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You can find answers to general questions and gameplay related topics here:

Critical bugs

We are working on solutions to resolve these issues with highest priority. You can expect fixes soon. We will update the list below as soon as there is news. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

March 22, 2023
Random crashes using some specific vehicles
Fixed March 24, 2023

Random crashes can occur when using some specific vehicles. The affected vehicles include (but may not be limited to) the Citroën U55 Currus Cityrama, Meridian Ferry, Compartment car, Inter-City 125 and eCitaro.

WorkaroundNo workaround.

March 24, 2023
Dense generated tree or bushes
Fixed April 12, 2023

Some generated maps in Free Game or the Map Editor are covered with too many and too dense placed trees or bushes when choosing climate Dry or Tropical.

WorkaroundClose the game, restart the console and start the game again. Alternatively, when creating a new Free Game, set the generator slider Forest to the lowest value (all the way to the left). We recommend deleting old saved games with this issue.

March 24, 2023
Mission 12 crash when playing in Italian
All Platforms
Fixed April 17, 2023

Playing the game in Italian causes a crash in the bonus task Quattro salti in spiaggia in mission 12 Tutto Incluso.

WorkaroundChange the language in the settings to a language other than Italian to play this bonus task. Change back to Italian after completion of this bonus task.

March 27, 2023
Closing vehicle window leads to crash
Fixed April 12, 2023

There is a stability issue that causes the game to crash. This issue can occur when closing vehicle windows and is predominantly triggered on Tropical maps.

WorkaroundNo workaround.

April 12, 2023
Crash when trying to save or load a saved game
Fixed April 12, 2023

Crash occurs when opening the load or save game dialog. This happens when two save games have the same filename.

WorkaroundDelete the older saved game with the duplicated filename in the PlayStation Save Data menu (Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved Data).

June 26, 2023
Crashes always at the same ingame time
All Platforms
Fixed July 27, 2023

In certain saved games a crash occurs that always happens at the same time in the game (On PC with the error message containing "pr.second").

WorkaroundDisable the opening of new industries by changing the "Basic Settings" in the load savegame menu (Basic Settings > Industry density target > Disabled)

October 12, 2023
Game freezes on macOS Sonoma devices with Intel graphics cards
Fix not possible

Game freezes when playing on macOS Sonoma with Intel graphic cards. We are working on a fix to resolve this issue.

WorkaroundNo Workaround.

You can see detailed release notes for the different game versions herehere.

Common Issues

The following issues may occasionally occur on some computers. The suggestions help you to solve the issues on the individual computers.

Black screen

You changed something in the game settings and the screen is black.
Hit Alt+Enter to toggle Window Mode. Then you should be able to enter the game settings and select the correct resolution for your monitor.

The game freezes on startup with a black screen.
Often this is caused by a problem with two builtin graphic cards. Please follow the help article by Nvidia.

Game does not start

The game doesn't start or crash during game load without using mods.
Please compare your hardware to the minimum system requirements Game Overview. If your system is below these requirements, the game may not start.

The icon is shown in the task bar but the game does not show up.
Have you got multiple displays connected? Maybe the game is running but on the wrong screen or outside of the active screens. You may try to move it to the active screen with Win + Arrows.

The game is not starting on Linux.
Some player have trouble with missing libraries. If you are affected and the game fails to start, please try to copy the libstdc++ files from [installdirectory]/Transport Fever 2/extra to [installdirectory]/Transport Fever 2/.

Can't click in main menu

All buttons are greyed out in the main menu.
The game cannot establish a proper connection to the Steam interface. Please ensure that your internet connection is working or switch to the offline mode.

No mouse pointer

You cannot see your mouse pointer.
Hit Alt+Enter to toggle Window Mode. Then you should be able to enter the game settings and disable the hardware mouse cursor.

Slow gameplay

Your framerate is too low, even when the game is paused.
Your GPU may be the bottleneck. Games like Transport Fever 2 show many more objects than usual shooter games, where you only see a close neighborhood. Try to lower your graphics settings or play in Full-HD instead of UHD.

When increasing game speed to 2x or 4x, the gameplay doesn't speed up or vehicles start to jump.
The CPU may be the bottleneck. Transport Fever 2 doesn't limit city sizes or number of towns that you can place in your map, but the game has to simulate every inhabitant and calculate its way from home to work and shopping venues. This may sooner or later exceed the power of your processor. Laptops usually have CPUs that are rather optimized for low energy consumption than for higher speed. Generally we can say that placing many towns close to each other requires more CPU power than fewer towns with less connections.

My CPU and GPU are above the minimum specs but I still get very low framerates.
There may be various reasons for low performance. Common ones are other processes running in the background and a bottleneck in your hardware. A typical bottleneck can be RAM throughput if you got slower RAM modules, an older mainboard with a slower PCIe slot or a graphic card with few VRAM. In such a case, lowering texture quality and disabling mods using high resolution textures without lods can massivly increase your fps.

Campaign progress is lost

Your progress of the campaign is lost and you can only access the first mission.
Under certain circumstances, the profile containing all campaign progress gets reset. Unfortunately it is not possible to restore the progress automatically. To manually restore the progress, you can use one of the profiles below and replace the profile.lua in the userdata directory.

To unlock only certain missions or medals, edit the profile.lua with a text editor like Notepad++ according to the comments in the file. Please be aware that the files differ a bit for the GOG/Epic version of the game. Both versions are included in the downloads too.

Issues with mods

If the problem is mod related, please read the section about mod usage in the wiki.

Further info

Other users from the international fan communities may help you. You can find a list of communities here.

Contact us

If you did not find a solution for your problem, you might consider to contact Urban Games to ask for help. We'd appreciate if you can provide us with the details below so that we can speed up the problem solving. Any kind of enquiries can be sent by using the blue contact button below right.

Helpful details for support

Usually it is helpful to provide as many details as possible. These details may be:

  • Screenshots which show the problem
  • The stdout.txt logfile (can be found in userdata/.../crash_dump) and the settings.lua configuration file.
  • Any error message that was displayed by the game
  • Your hardware specs (CPU model, Graphic card model and RAM size)
  • Actions you did before the problem occured (provide the last savegame before the problem, if available)
  • Steps you have taken so far to solve the problem
  • Screenshots which show the problem
  • Any error message that was displayed by the game
  • Your console version
  • Actions you did before the problem occured
  • Steps you have taken so far to solve the problem