The highlights of the upcoming Console Edition and game update at a glance

A multitude of enhancements awaits you on March 9th in the upcoming Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and the game update for PC. These have already been presented on our social media channels in recent weeks. For all those who would like to see the improvements at a glance, there is a summary in this news. 

Selecting the appropriate vehicles for building your transport empire is a crucial aspect of Transport Fever 2. It is the realistic representation of the vehicles in the game world that really makes it possible to immerse oneself in this beautiful game world. That is why an impressive total of 85 vehicles have been completely redesigned as part of the upcoming free game update and Console Edition. 

To improve the overall appearance, even more attention was paid to exact proportions when reworking the vehicles. For some of the vehicles, other originals and new paint schemes were used. The new vehicle models feature enhanced textures that fit much better into the look of the game. We are pleased to fulfill a wish of many players with better rendering of glass and eliminate the unwanted transparency rendering artifacts known as x-ray vision. 

To provide the best possible gaming experience, not only vehicles have been improved. A good balance between the different hardware components is key to make it work. 

The GPU-based terrain tesselation reduces the load on CPU and memory consumption. Less memory is also needed due to texture streaming, which allows clearing textures of models that are not in view anymore and constantly loading textures at the highest affordable resolution. Furthermore, the size of save games has been significantly reduced. Together with the improved map generation, this leads to noticeably shorter loading times.

To grow the Transport Fever 2 family even further, the range of officially included localizations is extended to 13 languages as part of the Console Edition and game update: Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean will be included in Transport Fever 2. The localizations cover the whole user interface and all the written story texts of the campaign missions. 

There is more good news for Steam Deck users: The full controller support will not only be available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC on March 9th, but for Steam Deck as well! 

Many more pictures of the new vehicle models and the differences to the old models are available on our social media channels:

We look forward to sharing more details with you about the upcoming Transport Fever 2: Console Edition and the game update for PC on 9 March in the coming week.

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Matthias Gürtler


  1. Werden die Fahrzeuge von dem Pre order pack auch nach dem realese?

    Ist mod-support überchaupt geplant?

    Wird es ein gameplay video von der konsolen edition geben damit man sehen kann wie Z:b das UI aussieht

  2. Hallo,

    mal eine Frage: Wieso macht ihr nichtmal ein DLC Pack mit mehr Fahrzeugen insbesondere fände ich es gut, wenn Züge/Flugzeuge etc. auch neue Revisionen kriegen. Vom TGV z.B. gabs ja haufenweise neue Revisionen aber in TPF2 ist nur die Basisversion enthalten.

    • Hallo,

      am 9. März kommt auch für PC die Deluxe Edition mit einigen weiteren Fahrzeugen und anderen Inhalten. Wer sich die Deluxe Edition bzw. das Upgrade in den ersten Tagen holt, bekommt noch den Early Supporter-Bonus dazu, der unter anderem eine modernere Lackierungsvariante des TGV enthält.

      Matthias Gürtler

  3. Wird es auch für die MAC Version von Transport Fever 2 ein baldiges Update wie für den PC geben? Oder zusätzlich auch die Deluxe Edition ?

    • Das Update wird für alle Versionen des Spiels am Donnerstag 9. März ausgerollt.

      Die Deluxe Edition wird in allen Stores ausser dem Mac AppStore verfügbar sein. D.h. die Deluxe Edition wird auch für die Mac-Version von Steam erhältlich sein.

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