On the way to the release

With the announcement of the release date and the release of the reveal trailer, we have embarked on the next stage of our journey together towards Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and game update for PC. We are delighted with the countless reactions and feedback to the video, pre-order launch and last week’s beta launch.

We look forward to sharing many more glimpses of the new features on our social media channels in the coming weeks, which will of course also be available as part of the big free game update for PC. The preview series starts today with the devblog, which describes the background of the new user interface for the controller controls.

It’s great to see the Transport Fever 2 community continue to grow and the Urban Games team is looking forward to the release on March 9. We hope you enjoy the upcoming news and are looking forward to your feedback.

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Matthias Gürtler


  1. Ich habe 3 fragen.

    1.Wird das pre-order pack auch nach dem realse für die konsolen erhältlich sein?

    2.Wird es ein Workshop geben mit den mods von Steam?

    3.Wie viel wiel tpf 2 für konsolen kosten?

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