New major game update released

We are very happy to be able to release another major game update today.

With this update, we fulfill the widely expressed request for stronger modding support. Many new modding possibilities have been added and exciting new applications can be expected. The update is a big investment for the future.

We have also greatly improved the tools and documentation. Among other things, <an extensive wiki> was developed, which contains a complete modding specification and a game manual.

Based on the feedback we receive every day, additional improvements have been realized. For example, we have improved the simulation performance and usability. And as with every update, there are various bug fixes and small improvements.

Please find the complete release notes <here>.

Be assured that Transport Fever 2 will continue to be improved in the future. Since we receive a huge amount of feedback, we are unfortunately unable to fulfill all requests at the same time.

We send the very best regards from the entire Urban Games team and thank you for the great interest in Transport Fever 2!

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Kjell Droz


  1. Ich habe die Beta nicht geschafft runter zuladen und ich habe jetzt die neue Brücke im repaint einmal versucht und wenn ich jetzt das Spiel öffne kommt eine Warnung welche man übrigens euch nicht Melden soll und wenn ich in mein Spiel will stürzt das Spiel ab. Wie kann ich wieder Spielen?

    • Das liegt vermutlich daran, dass du die CommonAPI nutzt. Entweder du wartest, bis diese im Workshop aktualisiert wurde oder du versuchst es mit der aktuellen Development-Version die du findest, wenn du der Anleitung in der Fehlermeldung folgst.

  2. Ich bin gespannt. Muss noch warten zum Herbst für die MAC Version, aber es wird immer besser.
    Hoffentlich ist die Mac Version inclusief diesecshöne Updates.

  3. Absolutely delighted with the update and the Manuals. They certainly answer a number of questions, which I had. I love the fact that you are happy to allow Modifiers, access to the various codes. If development gets to the point of you thinking about Transport fever 3, I would purchase it in an instant !

    Kepp up the good work guys, it is very much appreciated.

  4. Schön, dass es nun endlich ein Handbuch gibt.
    Schlecht, dass das Handbuch nur in englischer Sprache ist.
    Als “Transporter” über 70 Jahre mit null Englischkenntnisse bitte ich um ein deutsches Handbuch.
    Mit diesem Wunsch stehe ich wohl nicht alleine, oder?

  5. It seems to be a problem with the mod. In the game I’m currently playing the food factory receives and uses the grain it receives, but produces nothing. Also, on the other extreme of the line, the trucks no longer load the food stored at the terminal waiting to be loaded (the food left before the factory decided not to produce anymore). No changes were made to the line, and it worked fine before the update.

  6. Did you fix a bug that trains, which are running faster, than what the speed in the curve is, braking much more, than hat the curve is. For example. Train is ruuning 161km/h. Curve is for 160km/h. Train slows donw to 120km/h. So much annoing.

  7. Since the update, I am unable to place roads and railways, and to spin buildings using the keyboard shortcuts. It’s like the whole move function is corrupted. Is this a known bug, or should I reinstall the game?

  8. Hallo liebes UrbanGames-Team, habe gestern nach längerem Krankenhausaufenthalt TF2 gestartet, bekam aber sofort eine Fehlermeldung TF2 funktioniert nicht mehr (verm. wegen des neuen Upd.?). Hilft hier vielleicht deinstallieren und neu installieren. Ich bitte um einen Tipp. Vielen Dank Frank Bellmann Willich

  9. Could We add some modern Intercity busses, Yellow lines for the American theme, and a 99mph deasil CARGO locomotive, instead of the locomotive used by Amtrak, that is also clearly in the Amtrak livery. An improvement of the Flight physics would also be recommended as I noticed that the A320’s approach is at ~113 knots (130 mph, 210 km/h), but typically lands at 130-140 KIAS.

  10. When you will make intersections update? I mean that cars that are passing in the direct direction must ride freely and not give the way to those who turns left. It is very unrealistic and makes city planing a little problematic. Also would be nice to make a manual settings for city lights. Because now when the city grows big city light is making more problems than benefits. And player must turn them off all the time.

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