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Sometimes users have problems with starting the game, occuring crashes or broken game settings. Depending on what the cause for the problem is, it might be possible that a reset of game files, texture cache or settings might solve it.

In other cases or if further advice is needed, you might get in touch with other users or Urban Games to find a solution. If the problem is mod related, please read the section about mod usage.

Common problems

Black screen

You changed something in the game settings and the screen is black.

Hit Alt+Enter to toggle Window Mode. Then you should be able to enter the game settings and select the correct resolution for your monitor.

Game does not start

The game doesn't start or crash during game load without using mods.

Please compare your hardware to the minimum system requirements Game Overview. If your system is below these requirements, the game may not start.

Have you got multiple displays connected? Maybe the game is running but on the wrong screen.

Game does not start on Linux

You want to play TF2 on a linux machine.

Some player have trouble with missing libraries. If you are affected and the game fails to start, please try to copy the libstdc++ files from <installdirectory>/Transport Fever 2/extra to <installdirectory>/Transport Fever 2/.

No mouse pointer

You cannot see your mouse pointer.

Hit Alt+Enter to toggle Window Mode. Then you should be able to enter the game settings and disable the hardware mouse cursor.

Slow gameplay

Your framerate is too low, even when the game is paused.

Your GPU may be the bottleneck. Games like Transport Fever 2 show many more objects than usual shooter games, where you only see a close neighborhood. Try to lower your graphics settings or play in Full-HD instead of UHD.

When increasing game speed to 2x or 4x, the gameplay doesn't speed up or vehicles start to jump.

The CPU may be the bottleneck. Transport Fever 2 doesn't limit city sizes or number of towns that you can place in your map, but the game has to simulate every inhabitant and calculate its way from home to work and shopping venues. This may sooner or later exceed the power of your processor. Laptops usually have CPUs that are rather optimized for low energy consumption than for higher speed. Generally we can say that placing many towns close to each other requires more CPU power than fewer towns with less connections.

My CPU and GPU are above the minimum specs but I still get very low framerates.

There may be various reasons for low performance. Common ones are other processes running in the background and a bottleneck in your hardware. A typical bottleneck can be RAM throughput if you got slower RAM modules, an older mainboard with a slower PCIe slot or a graphic card with few VRAM. In such a case, lowering texture quality and disabling mods using high resolution textures without lods can massivly increase your fps.

Campaign progress is lost

Your progress of the campaign is lost and you can only access the first mission.

Under certain circumstances, the profile containing all campaign progress gets reset. Unfortunately it is not possible to restore the progress automatically. To manually restore the progress, you can use one of the profiles below and replace the profile.lua in the userdata directory.

Files to download:

To unlock only certain missions or medals, edit the profile.lua with a text editor like Notepad++ according to the comments in the file. Please be aware that the files differ a bit for the GOG/Epic version of the game. Both versions are included in the downloads too.

Steam Deck

You cannot interact with the game.

In this case the game is started in controller mode, but the controller layout configuration does not work properly.

Follow these steps to configure the correct profile:

  1. Go to Transport Fever 2 in your Steam library
  2. Use the controller button on the right
  3. Inspect the current layout
  4. Select the official layout


See below to find out how to backup, reset or restore the game or user files related to Transport Fever 2.

Backup and Restore


Steam provides a backup and restore function via the main menu, which allows for backup up the static data.

Alternatively, the static game files can be downloaded anytime while logged into the Steam client.

Note, that the userdata folder with settings and save games are not included in the Steam backup and restore function. To backup these files, make a copy of the according folder (location).

GOG, Epic Games and App Store

To backup static game files, simply make a copy of the games installation folder.

Note, that the userdata folder with settings and save games are not included in the installation folder. To backup these files, make a copy of the according folder (location).

GOG Galaxy

To restore the files with GOG Galaxy, select “Scan & Import Folder” from the main menu and point to the game folder.

Alternatively, the game files can be downloaded with GOG galaxy or reinstalled with the installer downloaded from the GOG library.

Verifying the game file integrity


To verify the integrity in the Steam version

  • Restart your computer and launch Steam
  • From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
  • Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files… button.
  • Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.

For more information and a video guide please refer to:


Download the installer from your GOG library and run it. It will automatically detect an existing installation and reinstall all game files, while keeping your save games and settings intact.

Refer to GOG Faq and solutions for known issues if you face problems with the manual installer.

When using GOG galaxy

  • right-click Transport Fever 2 in the library or select “More” next to the “Play” button,
  • then click “Manage Installation → Verify / Repair”.

Epic Games

To verify the integrity of your game files:

  • open the Epic Games launcher
  • go to the game library
  • press the three dots next to the entry of Transport Fever 2
  • select 'Verify'

Reset game settings

User specific setting like screen resolution or key bindings are saved in the settings.lua file (location). To completely reset the game´s settings, delete the file while the game is not running.

Please note, that reinstalling or uninstalling the game will not reset the settings.

Delete the texture cache

If you are facing problems with black or broken textures, you can try to delete the texture cache folder (location).

Delete the shader cache

If you are facing problems with shaders (either broken rendering or crashes on startup), you can try to delete the shader cache folder (location).

Get Help

If you struggle to solve the problem yourself, you may ask somebody else for assistance. Usually it is helpful to provide as many details as possible. These details may be:

  • Screenshots which show the problem
  • The stdout.txt logfile (can be found in userdata/.../crash_dump) and the settings.lua configuration file.
  • Any error message that was displayed by the game
  • Your hardware specs (CPU model, Graphic card model and RAM size)
  • Actions you did before the problem occured (provide the last savegame before the problem, if available)
  • Steps you have taken so far to solve the problem

Beside the stdout.txt file that is overwritten after each game start, there are individual stdout.txt files for each crash that happened.

Where to get help?

There are several locations where you may get help.

The public forums are a good place to share experience, so it's likely that some other user may have an advice for you. Use the search functions (or some external search engine like Google) to find discussions that may suite your problem, as many problems were already discussed before.

Discussions on Steam (english) (german, english and french) (russian and english)
Reddit (english)

Additionally, these communities sometimes offer Discord or Teamspeak servers, if you prefer written or voice chat to solve your problem.

If you did not find a solution for your problem, you might consider to contact Urban Games to ask for help. Currently, the contact form at the bottom right corner of is the convenient way to get in touch with us. We'd appreciate if you can provide us with the details above as well as the most recent dump file in case of a crash so that we can speed up the problem solving.

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