Transport Fever 2 officially released

We are super happy to officially release together with Good Shepherd Entertainment the tycoon game Transport Fever 2.

The classic transport simulation genre has a new gold standard with Transport Fever 2. Discover a whole new world by navigating transport routes through land, water and air. May progress and prosperity find their way!

Provide the world with the transport infrastructure it needs and make a fortune with custom-made transport services. Watch your trains run on rails, your buses and trucks thunder along roads, your ships power through the water, and your planes soar through the skies. Carry people on their way to work or play, and be the reason cities grow and thrive. Deliver raw materials and goods to drive the economy. Experience the greatest logistical challenges from 1850 to the present day, and build a transport empire unrivaled anywhere else on the globe!

  • Free play with countless configuration possibilities
  • Three campaigns across three continents with over 20 hours of playing time
  • Editors for creating maps and editing saved games
  • Three landscape types: moderate, dry, and tropical
  • Realistically modelled vehicles from Europe, America and Asia
  • A total of over 200 vehicles: trains, buses, streetcars, trucks, aircraft and ships
  • Modular train stations, bus and truck stations, airports and harbors
  • Realistic transport simulation including one-way streets and light signals
  • Editable and paintable terrain with realistic effects
  • Intuitive construction tools for building railroads and more
  • Display important data such as traffic and emissions, on separate layers
  • Dynamic economy and city simulation
  • More than ten economic chains with associated factories and goods
  • Cities with countless residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Detailed game world with physics-based lighting
  • Individually simulated land animals, birds and fish
  • Over 50 challenging achievements in free play mode
  • Extensive modding support via the Steam Workshop

Owners of the predecessor Transport Fever can buy Transport Fever 2 thanks to loyalty discount until January 3 with 25% discount.

The entire Urban Games team wishes you lots of fun with Transport Fever 2!

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Marlon Stadler


  1. On your page “About” you have mentioned that the platforms are “Windows, Mac, Linux” – but on steam i can’t find a Mac-Version… Do you have more information about that?

        • Where did you preorder? Steam? Then it clearly stated that it’s only for Windows and Linux.
          I’ve seen it having macOS few months ago and I added the game to my steam wishlist. Later the macos version icon disappeared from steam and therefore I haven’t bought the game. And if you did buy on steam, you can request a refund.

          • Yeah. Preordered long ago, was really hyped. Watched a lot of LPs on YouTube.
            Just got my refund.
            If the game comes out for Mac, I’ll consider it. Right now, this is really bad communication.

          • Well, nobody say it is not coming. At least similar to all time before – MacOS release comes later. Not too bad cause the first fixes already passed and the game is finalized.

            I use Apple hard and software since 1994 (!) – someone remember OS6 (or7)?
            Anyway, until mow we can enjoy the perfectionism and easiness of Apple devices and software.
            But we also know: it is based on other mistakes.
            So fine, let them deal with the first complaints after Beta testing and the enjoy what you get.

            BTW. I have purchased the game today at GOG cause if you have GOG purchase you can download for each OS it is available. Means: I can run it on Bootcamp right now and later (when available) easily switch to macOS – NO, NO extra cent 🙂

          • When I preordered, the MacOS-icon was clearly present on steam.
            But now its fine for me, I got my refund-confirmation from Steam just a few hours after applying and enjoy now my working TF1 again 😉

  2. I enjoyed playing Transport Fever 1, that’s why I bought TF 2 as a pre-order through Steam. It was not mentioned that the Mac version will be released in 2020. This is very misleading.

    As I have downloaded and install the game the following message appeared:

    An error occured while updating transport fever 2 (missing executable)

    */Transport Fever 2/

    I use macOS Catalina version 10.15.1

    It’s very disappointing that I cannot play the game.

    I think about it to get my money back.

  3. I just bought the game on GOG. Thank you for delivering another part of this great franchise to GOG and Linux on launch day!

    Please try to keep the GOG version as updated as on the other sale platforms. Now I just need some free time to actually play the game…

  4. I’m hoping that Urban Games will be following the usual practice on Steam, that having bought TF2 (at 25% discount), I can download the Windows version onto BootCamp, play until the macOS version is ready, then download that at no extra cost.

  5. Ich fühle mich als Mac-User betrogen und werde mein Geld zurück verlangen. Keine Info vorher, dass das Mac-Release später stattfindet. Im Gegenteil: Man konnte es sogar zunächst auf Steam downloaden. Ganz großes Kino, sehr enttäuschend! Das gehört sich nicht!

  6. Kann mich den Meldungen über die Mac-version nur anschliessen. Wurde nirgends angekündigt, dass diese Version erst später kommt. Auf Steam wurde sogar die Mac Version angezeigt. Bin echt sehr enttäuscht und hoffe, dass dies irgendein Versehen ist und die Version möglichst schnell nachgeliefert wird.

    • Seit über einem halben Jahr wird hier nach der MAC Version gefragt, null Reaktion seitens der Entwickler, erst heute lässt sich der “Community Manager” herab, mal was dazu zu sagen, natürlich vage, muss nix bedeuten.

  7. What a scam…
    No information before, that mac-users have to wait maybe another year (2020 will be long and they just „plan to release“, this is not a commitment).
    I will get a refund on steam for this scam.

  8. As it currently stands we are planning to release a MacOS version in 2020. We are sorry if our communication was not clear enough, but today’s launch is for Windows and Linux only. Please note that it’s possible to refund your game on Steam.

    • Dear Tom

      As an opportunity to learn from misstakes:
      Your communication was not „not clear enough“. I have seen several questions here and on social media about Mac-version which you didnt answer.
      And as I preordered the game in november on steam, the mac-symbol was clearly present. So you were happy to get my money and nothing to deliver. This is for me the definition of scamming.
      I did now apply for a refund on steam. If the mac-version is available in a year, I‘m not sure to order it again (for sure I wont, if the loyal-discount as TF1-owner wont be available at the release-time of mac-version). The trust is gone.

      • It was unfortunately delayed and as Tom said it was also unfortunate they hadn’t made their communication of this as clear on as many platforms as possible.

        I’m sure when it releases in 2020 that they’ll still honour a loyalty bonus for those that have already got TpF1.

        Also you could always play the PC version on Mac also via Boot Camp or Parrallels surely?

    • Then you should have mentioned this at the very beginning of the release date announcement. Or at least make it public on Twitter and Steam after the mac players found they are ruled out from your plan secretly instead of keep hiding in this very comment where few people will notice.

      Is it so difficult for you to apologize to all the mac players who pre-ordered, Tom?

  9. Guten Abend! Ich bin begeistert über das Spiel! Ich habe Transport Fever 1 und möchte Transport Fever 2 kaufen. Es wir ja mit 25% Rabatt geworben, doch ich bekomme im Shop nur 10% Rabatt. Ist das ein Anzeigefehler oder muss man noch etwas spezielles im Shop anklicken? LG Tim

  10. I was so excited for this game but no macOS version… terribly disappointing. I hope that all the mac players expressing themself here make you understand that we really want it and that mac version comes out as quickly as possible. The game looks awesome but I’m not gonna take out windows computer and reinstall the whole game.

  11. As an original investor in Train Fever I can only say that I’m very disappointed in the lack of progress these last years. First railroad crossing I made immediately turned the track into a roller coaster, just like in the old titles. Catenary poles on the track. Planes descending through forest and hills. Just a scam asking a full price for this beta, even with the loyalty discount.
    My first Steam refund. Sad.

    • Train Fever was very exciting and we all forgave the many youth mistakes. Transport Fever came in as a more mature game with many improved aspects (ui, performance, content) and that was ok as well. But now what? Modular stations, a new color scheme and individually simulated animals? Come on! The game still feels like the very beginning. Many little bugs are still floating around and the game design, now pretty stale, has not changed by a bit. I will skip this one. I hope that the terrible outcome of TF2 will push the devs to innovate more in the future.

      • They have made lot’s of changes to the game engine, reworked not only the graphics but overhauled the logistics chains for goods and numerous other things to mention.

        Perhaps if you actually played the game instead of remarking that it’s the same without any actual knowledge then you might reconsider your decision.

  12. I also preordered the game based on. the Steam page that showed the OS operating system and required hardware. I am extremely disappointed with the outcome. I also have requested a refund from Steam. This was a very dishonest process.

    • It wasn’t intentional, it was merely a delayed launch for Mac OS and unfortunate poor communication, probably due to the launch and timing with Christmas Holidays and post launch issues.

      They’ll get there, you can’t expect them to be perfect, even the AAA companies make plenty of poor decisions.

  13. OpenGL Error
    mein Spiel stürtzt beim Laden der Karte immer ab : OpenGL Error

    File name: ssaoMain
    Error: undefinded function call: “applyFog(vf4;)”. Function not found.

  14. Das Spiel wurde mit einem Release für Windows, Linux und OS X angekündigt. Heute wurde es released, ohne eine OS X Version. Das hätte aus dem Release Announcement klar hervorgehen müssen.

    Ich weiss aus eigener Erfahrung, dass es sch*** ist, Software auf OS X lauffähig zu halten, vor allem wenn man 3D Grafik braucht. Ich kann nachvollziehen, dass es in diesem Bereich zu einer Verzögerung kommt. Hoffentlich geht alles gut und es wird tatsächlich eine OS X Version geben.

    Trotzdem bin ich enttäuscht, dass ich nur knapp vor dem Kauf per Zufall gesehen habe, dass es ja gar keine OS X Version gibt. Wie gesagt, das hätte in’s Release Announcement gehört.

  15. really disappointed. I liked the game very much and played it a lot on my Mac. Since Mac OS went over to 64 bits, I couldn’t play Transport Fever anymore. But I expected no problems, since Transport Fever 2 would be released soon. So I payed for the game on the first moment I could. And now it turns out it doesn’t run on MacOS. A real shame and a big disappointment. Have to find another game now, cannot wait for ‘somewhere in 2020’. Sorry Tom.

    • I’m playing Transport Fever 1 on Mac OS Catalina without any issues! Steam claims that Transport Fever 1 is not compatible but it still lets me install and play. (I installed the game after installing Mac OS Catalina!)

  16. Hallo liebes Urban-Games-Team,

    was ich bisher ausprobieren konnte gefällt mir sehr gut. Das Spiel erfüllt noch nicht alle Wünsche, aber Transport Fever 2 hat jedenfalls einen großen Schritt nach vorn gemacht gegenüber dem Vorgänger.

    Zwei Fehler sind mir jedoch bisher aufgefallen. Bei der kleinen LKW-Abladestation wurde die Beschreibung nicht ins deutsche übersetzt. Auch wenn mir die Übersetzung nicht schwer fällt ist es dennoch ein kleiner Fehler.
    Desweiteren werden mir, wenn ich bei den Bahnhöfen “Cargo” auswähle, trotzdem die Passagier-Bahnhöfe mit angezeigt. Ich schätze unter diesem Punkt sollten dann eigentlich nur Fracht-Bahnhöfe angezeigt werden.


  17. No major updates on the fundamental game system comparing with Transport Fever 1 (That is to say no time schedules, no day-night cycles ,no vanilla underground/elevated station, still ugly-looking catenary poles and a lot more.)
    Plus dishonesty on the release date of the Mac version. (Not even A SINGLE WORD in the past news and original release notice!)

    I’m very upset now and will ask my money back.

    To Urban Games, you could have made this thing into a TpF1 DLC. Mac players paid for a series of “official mods” and can’t even get them on the release date.

    • A lot of “new” features and “new” vehicles announced are simply copying of the works by modders for TpF1. As an Asian player I felt disappointed when I saw the complete vehicle list, almost all of Asian vehicles already existed as TpF1 mods.

    • Seriously you want time schedules, it’s not that kind of game.

      Get real, do you want to sit and play one game for 150 actual years?

      The game engine has dramatically changed, perhaps you haven’t played it yet or don’t understand the new game mechanics for logistics for instance?

      Also day/night cycle won’t work with the current progression of time and there are only a small amount of people asking for it, there is even a Night mod available on the workshop if you really want to be in the dark.

      No underground or Elevated stations were promised in this version and were modded in last version too.

      And NO DISHONESTY on their part, there was an unfortunate delay which wasn’t communicated well back to people which was a mistake, but not intentional to misguide people in any way.

      This is NOT a DLC and I respect everyone is entitled their opinion, but at least base your’s on some resemblence of the truth.

  18. Like many others I also was hoping for the MAC version to be released at the given date.
    Yet this is the only info I can find so far about the release of it in 2020.
    I would have prefered a launch of the game supporting all three platforms, as it was with T(rain)F1.
    Please keep us informed about the progress

  19. Первую часть играл на MAC, являюсь фанатом игры, собрал все ачивки в первой части. Было очень неприятно когда я сегодня не смог скачать игру на мак, так как ее решили не сделать к релизу

  20. What is worse than postponing a release date (mac)? NOT TO MENTION IT AT ALL
    really really disappointing how they are treating their long time mac customers. Even windows customer must wonder if there is more which is not announced (possible bugs?)
    Not being able to guess a release date in terms of quartals (i.e. Q1 2020) is very poor. I don’t know what to say about this beta software (lets be honest, despite some superficial updates, the game is the same as train fever…)

  21. Wirklich schade, dass es keine MAC Version geben zum WIN/LINUX Release gibt.
    Viele MAC-User waren begeistert, dass sieht man auch in den Kommentaren im App Store. Aber der iMac in der Firma reicht wohl nur zum Designen von MousePads.

    Also bereitet doch der TF/TF1-Mac-Gemeinde einfach mal eine kleine Weihnachtsfreude, mit einer genaueren ´ Termin-Nennung. Und wenn es immer noch alles Beta ist, keiner der MAC-User wird sich beklagen, sondern viel mehr helfen, ein so spannendes und tolles Spiel mit weiterzuentwickeln, indem sie BugReports schreiben. Da bin ich mir sehr sicher …

  22. “MIMIMI where is mac version mimimimi, there was no communication for mac mimimi”
    even me as a windows user who is not interested in a mac version did already read several times that the mac version is announced for Q4. so how can’t mac users know about? maybe you all should learn to read a little bit.
    and in the meantime you can download bootcamp for mac to install windows.

  23. Mac, Mac, Mac – ich kanns langsam nicht mehr lesen.

    Früher gab es Spiele fast nur für Windows. Irgendwann haben ein paar Firmen geschnallt, dass es gar nicht blöd ist, die Titel auch für andere Plattformen rauszubringen – es gibt ja Kunden, die dafür Geld hergeben! 😉

    Selbst wenn 90 % der Kunden Windows verwenden und nur 5 % Linux und 5 % Mac, dann kann man den eigenen Umsatz locker um 11 % steigern – und das ist je nach Spiel eine ganze Menge Geld. So kommt es dann auch, dass vor allem die großen Spielehersteller auch Linux- und Mac-Versionen anbieten, weil es sich gerade bei solch hohen Stückzahlen besonders rentiert.

    Wenn sich nun ein vergleichsweiser kleiner Entwickler wie Urban Games die Mühe macht und seine Software tatsächlich auch auf macOS portiert, dann sollten wir uns drüber freuen und nicht einen Flamewar starten!

    Natürlich war die Kommunikation unglücklich, das weiß Tom selbst. Er hätte sich viel früher ins eigene Blog einklinken können. Aber allen, die hier regelmäßig mitlesen, war seit einigen Wochen bekannt, dass die Mac-Version später kommen wird.

    Nun, warum bringt UG die Mac-Version später? Doch bestimmt nicht, weil sie Mac-User ärgern wollen, sondern weil sie es einfach nicht geschafft haben, die Version rechtzeitig fertigzustellen. Jeder, der selbst kommerzielle Software für den Mac entwickelt hat, kennt die Hürden und Formalismen dieses proprietären Systems. Nein, damit will ich den Mac nicht schlechtreden. Es hat ja auch sein Gutes, wenn die Software erst dann ankommt, wenn die Kinderkrankheiten bereits erkannt und beseitigt sind.

    Also bitte bedankt euch bei UG, dass sie den Aufwand nicht scheuen, überhaupt Versionen für Linux und Mac rausbringen. Das ist nämlich leider immer noch keine Selbstverständlichkeit.

    Eine weitere Besonderheit will ich herausheben: Bei UG kann man die Spiele nicht nur über Steam “mieten” und muss mit Steam einen eigenen Vertrag abschließen, sondern man bekommt sie auch auf über den herkömmlichen Weg – einfach so zum Runterladen und installieren:

    Alles in allem ist UG für mich ein Spielehersteller, wie man sich ihn nur wünschen kann.
    Natürlich gibts auch hier ein bisschen Luft nach oben (Stichwort Dialog im Blog), aber hey, bleibt bitte auf dem Teppich! 🙂

    • Hallo Markus,

      sicher haben Sie im Grundsatz recht. Trotzdem haben auch wir Mac User eine Riesen Vorfreude gehabt und den Release Termin entgegen gefiebert. Das wir unseren Unmut hier preisgeben ist doch völlig verständlich, da auch wir bereits für das Spiel bezahlt haben.
      Das mindeste wäre vorab eine Info gewesen, dann gäbe es diese Diskussion ja überhaupt nicht.
      Dazu kommt, dass es selbst unter Parallels Desktop 15 nicht läuft. Jetzt zusehen zu müssen, wie alle anderen begeistert spielen, ist für uns einfach nur enttäuschend.

      Trotzdem wünsche ich allen viel Spaß und hoffe, dass auch wir noch die Möglichkeit bekommen.

      Allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest

      • Nee… früher gab es Spiele für Amiga als auf den PCs noch S/W Monitore an Hercules Grafikkarten angeschlossen wurden 😉
        Nee im Ernst, der Ärger, der auch mich betrifft ist schon ein wenig berechtigt, denn wenn man ein Spiel kauft, sollte es schon dabei stehen das die Mac Version etwas später herauskommt. Formulierungen a la: “seid froh das es überhaupt erscheint” oder “es war im Blog bekannt” sind da völlig irrelevant, ich muss nicht in irgendwelchen Blogs herumsuchen um zu erfahren ob ein Spiel für mein System erscheint, es hat sich gefälligst in der Nähe des Kaufen-Buttons zu befinden. Und genau das ist der Grund des Ärgers.

  24. Bonsoir,
    J’ai pré-commandé TPF2 sur STEAM.
    Q/ si je télecharge TPF2, le programme écrase t’il la version 1 ? Je souhaite en effet continuer (un certain temps) à utiliser la version 1 du logiciel pour parfaire mes circuits … Merci de vos réponse. (je suis sous Win10).
    Bien cordialement

  25. Very disappointing and misleading that it was released without the Mac version ready. So do Mac owners still have a chance to get the 25% off if it is not ready before the promotion ends? Went and purchased it then realized it was on Mac as the previous game, waiting on refund….

  26. Für mich war TPF2 leider gestorben, als ich erste Gerüchte wahrnehmen musste, dass Achievements (schon wieder) auch mit aktivierten Mods freischaltbar sein werden.

    Der Wettstreit bei den Achievements gehört für mich bei einem Spiel eben dazu… dieses gute Gefühl ein besonders seltenes geschafft zu haben. Aber was ist schon ein seltenes Achievement, wenn die ganze Statistik durch die Möglichkeit Achievements mit Mods freizuschalten verfälscht wird?

    Sehr schade…

  27. GOG is apparently not ‘in-the-know’ as far as to how the discounts are supposed to be working. After release, there was the discount bringing it to $30. a few days later i got paid and low and behold, no discount. I started a ticket about it with GOG, and instead of a prompt “No discount/Discount window closed” response, I instead got a we’re looking into it follow-up message to the initial ‘we got your ticket, now wait’ message. I waited a week+ (7 business days, i.e. not including weekends/holidays) and after no follow-up to the follow-up I bumped the ticket with another follow-on to it pointing to the info here on your site re: the Loyalty discount. Still awaiting a response. I get it, holidays are a busy time and skeleton crews and all that, but a simple response yea or nay would suffice: “Yea, we see you have TF and TPF so discount applies, wait a bit till we can sort it” or “Nay, no discount although we see you do own TF and TPF, you are outside the ‘pre-order’ window and the specific verbiage on the ‘pre-order discount(10%) + Loyalty discount(15%)’ post can be taken to exclude the loyalty discount after the ‘pre-order’ window has closed. Those %’s being from the Pre-Relaese post.

    “Owners of the predecessor Transport Fever can buy Transport Fever 2 thanks to loyalty discount until January 3 with 25% discount.”

    Now I read here that the Loyalty Discount, POST-Relaese, is 25% bringing the total to $30 for owners of TPF. Please sort GOG’s team in charge of updating their pricing. Hopefully sort them before the 3rd.

  28. Hi All,

    I am playing on my macbook pro only because I partitoned my hard drive, running windows 10, if you have a mac 2012 or later this might be option for now, use bootcamp and a usb drive with 8GB space, its runing ok, my macbook pro is mid 2012, I am frustrated too because I have late 2010 27″ imac and can’t play.

    Any way I hope this helps,

    I have contact good sheperd, one the developers emailed me back and said, a mac version is coming in 2020 but didn’t say which month, maybe for christmas.


    Antonio G

  29. We can easilly agree than most of the comment here are about the TF2 mac version.

    Dozen of comments and it is sad to see than no community manager, or any representative from TF2 gives a real and reliabe information about it since almost 4 months … I am not expecting a date in particular, but at least a better information than “begin of 2020” or any interaction !!

    Very pleased by the TF1, I am a bit disappointed by the lack on the communication and attention to players/customers.

    Hopefully they will wake up soon …

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