game on an external display the menu is unresponsive to the mouse. I have tried every corner of the screen already to see whether the bounding box for the menu items was off somehow.

  2. I am curious as to how the performance compares between the MBP 13 M1 vs. the MBP 16 i7 with Radeon 5300 vs. the MBP 16 i9 with the Radeon 5500. Essentially, do the MBP 16 Intel machines offer a significant improvement in performance for TF2 or do the M1 machines compare favourably?

  3. The current Mac beta has quite some performance issues on an NVIDIA 1080 ti at 2550×1600. When zoomed out everything turns very laggy. This is particularly strange compared to a 16 inch Macbook Pro with a lower end gpu and higher resolution where everything runs fine.

    Hope this will be fixed. Would love to play TF2 on my main mac.

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