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Until the release of Transport Fever 2, we will regularly publish blog posts and commented gameplay videos here. In these, we will present the most interesting new additions and the most exciting core features of the game.

The featured content will include, among other things, the now even more faithfully modelled European, American and new Asian vehicles. What’s more, we’ll also present the modular stations and map editor, which can be used not only to create moderate, desert-like, and tropical landscapes, but also to edit saved games.

We will also discuss the simulation of people and product chains as well as the intuitive traffic and vehicle management system. We will tell you more about modding and show examples to illustrate the numerous possibilities that you will have to adjust various aspects of the game to your own needs.

We’re looking forward to presenting the new game and are excited to see your reactions and feedback. Having such an active and engaged community is a big motivation for our entire team!

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Marlon Stadler


  1. Very happy to see there will be Dev updates. Hopefully in a similar vein to those of the Factorio Dev team. It will be interesting to learn about how you guys are putting the technical aspects together.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt darauf, denn Verlauf bis zum Release verfolgen zu können.
    Ihr seid ein großartiges Team und habt mir mit TF/Tpf bereits zahlreiche schöne Stunden beschert ☺️

    Bitte achtet auch auf eine gute Anbindung für die Modder, die kreieren wörtlich fantastische Sachen für das Spiel!

    Äs liab’s Gruessli us em düütsche Niedersachsen!

  3. Esperamos que neste novo game possamos competir contra competidores virtuais assim como ocorre no Railroad Tycon seria muito bom termos campanhas similares com as do Tycon II….Mesmo assim pelo que vejo já é animador.

  4. Looking forward to far better optimization to improve performance in this new improved version of the game. Seeing the traffic control made me happier than you can imagine.

  5. Freu mich sehr über diese Ankündigungen.
    Und nach guten 600std. sind meine erwartungen natürlich hoch ; – )

    Wünsch mir vorallem eine gesunde Kombination, sodass man Schönbau auch Wirtschaftlich gut betreiben kann.

    Zum Thema Multiplayer.: Keine Ahnung was ich mir da vorstellen sollte..
    -kein “must have” für mich 😉

  6. Hi there, super amazed by this news for sure.
    I’m really hoping to see amongst beautiful texture and overall performance boost an update, that would add the biggest missing feature in this game.
    Like it was back in days on “transport tycoon deluxe”, multiple companies, and you could by their shares and get extra income (not that you’d need it if you play your cards right) but still, that was so cool I think. Fingers crossed

  7. A dream come true! It’s all i wanted! Made my day, week, month, year, particularly Q4 ! 😉 Say, the last screenie shows a harbor scene with a truck reflected on the tarmac like it is wet…. There’s also a small bit of rainbow to see….. Does that really mean what i am hoping for ??….. Day/Night cycle no doubt too much to ask for, right ?.. One itsy-bitsy little upgrade i do hope for is ships’ wake and bow-wave. They’ll look so much realistic. Thank you so much, UG ! You’re the best!!

  8. I would really love for a day and night system and also a weather system.
    Also have multiplayer would be really cool and if that happens then also keep single player as an option

  9. Die wichtigste Neuerung für mich wäre die dynamschie Zuweiseung von Bahnsteigen. Wenn ich mehrere linien auf einen bahnhof habe, möchte ich nicht in der linie festlegen, das diese immer an einem festen bahnsteig hält, sondern einfach den nächsten freien nutzt, bzw. das ich mehrer Bahnsteige angeben kann, die von dieser Linie auf diesem bahnhof genutzt werden können.

    • In der Realität sind die Bahnsteige auch fest zugewiesen, oder sollen alle Passagiere kurz vor Einfahrt des Zuges nochmal die Beine in die Hand nehmen und zum neuen Bahnsteig rennen?

  10. I hope the economic simulation will have a lot more depth. In transport fever 1 it is annoying too see that its quite impossible too transport passengers and freight whole over a megolamic map. Some airlines only work when you have 4 planes at one route. The game has only commuters. I think there must be an third type of passenger that travels long distances.

    Even outside connections especcially for planes will bring the game a lot more depth.

  11. PLEASE don’t waste time on multiplayer – just give us the best game yet. [If you can manage it LH driving would be nice — oh yes and a day-night cycle, and weather :-))) ] Thanks can’t wait

  12. I hope you guys can improve traffic behaviour (you had no management for street traffic so far, but in the video it seems that there are regulations implemented)… but please, don’t do it so badly like the guys for skylines 🙂

    don’t know any one who doesn’t shake his head about the traffix ai there…

  13. Agreed multiplayer = waste of time. (somebody explain what will be so fantastic with multiplayer TpF ??…. Understandable with FlightSimulator, fly together in ATC controlled airspace. But in TpF ??… Drive trains together ???…. One guy drives a train while the other drives a truck ???….. )

    • Build a company together. One person can build the coal line, the others build iron ore and steel. For example. Or compete with other players, just bring in some different flavour to your map. Wouldn’t it be nice to see different lines crossing, different styles meeting?

      Or have a competitive mode where each player is responsible for one city and has to grow it (with a time limit and a different ruleset for fast growing companies).

      There is a plentitude of possibilities with multiplayer.

      • Thanks for your views about MP, Knub. Personally and honestly it sounds gruesome to me…. 😉 I wouldn’t want somebody else to go mess about with my carefully constructed map and on the other hand i wouldn’t think about messing with somebody else’s map. That’s the beauty of TpF, isn’t it, it is *your* virtual world exactly as you want it to be. Difficult enough to reach that goal without every Tom, Dick and Harry interfering. Before you know it there’s a war going on…..

        Two captains on one ship, two chefs in the kitchen, two hands on the steering wheel, that sort of thing… 😉

        • It could work like how the railway was formed in the UK for example where you and your mates all build separate railways and compete against each other for the fastest routes, cheapest tickets etc. You could also be able to pay the other player(s) to use their lines and vice versa. The big downside to multiplayer has to be that it is extremely time-consuming to create and costly to run servers.

  14. All I ask for is a Day/Night cycle, seasons along with the weather system and finally a timetable so you can schedule your trains not to come at the same time, for example one comes at 8:30am and the next at 8:35am and they both stop for 1 minute at the station

  15. Really happy to hear that TF2 will be coming to us soon, and look forward to following the development. The one thing I would like to see most of all is much larger map sizes. I think the largest square map size in TF1 is roughly 15km x 15km, and since I like to make real scale maps, this is a very small area, so I would like to see maps at least double this size, or more, giving us a lot more room to build longer transport routes over a much wider area. I’m also hoping there will be an option to enable/disable the growth of towns/cities so that you can have villages that will stay villages and not grow into a metropolis.

  16. To encourage and give a real economical reason for building high ways connecting cities, you should add toll Botha that charge everyone who passes the checkpoint. This would give a good reason for high ways

  17. We need some editing tools to make new train models easier. I wanted to use Japanese commuter train “E231-1000 series” Tokaido line train to play this game ,but I couldn’t.
    And also add bulding editing tool like Sim City.
    I’m hope to hear soon.

    Thank you

  18. Currently, one of the things most common in Real World passenger rail transport and NOT possible in Transport Fever is running a railway that connects multiple cities in consecutive order, back and forth. I.e. TF passengers will use this line only to travel between the first and last city of the line.

    Although the trains certainly stop at the intermediate stations, passengers at these stations will have to wait forever to board the train. They are always full. Nobody on these trains seem to be interested in traveling to- and from these ‘in between cities’ . (i have seen more then 500 pax waiting at these stations before i got wise and did something about it..;-)

    Even with a simple A-B-C-B-A line the passengers at B better start walking because there’s no way to get on the train.

    I’m almost 100% sure that this highly unrealistic phenomenon will have been dealt with in TpF2, right devs !?..

    On behalf of the TpF2 rail passengers Thank You So Much!

  19. Something needs to be done about building underground, you can’t tell whether you are building through, under, or over an existing tunnel line (except by riding a vehicle when complete), and if we are going to get large cities then underground (subway) are, surely, a must!.

  20. Uh… devs please define “Regular developer blog”
    like how often? 1 blog/month? I like what I see here, I own train fever and transport fever and I can’t wait to buy this one too but Q4 is so far away 🙁 please do more regular developer blogs or give us access to the alpha 😀 anyway keep up the good work and show us more screens 😉

  21. I’m really excited about this announcement! I’m spending many hour playing, but more importantly, enjoying this game! This is the kind of game I’d like to make. Nevertheless, and I know this is too early, I want to see what the core changes are comparing with Transport Fever 1. I mean, better graphics with the same mechanics is enough to call a game “2” for the same price? or it’s going to have some difference to be the truly “2”. I’d like to see time and weather affecting path, routes, streets. I’d like to see competitors as an optional play mode. And last but definitely not least, I want to see problems with the transport. Train crashing ‘cos a bad rail construction or because of lack of signals. That’s kind of thing will make this a real sequel of the magnificent Transport Fever! I think you guys are making a really nice game in every sense. I like the music style and the quality of the graphics in Transport Fever 1, so I hope this will move in the same direction!!

  22. Fiebere der Erscheinung von TF2 entgegen. 4.Quartal ??? Ist noch sooo lang hin.
    Multiplayer brauche ich nicht wirklich. Ich möchte ! meine ! Welt gestalten ! Tag-/Nacht-Zyklus macht keinen Sinn, Sommer/Winter schon eher.
    Leider habe ich keinen Platz für eine richtige Modellbahn. TF1 hat mir geholfen, die Unzufriedenheit darüber zu vergessen.
    Die beste Transport-Simulation, die mir je untergekommen ist !

    We want Transport Fever 2 ! — We want Transport Fever 2 ! — We want Transport Fever 2 !
    But much more sooner !

  23. As for a Day/Night cycle, just remember we are living in a small culdesac in a less dense area of Orion spiral arm called the Orion Spur. If our solar system was in the actual Orion spiral arm, then there would be more stars and thus longer days with minimal nights. So maybe TpF takes place on another planet which has a very long day with no night.

    Looking forward to TpF2. I’ll have to borrow Jules Vern’s time machine to get to Q4 2019.

  24. Allow a city construction/builder toggle in the options menu for Transport Fever 2. I am done with Cities Skylines and their performance issues! I found out about this game by boycotting that game for their downright lazy bugs and inability to fix performance issues.

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  26. I’m slowly enough with the game and its fucking crashes I just wanted to save and go yes first have to load the game and then it crashed today for the 5th time and I just lost a lot and Autosave I don’t want to activate because it annoys me! I ask for updates maybe to bring some update that the game does not crash constantly it is enough for me! Because I just don’t always want to lose so much!!!

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