More information about the upcoming Mac release

Our developers are working hard to complete the Mac version. The release is planned for November. The exact date will be announced later.

Besides the version for Mac computers, an update for Windows and Linux will be released, which will add Vulkan as a new graphics interface.

For Mac computers, the operating system macOS 10.14 and a dedicated graphics card with at least 2 GB video memory will be required.

The Mac version will be available on the Mac App Store, Steam and

A beta test will be conducted prior to the release. More information will be announced in October.

We are very happy to finally welcome the Mac community and send best regards from the whole Urban Games team.

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  1. I am looking forward to the next release.

    By the way, could you please make “save” possible on the Steam cloud?
    I was surprised that the free space on my C drive suddenly decreased.

  2. I am very looking forward to play transport fever 2 on the mac! Pretty happy not to have to boot with bootcamp into windows, every time I want to play.

    If you are looking for a Beta tester on mac, id be happy to help. I have a 2019 27in iMac with Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB graphics, 32gb ram and 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9.

  3. Please fix problems with adding passangers and cargo platforms in railstations. After adding them, game not recognise them, and show limit of passangers and staff at same level. Also passangers trains not take all passangers from train stations after passing 350 passangers. Allways up to 120 stay in station, even if i have over 200 space in trains.

  4. Please, fix also train speed bug, when trains are slowing down much below to what speed limit is on the track. I sent you saved game and videos and none repond or even watch it in the past month.

  5. I play on my MacBook Pro 2019 with Steam on a Windows 10 Pro install with Boot Camp.
    Regularly, the computer crashes : Windows has a fatal error, I get the Windows blue screen, and the sound of the computer is stuck with the same noise in a loop until I restart Windows (if I restart on MacOs, the noise loop is still on!). It only happens when building things.
    The error is “Video scheduler internal error”.
    According to the Windows error code it is an issue with the graphic card drivers but Apple Boot Camp, AMD Radeon and Windows 10 are all up to date. It only happens With Transport Fever 2.
    I hope the issue will be fixed when running the game with Mac OS.

  6. Been an avid player since the game came out… on a 2019 MacBookPro 16″ (i9 8-core/8MB Radeon 5500M/64GB RAM) running it from a Bootcamp partition on a 27″ LG 5k screen (at quarter resolution, 2160×1440) via Steam. No problems whatsoever, and enjoying the ride. Truly a fine game.

    Would love to beta test the Mac version and stop cross-booting, do let me know if you’re still looking for testers. 🙂

  7. I accidentally purchased for windows, even though I have a MAC. Can I get a refund, or will I be able to use steam to install on my MAC when available? I launched using windows bootcamp, but after only a couple of minutes playing the game, I get a fatal error and the game crashes. I just want to play it on my MAC.

      • Thank-you. So I’m assuming then when it’s available for MAC, I can just log into my STEAM, and re-download on that platform for free? Do we know when it will be available for MAC? I’ve not seen any further announcements regarding this.

  8. Freue mich sehr auf die Apple Version. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage, ob ein neier Mac Mini M voll ausreichend ist. Falls nicht, welche Mac Konfiguration wäre sinnvoll?

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