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Industries and Cargo

Beside the passengers, cargo transportation is the second mainstay for the companies. There are 16 different cargo items in Transport Fever 2:

  • 6 raw materials
  • 4 intermediate products
  • 6 end products

The raw materials come from industries that do not depend on incoming cargo. Intermediate products are produced by industries which use incoming cargo to produce material for other industries. End products are delivered from industries to industrial and commercial districts in towns depending on their requirements.

Cargo Production Chains

The relationships between industries and freight types are somewhat challenging for newcomers. It is possible to just run parts of the chains, but it is always necessary to start from the raw materials. In the diagram below, the chains of cargo types are shown graphically. It is also available to download as PDF.


There are 16 different industries in Transport Fever 2. Some of them require the delivery of cargo from other industries to start production, others produce without external needs.

Industry Information Window

By clicking on a industry in any camera view or any other place where the industry is mentioned, the industry window pops up. This window consists of four different tabs, an overview, supplier and consumer lists as well as some charts. The later three are explained in the statistics section.

The OVERVIEW tab of the industry window shows which cargo items are consumed and produced and how the current production level is.

The different industry types have individual rules how they produce new cargo. See the list below to find out which industry has which production rule.

The three bars below show the three key numbers of industry production:

  • Production shows the amount of produced cargo in the last 365 days. The second number is the possible maximum at the current production level.
  • Shipment indicates how many units per year are shipped to other industries or towns. The second number is the possible maximum at the current production level.
  • Transport is the percentage of units that actually arrive at their destination and are successfully delivered. A value lower than 100% means some items decay somewhere on the way, e.g due to an overloaded station.

Consuming industries like steel mills and food processing plants have different production levels. The bar shows the current progress in reaching the next level. To reach the next level, a certain amount of cargo has to be successfully transported to the consuming industries or town districts and the supply of incoming cargo has to be high enough to keep up production. The key value bars end zones indicate which values are critical for a downgrade and which are high enough for an upgrade.

At the bottom of the overview tab are the stock lists. For every cargo type that is consumed, there is the number of currently stored items as well as the current consumption rate. In contrast to Transport Fever 1, the storage is not limited anymore! You can check the stock numbers to find out which cargo supply is the current bottleneck if there is more than one needed.
The current stock is visible in the gameworld too (see image).

Cargo Destinations

Once a cargo item is produced, a valid destination is chosen. The current distribution between the different consumers is listed in the CONSUMERS tab. Where the cargo shall be delivered depends on the following factors:

  • Which destinations (industries, town districts) are reachable with the transport lines?
  • Where do cargo type filters restrict transportation?

To influence the destination selection, it is possible to restrict the cargo line network by using certain cargo type filters when setting up a line. This prevents cargo from being unintentionally loaded at certain stations.

Dynamic industry spawning and closure

Since the Spring Update, industries are dynamic. This means new industries can be spawned and unused industries can be abandoned over time, given that the relevant conditions are met.

Additional industries can be spawned under the following conditions:

Unused industries can be abandoned under the following conditions:

  • The Industry closure frequency is not set to Never.
  • No goods have been consumed/produced in the last 10 years.
  • No goods have been shipped from this industry in the last 10 years.
  • The industry is not owned by the player.

You will receive a notification if a new industry is spawned or an unused industry is marked for closing respectively. You can click on the notification to jump to that industry.

For abandoned industries there is a countdown of 730 days before the industry is effectively closed. This countdown is shown in the notification and additionally above the industry as a red progress bar. If the calendar speed is set to paused, real time is shown instead of the number of days.

As soon as the countdown is over, the industry will be permanently removed.

If the industry starts to consume/produce or ship goods within the countdown, the industry will not be removed and the countdown is stopped.

Cargo Types List

The table below shows all cargo types that are available in free game mode. Some campaign missions use special cargo types. They are described in their individual mission tasks ingame

Cargo Manufacturer Consumer Type
Coal Coal Mine Steel Mill Raw Material
Construction Material Construction Material Plant Town - Industrial District End Product
Crude Oil Oil Well Oil Refinery Raw Material
Food Food Processing Plant Town - Commercial District End Product
Fuel Fuel Refinery Town - Industrial District End Product
Goods Goods Factory Town - Commercial District End Product
Grain Farm Food Processing Plant Raw Material
Iron Ore Iron Ore Mine Steel Mill Raw Material
Logs Forest Saw Mill Raw Material
Machines Machines Factory Town - Industrial District End Product
Oil Oil Refinery Fuel Refinery, Chemical Plant Intermediate Product
Planks Saw Mill Machines Factory, Tools Factory Intermediate Product
Plastic Chemical Plant Goods Factory Intermediate Product
Steel Steel Mill Goods Factory, Machines Factory Intermediate Product
Stone Quarry Construction Material Plant Raw Material
Tools Tools Factory Town - Commercial District End Product

Industries List

The table below shows all industries that are available in free game mode. Some campaign missions use individual industries that are described in the mission tasks.

Industry Output Production
Chemical Plant 100 - 400
Coal Mine 400
Construction Materials Plant 100 - 400
Farm 200
Food Processing Plant 100 - 400
Forest 400
Fuel Refinery 100 - 400
Goods Factory 100 - 400
Iron Ore Mine 400
Machines Factory 100 - 400
Oil Refinery 200 - 400
Oil Well 400
Quarry 400
Saw Mill 200 - 400
Steel Mill 200 - 400
Tools Factory 100 - 400

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